How to reduce a headache without medicine?

Are you sick and tired of taking medication, but still experiencing those pounding headaches? Are you looking for alternative ways to solve your problems that don’t involve popping pills or moving your furniture around the house? Look no further because we’ve got some great news for you. There are plenty of natural remedies and simple tips on how to reduce a headache without medicine.

Drink More Water (H2)

It is no secret that water has astonishing health benefits, most notably its hydrating qualities! And guess what – being adequately hydrated also helps prevent headaches.

If dehydration is one of the causes behind your intense discomfort, drinking enough fluids may help alleviate some symptoms quickly. So what are you waiting for? Go pour yourself a tall glass of H2O!

Table: Recommended Daily Water Intake

Age Gender Daily intake
19-30 Years Male 3.7 liters
Female 2.7 liters
31-50 Years Male 3.7 liters
Female 2.7liters

Take A Break From Tech Time(H2)

Aside from causing neck pain and eye strain, spending hours staring at screens can lead to digital dementia which could ultimately result in chronic headaches.

Why not schedule periodic screen-free breaks throughout the day? You might feel like it’s impossible with work piling up on all sides, but scientists have proven that taking small breaks will actually make us more productive in the long run.

If only solving our problems were as easy as turning something off and then back on again… oh wait.

Table: Simple Screen-Free Activities To Try Out

1) Yoga
2) Gardening
3) Catching Up With Friends
4) Reading a Book

Get A Good Night’s Sleep(H2)

A lack of sleep could be causing your headaches. Not getting enough rest can lead to irritability and fatigue as well which in turn leads to more body tension.

Getting the recommended amount of uninterrupted shut-eye every night is essential if you want to get relief from pesky headaches. Create a peaceful sleeping environment; something as simple as turning off electronics an hour before bed promotes melatonin production, allowing our brain to relax better at bedtime.

Table: Recommended Average Daily Sleep

Age Hours
Infants 14-17 hours
Toddlers 11-14hours
Preschoolers 10-13hours

Bring In The Peppermint Essential Oil (H2)

Who says essential oils are just for aromatherapy? Peppermint oil possesses numerous properties that help people combat their migraine symptoms easily and quickly!

By applying it topically or inhaling its fragrant fumes, peppermint oil may provide relief due to the number of active ingredients present – this includes menthol, that has a cooling effect on affected areas.

Take caution when putting it directly onto your skin though because undiluted solutions can prove harmful sometimes.

We don’t know who discovered fresh minty breath but we’re happy they did.

List: Ways To Use Peppermint Oil For Headaches

1) Inhale a few drops for quick action.
2) Topical application/External massage
3) Mix with carrier oils like coconut oil.

Refine Your Diet And Maintain Routine (H2)

Dietary habits can have major impacts on our overall health especially when struggling with chronic pain conditions like migraines. Eating frequent meals throughout the day and not skipping breakfast helps maintain stable blood sugar levels reducing headache triggers caused by alarmingly low sugar levels.

It’s important to maintain a consistent and timely diet. Skipping meals or consuming junk can prove disastrous on days when you’re dealing with headaches.

Table: Foods To Avoid

Food Explanation
Caffeine Disrupts Sleep
Aged Cheese Contains Tyramine – Tredging the path to throbbing.
Milk Chocolates Contains Tyramine – Leading you towards more trouble!

List: Foods To Include In Your Diet

1) Leafy Greens (Spinach, Kale)
2) Whole Grains
3) Nuts & Seeds

Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!

Apply Hot Or Cold Compress(H2)

Last but not least, using a cold or hot compress might help alleviate your headache. The former is best suited for migraines as it slows blood vessel constriction while providing numbing effects which we love.Warm compression (or heating pads if necessary), is best used for tension-related pains that involve muscle relaxation.

If applying directly onto skin seems too harsh or uncomfortable, wrap around some soft cloth before placing it on the affected area.

Pro-tip: Forgetful about carrying compresses around all day? Place them in a zip-lock bag and store it away into your freezer/microwave during non-use times so they get readily available when required!

Reducing our dependence on medication can have significant benefits of their own including saving money over time and avoiding side-effects. The guidelines discussed here offer several natural remedies perfect to reduce pain by reducing risk factors leading up to intense head-pounding cramps! By maintaining dedicated routines when eating/drinking/fluid intake/sleep managing along with substances like peppermint oil at hand plus emotional health management, headaches should be no match for us anymore. But do remember, seeking medical advice is also important in figuring out correct ways to tackle migraines or other head conditions.

Pro-tip: Avoid prolonged use of painkillers as they might form chronic-pain patterns by leading our body into believing it requires them every time symptoms arise!

Now, with these easy-to-implement solutions – we can say goodbye [to] headaches once and for all!

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