How to properly wax eyebrows?

Everybody loves a little plucking, waxing, or shaping every once in a while, and let’s be honest with ourselves. Are we really wrong for wanting our brows to look glossy? Nah! That’s why we are giving you an eye-raising tutorial on how to properly wax your eyebrows.

Supplies You Need

Before you start this fascinating journey of beauty treatments and painful screams here are some materials that will make sure you have everything necessary:

  • Wax Heater
  • Wooden Spatula
  • Pre-wax Cleanser/ wipes
  • Post-treatment oil /aftershave
  • Cotton Strips (fabric strips sound good too!)
  • Plenty of tissues (to wipe the sweat generally)

Now that you have all these items handy around your workstation let us move towards a preparing phase where it’ll make easier for safe practice!

Stop Treating Your Brows Tough

In most cases overzealousness takes over and before individuals know what they’re doing, their brow hair is gone forever. As much as possible just don’t do it yourself until you become accustomed to treating your eyebrow zone delicately; give the responsibility initially up to trustworthy professionals who understand the importance of keeping brow hairs intact! We’ve seen unfortunate instances whereby self-administered “maintenance” ended up stripping not only eyebrow hair but also eyelashes! So now remember that each time someone comes close with warm hot wax (okay I confess I am joking).

This brings me onto my next point…

Find The Right Method And Style

Using strip waxes is best when removing larger areas of hair such as underarms or legs, however when used on smaller surfaces like the upper lip can tug at the skin uncomfortably causing injuries.

On the other hand, hot wax doesn’t require a strip. It’s usually applied with a stick then removing once taken off becomes the full package in itself. But always be on guard since this technique has higher probability for irritation compared to sugaring ones.

The shape of an eyebrow affects drastically how your eyes and entire face finishes up looking like! If you don’t determine your appropriate shape then there will unfortunately be consequences that may resemble permanent surprise expressions, chicken feet (those small bunches at tip) or even worse scenarios that we dare not admit!

Let The Hair Grow

Before lying back and playing some soft background music let us first establish ‘three weeks’ of constant hair growth within our eyebrows which ensure natural hair pattern goes undisturbed besides providing a grip desirable for optimum waxing effect!

Prepping First Before Progression

Before diving into any form of waxing here are things to take care:

  • Wash hands thoroughly.
  • Cleanse all oils around areas with pre-wax cleanser
  • Apply talcum powder if an extra secure shield is preferred; it also smells lovely!

We can finally start partying now ! Ha Ha I am just kidding DONT EVER PARTY WHILE WAXING EYEBROWS!!

Here’s what we’re going to do next..

Get Started With Wax Application

To begin bring out your trusty wooden spatula /stick dip it inside melted hot pot of warm gooey substance that considers taking away pain along with hair follicles…

Now apply the dollop evenly around affected area where bristles seem too prominent. Remember less is more when dabbing so avoid pouring large amounts using whole jar.

(Note: To save time you can prepare double strips ahead).

Removal Time

This part requires gritting one’s teeth while anticipating intense pulling sensation after spreading half-inch cloth piece straight onto previously twisted over patch of wax. It’s also important to note that fast and swift approach yields less pain than averting the initial pull and prolonging anxiety about when it will come.

Check Hair Density And Thickness

After the whole process is over make sure all traces have been removed if any remains use post-treatment oil /aftershave then wipe out with fresh tissue paper. Eye-check your work using a mirror, looking for miss nicks, cuts or lopsided shapes! Pay special attention to eyebrow tips which are quick hidden areas often forgotten in rush!

Another pointer would be looking closely at hair structure density and thickness.. Recheck whether we’ve made every unwanted strand disappear fully because sometimes one tiny careless mistake can lead us down an unexpected path ending unsatisfied with messy final look…

You might feel by now (if it’s anything like me) you’re complete pals with shaping eyebrows but remember things take time especially getting used the process! Don’t worry though; eventually you’ll advance through each step until reaching mastery without even noticing…

One impartial thing to bear in mind is eyebrows should always improve individuality rather than overtaking features unnaturally – so always aim for natural finish as possible mainly focusing on how comfortably contented they play next-to-eye tasks (okay beware of these linguistic tweaks!).

Now go my friends lets rock those glorious brows in style because anyone who wants hide bold perfect shaped brows underneath their glasses isn’t living life thoroughly enough 😉

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