How to protect yourself from heartbreak?

Heartbreak – the pain that is felt when a relationship ends, the disappointment of unmet expectations, and the feeling of betrayal can be crippling. But fear not my friend! This article is here to guide you on how to protect yourself from getting your heart broken.

Understand Your Vulnerability

Before we get into it, let’s admit something: everyone is vulnerable to heartbreak. Yes, even stone-cold /unemotional robots are susceptible because love has no boundaries (wait do we want love with robots? I’m moving on before this gets weird). The thing about vulnerability is that it affects everyone differently- some shut down while others embrace their emotions. It’s important to know what kind of state you’re in and take steps accordingly.

Embrace Your Inner Self

Ok hold up! Before diving deep into this section, grab a snack or put off texting that person for at least 15 minutes first (they’ll survive) because there will be an emotional roller coaster ahead…now shall we begin?

Emotionally protecting yourself starts by embracing who you are as a person. Think about your values and understand what makes you happy or unhappy in a relationship. Don’t change for someone else because “everything will work out.” Instead have honest conversations so misunderstandings aren’t rampant later in the game.

Protip: Always stay true to yourself – being fake could lead people (yes those friends who make everything more complicated) wonder if they ever knew anything real about you.

Trust Issues Are Valid

Trust issues can mean many things- maybe your ex cheated on/ghosted/stole from/some other unimaginable horror happened which served only as heart-wrenching evidence that life isn’t fair (wow thanks karma) . Whatever leads to mistrust should not stop us all together but make us wiser going forward:

Be Progressive, Not Regressive

Having trust issues can make us hold grudges that keep us trapped in the past. To break free:

  • Accept your past experiences and truly see them as a stepping stone rather than disappointment.
  • Leave behind anyone who broke your trust before – this doesn’t mean to be closed-off or unable to care but it does mean knowing when people have lied or betrayed you enough times.

Let Your Guard Down Slowly

It’s extremely hard (this writer here has failed many times) but we must allow ourselves time to fall for someone again even if they’re not trustworthy right off the bat (live on the edge my adventurous friends). This might entail starting with small gestures of vulnerability and then working up from there otherwise there may good chance you could scare away prospects with constant questions & concerns.

Define Expectations Clearly

Heartbreak is often experienced because expectations were not met. Whether its through rejection/disappointment/betrayal; always aim for clear communication so each person understands what’s being expected. For example, expecting honesty over avoidance about travelling every weekend or whether intimate relationships are warranted shouldn’t come few months after dating people (shocking I know).

On the same note though helps to also lower those unrealistic expectations:

  • Come down from those high-rise idealized goals and instead focus more on what really fits within one’s lifestyle/mood/personality type etc.,
  • Keep financial stability as an option when looking into relationships because relying solely upon love only lasts till either of our bank accounts falls below $20..
    (don’t frown yet) thing that works better in helping reduce stress/anxiety is spending some quality time together without spending any money at all!

Keeping our standards realistic may lead us towards success; surprising happy outcomes!

How do you arm yourself against another heartbreak? Well don`t worry too much because if a first failed relationship/heartbreak serves as an academic study – this writer/dating extraordinaire has got some guaranteed tips for you to succeed the second time around !

Be Willing To Pick Up The Pieces

Yeah no kidding, but seriously- nobody wants heartbreak again, and when things go wrong, most want love of every kind to be kept outside of one’s personal life. We’re resilient folks though: Turn your previous experience into a positive takeaway; something that’ll remind us not to rush in next time.

Protip: Always have “me time” set aside- where mind can wander freely & without any burden brought upon ourselves from daily routine/hectic agendas . This mindfulness practice can help confirm more no-brainer whether or not we are even ready for another date (because let’s face it, dating isn’t easy).

Don’t Rush In Haste

There’s always new people who come along but instead of diving head first just take a step back, perhaps taking baby steps moving forward. Enjoy learning about the person at their own pace (maybe through phone calls/messaging) and ask plenty questions (not creepy ones) and observe body language (body langue is 100% real!) before jumping right into bed after 2nd drink ..or worse…dating history should bring us down least bit prior making remarkable entrance during dates!

Do Not Replicate Past Mistakes

It’s so incredibly tempting sometimes (as I myself admit) to give someone else chance since it worked with an ex in past ;but chances are certain characteristics will clash. So …why would putting yourself through that on purpose make sense? Instead learn from all those terrible decisions made last year(/week/month) , examine what went wrong & use that precious info going further!

(Now enough misery talk, let`s see towards bringing forth some positivity…)

Np matter how hard may seem: we can bounce back from heartbreak. But Where do we even start by making sure whoever comes next, ourself included..will have a 10/10 experience?

Get A Healthy Balance

An emotional roller coaster often leads people separated because of unhealthy overthinking/negative thoughts occurring when trying to move forward.

To fight that; maintain supportive workout/social schedules (I know those marathons and yoga classes are overwhelming but stick with it!); there’s always option cooking up some unique healthy take on meals getting right sustenance if too overwhelmed about one thing or another!

Focus On Self Improvements

The more you mentally invest in improving ourselves besides just physical improvements, the better equipped feel while moving forward- possibly then inviting much positive experiences than before. Just keep living your own life where aspirations will hopefully lead to ideas turning into realities!

Encourage Normalcy Within Life

When going through tough time, it is important still embrace our best selves. Call up friends for brunch/movies/shop and enjoy company around us! Also indulge hobbies/study something new outside routine contact circle which could unlock unlimited potential within us previously unspoken talent dormant inside should not be sealed away upon settling down because chance skills once explored could provide happiness everlasting.

In Summary:
If feeling susceptible towards becoming acutely aware yourself being incredibly vulnerable to another betrayal/heartache be proactive avoid this by understanding inner world accustoming hardships ahead learning how live happy without defined criteria others dictate life/a relationship moves in narrative.

Hopefully these tips offer guidance along path exploring what’s out world… jumping into unknown isn’t easy, so make most tonight we`ve got )