How to reduce dry skin on face?

Are you tired of having Sahara desert-like skin on your face? Does it feel like no matter how much lotion or cream you apply, the dryness just won’t go away? Fear not my flaky-skinned friend, in this article we will explore all natural and effective ways to get rid of dry skin for good.

The Basics: Understanding Dry Skin

Before diving into remedies and treatments, let’s first understand what causes dry skin. Simply put, when your skin loses its ability to retain moisture it becomes dehydrated, leading to a lackluster complexion with itching, peeling and cracking. While there are many factors that cause dry skin such as genetics, temperature changes or even medication side effects – environmental factors such as pollution can exacerbate symptoms further.

Say Goodbye To Extremely Hot Water

We know it feels euphoric taking hot showers especially during winter seasons but remember folks hotter water drains out the essential oils which our body works hard enough to produce hence leaving our skins drier! Try lukewarm water instead!

Don’t Forget Sunscreen Even On Cloudy Days

UV rays from the sun are some major culprits for causing dehydration in every human. Even if it’s cloudy fellows slap some sunscreen non-stop giggling awaits since nobody wants premature wrinkles right?

Pay Attention To What You Eat And Drink

A person is made up mostly of fluids so imagine being dehydrated isn’t exactly helping your body maintain healthy functioning systems including – drumroll please- THE SKIN!!Opting for a healthier diet high in anti oxidants and vitamins C & E might prove beneficial

Exfoliation Remedy

Exfoliating plays an important role in bringing new life outta those icky dead cells leading to a brighter youthful appearance however ease into doing this once every two weeks on your face so that you don’t end up with irritated, rough or excessively dry skin.

Facial Scrubs

Use an all-natural scrub with sugar or coffee as exfoliants to reveal a smoother and fresher complexion!

Microneedling & Dermaplaning

For the more adventurous, consider microneedling (the process of using tiny needles to create micro punctures on the surface level of your skin) and dermaplaning (using a scalpel blade at an angle against superficial layers of dead skin cells). Of course we recommend professionals for these two options- ain’t nobody tryna get scars ladies.


Good moisturizing creates the contrast between supple velvety feeling skins versus crackled grandma hands kind of texture!

Natural Oils

Everyone’s best friend! Some effective natural oils include: argan oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil. Look out for facial products containing such ingredients is one key to happy hydrated healthy glowing lookin’ self ya’ll.

Hyaluronic Acid

Contrary to its name it isn’t exactly scientifically formulaic makeup magic chemical but rather a substance naturally produced by our bodies. It Helps retain water in your body which essentially makes it great for hydrating facial skin and keeping it soft plump y’all know what i mean(nudge nudge).


Mask culture has blown up while digging through skincare videos are you surprised? At night when free ya’ll can pamper yourselves making masks too as they help tone nourish soothe soften brighten hydrate the appearance okay basically just maketh thy pretty dagnabbit!. Here are some easy mask ideas:

Aloe Vera gel Mask

Mix fresh Aloe vera pulp with honey – apply on face like Nutella except its good for health not taste buds)- leave overnight if being brave till morning .Rince off repeat next week.

Olive Oil & Egg Yolk

A little scramble of egg yolk mixed with olive oil applied onto face for ten minutes doing this once every 2 weeks would balance out dryness and damage caused by pollution or other environmental problems lucky us.

Some Final Tips

Going to bed without cleansing your facial skin could lead to pores getting clogged make drama series just add some extreme soundtrack what can go wrong? So ensure cleaning is imbibed in each day routine, drink lots a water during the day (pro tips ginger cucumber lime makes hydrating way fun), sista/brotha embrace humidifiers they do more than adding ambient vibes watchu think?healthy balanced food choices, stress less using yoga techniques and WHOOLA no fish à la desert look anymore voilà.

In conclusion dear reader we have much fuelled your knowledge on how fighting dry skin need not be complicated as it seems though lipids metabolism in the outermost layers of the epidermis might prove otherwise but never fret application is key ya’ll! By following these natural and effective techniques–from diet adjustments to regular exfoliation–you’ll soon find yourself rocking that dewy glow you so rightfully deserve.