How to pull out your wisdom teeth at home?

Warning: Before following any of the advice below, please be aware that attempting to extract your own wisdom teeth can lead to severe pain, infection and even death. In other words, it’s probably best left to licensed professionals.

But if you’re still keen on trying this on your own, I applaud your adventurous spirit! Just promise me you won’t blame me when things go terribly wrong (which they almost certainly will). So grab a pair of pliers and let’s get started!

Gather Your Supplies

First things first – we need to make sure you have all the necessary tools for this undertaking:

  • Pliers (preferably sterilized with boiling water or rubbing alcohol)
  • Ice pack(s)
  • Painkillers
  • Whiskey (optional but recommended)

Make sure everything is within arm’s reach because once we start pulling those suckers out, there’s no going back.

Numb It Up

Before doing anything too drastic, we want to minimize as much pain as possible. Time for a little DIY anesthesia!

Grab an ice pack and hold it against your cheek where the tooth is located. Do this for about 10 minutes until the area goes numb (or until you give up because it hurts too much).

Next up, take some ibuprofen or acetaminophen for extra pain relief (because who doesn’t love over-the-counter medications?) If you really want that added oomph, take shots of whiskey between each pill intake (again optional but highly encouraged).

The Extraction Process Begins!

Now comes the part where most people would run screaming in horror… extracting those pesky wisdom teeth! Get ready…

Grab onto one end of your respective tooth using sterile pliers and twist simultaneously while applying downward pressure until it dislodges from its holding roots.

Repeat that step until all wisdom teeth have been extracted as soon as the rush of pain hits you, gently place an icepack over the area to stem any bleeding and reduce swelling (or just scream in agony because this is a really bad idea).

Post-Operation Care

You did it! The hard part is over now. But we’re not done yet. Here’s what needs to be done to ensure your mouth doesn’t end up resembling something out of medieval times:

  • Bite down on gauze for 30 minutes following extraction
  • Replace used gauze with new ones every half hour or so
  • Keep cool compresses against cheeks where teeth were removed
  • Refrain from smoking, spitting or drinking through straws for several days(good luck with that one)
  • Take more painkillers if necessary (chasing them down with whiskey once again optional but heartily recommended)

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Here’s the scary stuff – what could happen when you play dentist at home:

  1. Infected gums – If proper sterilization techniques aren’t followed before attempting an extraction, gum infection can occur.
  2. Excessive bleeding – Once out of your mouth, it can be difficult to control bleeding and halting it becomes even harder.
  3. Fractured jawbone – Unskilled attempts at pulling may lead the tooth splitting/shattering leading to pieces embedded in your jaw bone due to excessive use of force/pressure employed while pulling
  4. Blood poisoning sepsis(a far reaching worst-case scenario) which happens when bacteria enters the bloodstream via open wounds like those created during extractions performed my untrained persons/at home.

In sum: Don’t do it people….

Just say no..let licensed professionals handle dental work especially restorative procedures such as extractions . Trying this at home would definitely entail more inconvenience/potential damage than trying to sort things out. If you are in pain or aren’t sure about the health of your wisdom teeth, visit a professional as soon as possible to save yourself from unnecessary infection and/or severe complications – both present and down the road no amount of DIY remedies are worth causing irreparable harm on oneself.

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