How to prevent dry skin?

As the winter season approaches, we might start noticing our skin losing its natural moisture and becoming dry. Dry skin can not only cause an itchy sensation but also lead to further complications such as cracking, flaking or developing irritation.

However, don’t you worry because in this article we are going to explore some ways through which you can prevent your skin from drying out and keep that healthy glow all year round!

Take a Shower – But Not for Too Long

Showering is one of the best things that you can do for your body hygiene. However, taking long showers might end up being counterproductive since hot water is known to strip off natural oils present on our bodies leaving us with naked itchy skins!

A better option instead would be swiftly taking a shower at lukewarm temperatures (or if you’re brave enough cold ones!) After that make sure you pat yourself dry using a clean towel rather than rubbing abrasively against your body.

Moisturize Your Skin

If there’s one thing I swear by when it comes to skincare regime- It’s moisturizing my face like crazy! Using daily moisturizers help retain moisture present within our skin hence preventing its drying effects.

You may choose from an assortment of lotions available in the market specifically tailored for different types of skins ranging from oily skins to those prone to acne breakouts. You may find organic alternatives more compatible with your skin type; these include products such as Aloe Vera gel or Coconut oil.

Once applied gently massage it onto areas requiring salvation such as elbows, knees or other areas especially exposed during winters.

Pro tip: Try applying lotion while the still damp after-shower bit really locks in much-needed hydration!

Drink Lots of Fluids

The importance of hydrating yourself regularly cannot be overstated – And yes even beverages count towards keeping hydrated! Drinking ample amounts of water keeps our skin hydrated from the inside out, making it look radiant and healthy.

Other beverages such a milk and green tea are over-brimming with antioxidants that help in minimizing inflammation of the skin caused by free radicals preventing excessive dryness.

Avoid Harsh chemicals

It may be tempting to use soap bars or detergents as an easy go-to possibility when washing hands if we forget the hand-wash bottle. However little do we realize just how merciless they can really be on our skin!

Harsh soaps or washes tend to strip away natural oils present within our skins; therefore a better alternative would always be using gentler options i.e., non-soap liquids/gels or moisturizing bars which retain oil levels maintaining a clean-nutritious contact between your skin and surfaces you touch

In Summary:

  • Use Non-soap based

  • Fragrance-free products

Protect Your Skin When Going outdoor

‘Tis The season To Be Jolly… But also bring warm clothes before stepping out – It’ll save quite many medical-cure bills(your wallet will thank you later).

Try adding clothing layers made of thicker materials such as wool/cotton fabrications which not only protect us against cold but also lock-in moisture. Along with this don’t skip wearing gloves, scarfs, hats etc covering areas prone to Cold air exposure since unclothed areas soon become parched due to environmental stressors hence promoting chapped epidermis^(ouch!)

Additionally protecting yourselves against UV damages during Summers months is vital too for long term benefitting soft-smoothy skins hence apply sunscreen every time going outdoors despite enjoying cold December’s!

Pro-tip: Invest in High-Quality humidifiers

Our houses come under greater limelight than usual during winters becoming indoor-security for most part of the day. Although central heating systems keep our interiors all warm and cozy that traditionaly comes at a cost of humidity levels dropping in the air around us causing our skins to dry out!

Humidifiers work by adding water vapor into Air hence restoring balance- they have proven to be rather effective in maintaining natural moisture within indoor environments without exposing us to extreme temperature changes – so shop for one now! your skin will thank you


In conclusion, we all crave healthy moistured Baby-like skin throughout seasons and yet it’s no rocket science to maintain it – Hydration being key! By following some easy practises including regular body-moisturizers usage, staying hydrated through fluids while avoiding harsh chemicals along with clothing yourselves appropriately during both Cold & Sunny months can potentially save your epidermis from nasty after-effects – let’s cherish good-happy looking skins together 🙂

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