How to put on a belt?

Are you tired of looking like your pants are about to fall off? Well, fret not. For in this guide, we will teach you the ins and outs of putting on a belt! Follow these steps and tips (that may or may not be helpful) to keep yourself looking sharp.

Step 1: Choose Your Belt

Before anything else, you must select a proper belt that fits both the occasion and your style. There are various types of belts to choose from such as dress belts, casual belts, woven belts, braided leather belts – just to name a few. It’s essential that you understand which type suits your outfit best.

If you’re feeling funky and adventurous (or maybe just dead broke), try out reversible ones; they offer two different colors in one belt strap! Do not pick pink or neon green unless it complements your pimp-like shoes (haven’t seen those since 2002 though).

Step 2: Determine Your Waist Size

Now before trying any belting technique known to man, measure correctly around where you wear the waistband of your pants with measuring tape (for accuracy is key here) Alternatively, use our table below:

Waist Circumference Belt Size
Up to 30″ Small
31″-35″ Medium
36″-40″ Large
Over 41″ Extra Large

Never ever get too lazy for some measurements because believe me or not; nobody wants their Tommy Hilfiger peeking through accidentally!

Step 3: Insert The Tapered End Through The Buckle

Hold onto the buckle by laying it down flat somewhere convenient then take hold at one end of your soon-to-be-belt. This tapered-end should be inserted into the buckle loops underneath as far as it can go until snug.

Step 4: Loop Over And Take The End On Top of the Belt

With that tapered-end in place, what you’re going to do now is take hold at the broad end and loop it over and around. While doing this, feel free to hum your favorite tune! Once accomplished tightly pull away from buckle so we don’t have a loose one here.

Step 5: Tuck It Underneath The Tightened Strap

Next up, tuck the tail underneath that lovely pressed belt. Make sure there’s no bulging or creasing signifying an unnecessary hassle for readjustments later on (and just between us – nobody wants to see someone fidgeting with themselves like that out in public)!

Tips for Putting on Belts

Tip #1: Loosen Beforehand

Loosen the buckle before putting it on as far as possible; otherwise, prepare for discomfort throughout the day.

Tip #2: For Extra Holes?

If ever needing extra holes beyond factory-made ones (either gained some unwanted pounds or lost ten after using weird weightlifting belts), use scissors with extreme caution & poke through gripping area slowly to avoid accidental deep cuts!

Tip #3 : Conglomerate With Different Buckles(?)

Beginners may prefer sticking with traditional buckles before trying exotic latching mechanisms which prove convenient once perfected but takes practice.

Tip #4 : Clean Your Belt Strap Regularly (?)

Clean leather straps occasionally (obviously not every other day unless living in a desert?) Use gentle cloth dipped using distilled water OR try special cleaner solution designed only for leather products. No dishwasher allowed! Done improperly will be taken care of by Mr. Wallet when buying new belts frequently!

So there you have it folks! We hope these instructions are helpful towards making your life easier while sporting those stylish-looking pants!

Remember; you are what you wear. Dress how you want to be addressed!

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