How to prevent post pill acne?

Ladies, listen up! We know the struggle with post pill acne can be real. But fear not, there are ways to combat those pesky pimples without sacrificing your hormonal birth control. Here are some tips on how to prevent post pill acne.

Understanding Post Pill Acne

First things first, it’s important to understand what exactly causes post pill acne. When you stop taking hormonal birth control pills, your body goes through a period of adjustment as it tries to regulate hormones on its own again. This can lead to a surge in androgens (male hormones) which can cause an increase in sebum production and ultimately lead to breakouts.

Pro tip: Sebum is just a fancy word for oil produced by your skin.

Don’t Go Cold Turkey

We get it, you’re ready for life after the pill. But going cold turkey isn’t always the best way forward when trying to prevent post pill acne. It’s important that you slowly wean yourself off the medication by gradually decreasing the dose over several months rather than stopping abruptly.

This will give your body time to adjust more gently rather than experiencing violent hormone fluctuations like a teenager who never made eye contact with their crush all throughout high school only suddenly looking at them now just because they got hotter -it’s chaotic.

Pro tip: Abruptly stopping medication is bad for most health conditions btw not just preventing sudden “I want you now” moments with ex-crushes..

Try a Different Type of Birth Control

If hormonal contraception has led you down this path before or if you’re prone remember that unpredictable serial killer- the breakout-, don’t worry: There are many non-hormonal options that might work better for preventing post-pill acne eg; Depo-Provera shots or Intrauterine devices(IUDs).

Talk with your provider about other forms of contraceptives that might be right for you.

Pro tip: Worth considering other forms of birth control as this acne thing is just one problem. There’s more to life than pimples, amigos.

Embrace a Healthy Diet

The age-old adage “you are what you eat” holds true here as well.
Nutrition deficiency can make your skin go wah! Lack of vitamins A and E, Zinc & selenium (found in fruits, vegetables and nuts) can lead to inflammation which increases the production of sebum -with me so far?- Well don’t stress too much because incorporating healthy foods into your diet may work wonders for overall health including clearer skin!

So feel free to munch on those veggies like a rabbit or bear whichever fits your mood best.

Pro tip: Great things always come with sacrifice. Think about it; less chocolate but less breakouts? Not bad eh?

Moisturize after Washing Your Face

We know moisturizing sounds counter-intuitive when we’re trying to keep oil at bay but hear us out: Washing your face too often or using harsh cleansers strips away natural oils from the skin which could cause dryness leading to increased oil production causing our ennemies-:breakout. Apply light-weight lotions/creams lightly twice throughout-your 24 hours daily period(experiment time!) can hydrate the skin without making it oily thus stopping Sebum seizures(quite descriptive,huh?)

Pro tip: Use all day long various creams this way people never know if you are sweaty or glowing and apply lip balm because nobody wants chapped lips while being smart& radiant from within.

Engage in Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly boosts circulation allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach all parts of your body including your largest organ yet-your Skin!! This keeps pores clear while reducing oiliness hence fewer flare-ups . So basically Health = fitness + clear_skin=life Chef’s kiss.

Pro tip: Sweating also helps to remove toxins from the body which ultimately leads to clearer skin.

Manage Stress Levels

Stress is known as a trigger of breakouts. It causes the body to produce cortisol, which increases oil production and can lead you down post pill acne lane. So make time for some meditation, yoga or take leisure strolls through nature but just don’t stress too much about whether something works or not aight?

Pro Tip: Just because it sounds like fufu stuff doesn’t mean it won’t work!(plus, no one looks good with breakouts) so go ahead try it and thank us later.

Stick With A Consistent Skincare Routine

Consistency is key when it comes to preventing post-pill acne… actually this holds true in almost every aspect of life.(so stop ghosting that guy who always texts first!). Stick with products tailored towards oily/combo skin types; Containing ingredients such as salicylic acid,glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide etc…all sound scary I know- But they’re our friends here making sure we have minimum if any unwanted visitors (The enemies are back again!) lurking on our face(eww..).

Wash gently twice daily (morning &night) also stick with non-comedogenic formulas otherwise hello more grease!

