How to prevent muscle atrophy while in a cast?

So, you are stuck in a cast and worried about your muscles wasting away? Fear not! There are ways to keep your muscles active while immobilized. Whether it’s to prevent muscle atrophy or maintain general fitness, we’ve got some tips for you.

Why Do Muscles Waste Away When in a Cast?

Before we get into the methods of preventing muscle atrophy, let’s understand why it happens. The science behind this is quite simple (no PhD required!) – when a body part is immobilized due to injury or surgery, the muscles surrounding that area have no work to do. This lack of physical activity leads them to shrink and weaken over time (much like our brains during weekends).

Methods To Keep Your Muscles Active

Cast away your worries because here come some fantastic methods on how you can keep your muscles fit while waiting for that pesky cast removal.

Isometric Exercises

Isometric exercises involve contracting specific muscles without moving joints. These exercises help strengthen the targeted muscle without putting stress on joints or bones (a low-impact workout); also known as ‘static’ strengthening exercises by most gym-heads. Here are some examples:

  • Quadricep contractions
  • Glutes squeeze
  • Calf raises (while sitting down)
  • Bicep curls using resistance bands

Do these daily but check with the doc before taking up any new activities; No Dr.Google allowed!

Electrical Stimulation Therapy

Electrical stimulation therapy involves placing electrodes on one’s skin which cause electrical impulses that contract the related thumping organ-muscle nearby causing contraction indirectly keeping minimum stress off from already hurt sites because #priorities!

This therapy can be efficiently done at home; there is never an excuse not to do exercise now! You must seek professional advice prior because they usually know what triggering rocks to use and at what intensity;also costs can come as a surprise.

A Balanced Diet

Oh, yes! A balanced diet’s importance when it comes to muscle health cannot be overstated. Nutrients like protein (the building block of muscles) are necessary for muscle maintenance and repair. Tuning in with the doctor or nutritionist for meals boosting bone health is advisable!

Maintain Hydration Levels

Water covers more than 70%of our body weight if we ever needed an excuse to go get ourselves hydrated frequently!

Dehydration can cause many bodily functions to slow down, including metabolism which regulates calorie burn aka ‘What you burnt whilst Netflix binges’. Drinking plenty of water helps boost metabolic activity AND reduce inflammation around injured sites.

The trick is taking handy reminding notes/drawings/”reminder daisies’ painted on walls so hydrations schedule stays on top priorities till all casts off!

The Don’ts When In A Cast

Now let us have a brief rundown about things one must avoid during being casted :

  • Avoid exercises that put stress onto injured or the areas surrounding your broken bones
  • Putting pressure on already immobilized parts ESPECIALLY #ADJUSTING/TAMPLINGWITHCAST because doc had his shot; now it’s your turn to stay still
  • Prolonged laying/sitting DON’T BECOME A HUMAN POTATO CHIP see sunlight daily (unless advised otherwise by healthcare providers)
  • Overeating unhealthy junk food & beverages continually (yes even boredom does not justify replacing healthy foods)

Before adding any further activities – DO CHECK WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN! Safety before everything works wonders.


Maintaining muscle mass while wearing a cast is possible by incorporating certain tactics recommended/ suggested by physicians. Still concerned?.. Don’t leave open comments from strangers sweep them away along with old negative mindset NOWYYYYY You know how simple yet effective these methods can be! Stick to the game plan with some self-discipline and focus, your cast-lesser days will pass without any worries.

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