How to prime insulin pen?

Are you struggling with your insulin pen? Do not fret, my friend. Knowing how to prime an insulin pen is essential for all diabetics, whether you are a newly diagnosed diabetic or have been managing the condition for years.

We understand that the process of priming can be overwhelming and confusing at first. But do not worry; this article will make it clear as day! By following our steps on how to prime your insulin pen, you’ll quickly become a pro and be able to spend more time focusing on what really matters in life.

What Does “Priming” Mean?

Before we delve into proper priming techniques, let’s review what it means when we say “priming.” Priming refers to the process of removing air from the needle so that once insulin is inserted into your skin, there isn’t any residue left behind which could negatively impact accuracy during injections.

Prime before every use because you don’t want air bubbles getting mixed up with your appropriate dose!

There are two types of pens primarily used by Type 1 & 2 Diabetics – reusable and disposable pens. The processes involved in using each type differ slightly.

Let’s help guide you through them both!

Reusable Insulin Pens

A typical reusable insulin pen comes along with a cartridge containing doses of Rapid-acting or long-acting bolus insulins prefilled inside (check before breaking seal). This cartridge may last multiple uses extending even up-to about seven times if used according accordingly without contamination/leakage issues.

Step 1: Check Your Pen

Check for any signs of damage like cracks or chips in its exterior material followed by twisting off its cap (use non-dominant hand).

Step 2: Attach A New Needle

Twist Off the old needle securing device each time after injection leaving no trace leftovers using one hand protection gloves taking care (A never-seen-before level of pure hygiene). After this, take a new needle and untwist it, securely fastening the threading until tightly secured.

Step 3: Expel Bubbles

Hold the pen in its upright position with resilient grip to face away from you cautioning others at a safe distance. Initiate expelling air bubbles by twisting dial in opposite direction two clicks counter-clockwise for ensuring insulin is present & active which also positions your desired dosage accurately. Then Point upwards and tap gently & press push button till bubble free hanging drip emerges from nozzle

Step 4: Choose Your Insulin Dosage

Select your desired dose/exact & appropriate amount as prescribed by your healthcare provider by twisting the dial clockwise with dominant hand while holding the pen pointing downwards at right angle against bottle/cap opening With sharpness of focus just like an artist paints skillfully on canvas!

Step 5: Administer the Injection

Gently but firmly insert new syringe loaded Pen-needle into skin vertically tilt aiming towards intended site squeezing softly once again avoid accidentally letting go or applying too much pressure!.

Disposable Insulin Pens

Disposable pens are another option for Type I or II diabetics that may be slightly easier to manage than their reusable counterpart due to only consisting of single usage application requiring no special storage conditions! Also makes traveling way less difficult when disposing after use.

The following steps should be taken when using disposable pens:

Step 1 Check Your Pen

Results can be disastrous if breaks happen affecting all contours making dispensing impossible if not being used properly. So check before moving ahead.

Attachment Time

Remove Needle covering device without pressing touchpoint; insertion properly follow instructions stated right below diagram assure firm placement so dosages are precise each time without any unintended mistakes happening whilst injections occur adjusted well in hand.

Dispensing The Medication

Being mindful here will reduce timings for future usage with reducing accidental misfiring or overzealous mistakes.

Twist-The Knob

Similarly like the reusable Pen, twist that knob counter clockwise two times whilst upright (with a tight grip) squeeze gently & release pause momentarily before dwelling back up.

Select Your Dose

Adjust dial and hold pen against the body of medication vial placing needle in your desired part ensuring accuracy on volume units matched properly as prescribed by healthcare ally try again later need based

Best Practices When Priming Insulin Pens

It is important to note that when priming an insulin pen, especially if you are new to doing it. It’s best to perform a test shot first without actually injecting any insulin into yourself so you can practice techniques accurately while minimizing accidents that could have been easily avoided by instituting this good habit.

Always remember these tips:
– Keep needles clean during injection procedures.
– Reusable pens should always be cleaned between changing cartridges or less frequently.
– Disposable Cartridges are made for eventually disposing after use!
To sum it up, we’ve broken down the process of how-to prime an Insulin Pen into easy-to-follow steps suitable for everyone whether new diabetics freshly diagnosed or experienced ones just needing a quick review on regular basis,to get started with confidence! With proper guidance through each step maybe even several tries will soon become flawless technique in no time. Remember using disposable vs reusable got different nuances yet approachable only once understood correctly which we have conveyed appropriately along with tips which leave no room for confusion when problems go ahead give these methods go live healthier today!

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