Pro tip: Develop simple routines easy for consistently busy people no? Simple skincare can keep those stubborn spots away.(marketers hate me!)

Don’t Pick At Your Skin!

I’m telling you ladies men will never understand this part -why oh why do we do this?! picking pimples result in stubborn scars lasting up-to several months leading into another cycle of insecurity/insecurities/arrogance/if ulemmed unskilled niggling tamattinat- useless thoughts!!

Leave them alone, the anger will eventually simmer away….we totally get how hard it is to resist that satisfying pop but people popping zits on youtube for money amassment surprises me so
lets leave that to them while we rock our clear skin.

Pro tip: Not even a good idea when tipsy with friends!

Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an underrated natural remedy for acne-prone skin. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which can help to reduce redness associated with inflammation of pores-clogging nasties(makes sense?). Applying 1-2 drops onto a cotton swab & dabbing onto spots twice daily gets the job done without aggravating skin (as opposed to squeezing til regret sets in.)

Pro Tip:’100% tea oil’ too strong; experiment with less concentrated derivatives until you find what suits your type of skin.

Get Enough Sleep

The importance of sleep cannot be stressed enough -and by bedazzle sparking heels off course!. Make sure you’re getting at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Lack of sleep activates stress hormones/cortisol increasing production of sebum causing breakouts.(Surprise ..surprise)

Get those snooze alarms set so there are no excuses my lovely readers!.

Pro tip: sleeping well can lead into loads sorry,a few health benefits let’s cover one area here peeps!(goodbye baggy eyes& low mood hello radiance!)

Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

We know this seems like common sense But alot- more than you think!-of us forget about how much bacteria we carry around on our hands touching objects etc..switching up different zones from browsing Instagram feeds/emails quicker than chameleons its almost impossible NOT TO do it:: So keep antibacterial gel in your bag(remind me why i need gloves instead?) especially if public transport or work hubs are part of your routine dirty germy surroundings.

Pro Tip: remember there’s absolutely no point in all the effort if we simply contaminate our face again!(stay woke!)

Embrace a Baking Soda Mask

To state that baking soda has many uses is an understatement… it does wonders to skin as well(fake news -just testing!). ->>Its alkaline nature aid in balancing pH levels hence reducing inflammation while clearing pores resulting in breakdowns-…(Ok!! Looks like baking soda isn’t cake after all ha!)- So mix some 1 teaspoon of baking soda with water, apply onto face for about 10 minutes twice weekly being extra gentle on skin due to its abrasive properties.(This tip was revolutionary btw!)

Pro tip: don’t substitute this with actual sugar or flour please(shouldn’t have to remind anyone!).

Consider Oral Medications

Okay so some methods aren’t taking into consideration what happens when you’ve already gone way past the acne peak& just want things sorted. In those instances, oral contraceptives may be prescribed by your dermatologist among other drugs such as spironolactone/isotretinoin etc.(We didn’t make up these names!) Which can prove effective but side effects should always be considered and discussed carefully with professionals.

Pro tip: none here ask your doctor instead because a meme once said “Ask internet ,get medication”.

Use Sunscreen When Going Out

Daily sunscreen use is crucial when dealing with post-pill acne due anti-inflammatory properties amongst others (SPF= less wrinkles too!must mention)Look out for oil-free, non-comedogenic broad-spectrum SPF30+or higher products(preferably waterproof) which do not exacerbate oily skins, nor clog pores making more room visitors(‘breakouts’) .

Pro tip: Incorporate applying sunscreen into daily duties eg: earlier showering/bathing

Don’t Give Up

Preventing post pill acne can take some time and effort to achieve. So stick with the routine you have set for yourself, wait patiently and results will come -like they do in times of desperation no?- hard work pays off after all.

Pro tip: Patience is key(approximately 6 months!) so don’t deviate from a good regimen just because changes are not instantanous it demotivates!

Final Thoughts

Ladies, by following these tips (scientifically unproven but tried&tested) hopefully preventing post-pill acne be a thing of the past. Remember to stay consistent even when Netflix seems more pressing than an ambitious skincare goal-we both know-it’s really important!