How to properly do a pregnancy test?

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Or are you? Before running around town telling everyone the good news, it’s important to confirm your suspicions with a proper pregnancy test. In this article we will guide you through the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy testing so that you don’t end up accidentally congratulating yourself over some bad tacos.

Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

Before diving into how to take a pregnancy test let’s discuss what goes on behind the scenes of your menstrual cycle.

  • The average length of a menstrual cycle is 28 days (but who has ever been considered average).
  • Ovulation usually occurs halfway through your cycle which could be day 14 for the typical woman or day 225 if you’re extra special.
  • After ovulation, hormone levels begin changing in preparation for either fertilization or menstruation.

Keeping track of these changes along with any other irregularities can help identify when it may be necessary to take a ptest.

When Should You Take A Pregnancy Test?

Knowing when it’s appropriate to use an EPT (Early Pregnancy Test) is essential:

1. Missed Period
If Aunt Flow decides not to visit as per usual by its expected due date then congratulations mommy-to-be at least theoretically speaking!

2. Extreme Fatigue
After four consecutive nights out bar-hopping until dawn, feeling tired won’t come as much surprise. However if fatigue persists over more than one week even after eight hours sleep then time for fertility sensitivity – perhaps R&R was interrupted by conception?

3. Increased Need To Pee
Be sure not drinking too much water before bed (nullifying excess human waste would be better off avoided but…to each her own) because waking multiple times during night just hit bathroom equals possible newly implanted ovaries squishing bladder already sensitive from all those cocktails last weekend..

4. Nausea
In most cases morning sickness rears its ugly head during the first few months of pregnancy, sometimes as early as two weeks after conception! So while that liquid diet would seem like a smart decision in actuality you may want to switch things up and grab some solids.

Following any of these signs it’s time to start your baby-making adventure so pick an EPT off the store shelf at your local pharmacy or online retailer now!

Types of Pregnancy Tests Available

There are many different brands and types of pregnancy tests available today (seriously check out Google) but all methods will fall into one of two categories – urine-based testing or blood-based testing.

Urine Tests:

This category can further divide into several tests formats including:

  1. Digital ones (stick method).
  2. Pee-in-a cup strips.
  3. Cloths worn internally for detecting hormone patterns over time.

Regardless, each option uses chemical markers on test strips designed to change color upon coming in contact with HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), found only in developing placental tissue representing higher levels only observed when pregnant.

Which test is ideal depends mostly on personal preference since each has unique benefits however digital monitors visibility enhances validity beyond traditional visual inspection likely saving from paranoia later.. because who needs more stress while pregnant?

Blood Test:

A blood pregnancy test provides more quality information about a possible conception than urine based strip options by measuring exact concentration levels present within bloodstream closer timeframe immediately post-implantation also lending her obstetrician gynecologist greater guidance regarding ongoing wellness possibilities throughout entire gestational period which could help prevent hiccups down line — all important considerations especially if complications arise from previous pregnancies etcetera most beneficial peace strengthening opportunities exist through proper prenatal care observe both steps correctly initially rather find hindsight dictating life choices

If considering Blood Testing err on side caution request support professional medical establishment will undoubtedly recommend accordingly.

How to Do a Pregnancy Test

Now that you have your EPT in hand it’s time to party (not really). But before getting too excited, there are a few things for one remember:

  • Follow the instructions carefully.
  • Wait until after missed period – results can be less accurate otherwise!
  • Time of day does not matter; HCG present all times during pregnancy breasts produce same hormone milk!

Urine Tests:

Step 1: Carefully unwrap test and read instructions carefully (did we mention this already?).

Step 2: Pee into cup or directly onto test area but aim properly please lol.

Step 3: Allow enough urine on stick thereby adhering bare end downward into sample soaks correctly avoid touching midstream part — just eww nobody wants surprise gotchas!

Step 4: Hold still while waiting time indicated by package somewhere around two minutes or longer necessary depending on brand confirm result proper immediate should examine positive means fair amount level detected by strip negative absolute absence pregnant nothing more however sometimes faint lines appear which may respond differentials call company prepared offer assistance or consult reproductive health specialist for details about next steps implications etcetera

Blood Tests:

This option is best left solely up OB/GYN office professional help preferred handling this tricky procedure accuracy levels easily compromised untrained hands…trust us!

Home Remedies Pregnancy Test Methods

Desperation often leads direction human race shall venture even questionable avenues such as tapping superstitions believers quite influential also their way offering subjectivity inherent something bypasses science lending comfort believer apprehensively entertaining notion possible giant leap beyond laboratories potentially giving Fido hitherto absent-in-his-life status of grandpa twice over too cute right…but back reality inside scoop rumors heavily disregarded home remedies ACTUALLY work! In same breath don’t get carried away with magic and forget importance monitoring maternal health otherwise!

Some everyday items people think can substitute for store-bought EPTs include vodka, pineapple, and dandelion leaves. While researching different “down-home” pregnancy tests we came across these top 3 unconventional home remedies:

The Bleach Test:

This involves urinating (yes you heard right) into a cup of bleach to see if it reacts with the HCG in your urine. If fizzles or foams up, then baby see incoming! Warning though – inhaling bleach when it is not diluted could be very hazardous.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test:

Need some variety in testing? Apply small amount toothpaste while peeing then wait few minutes observe reactions — no bubbles equals negative hcg present quite simple however despite ease required precision may lead inappropriate results unreliable so stick with drugstore standard instead amp highest possible accuracy levels determine situate fetus growing more adequately

Sugar Pregnancy Test:
Pour some sugar on me! And by that I mean put your pee on a tablespoon of sugar on plate placed somewhere undisturbed five seconds at least (seriously who comes up with this stuff)Positive result will clump like glue…which means one unlucky lady has another human being brewing inside her which good news self-indulgence providing learning experiences whenever side effects arise!


While going through any kind pregnancy test might come with nervous moments – akin simply gambling only much rewarding practice – understanding correct process increase chances success receiving accurate clear answer signaling whether conception occurred or perhaps something less stressful took place either way great offers exciting possibilities ahead possibility to shape human life adequately closely woven tapestry thread meshing create entities worthwhile improvement already existing society go forth courageously fellow moms-to-be and cheers happy healthy delivery maybe even twins/n-tuplets Lord save sanity in advance just kidding everything’s gonna be okay breathe slowly without worrying too much about what-ifs uncertainties merely take things step by step trusting be okay effort!

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