How to prevent blisters after burn?

So, you’ve gone and burned yourself again! Perhaps it was while cooking or maybe you got too much sun on that summertime stroll. Regardless of how it happened, nobody likes dealing with the pain and discomfort caused by burns (who does anyway?). One common problem that arises after a burn is getting pesky blisters. These can impede healing and prolong the agony. Fear not though, as we have some tips for preventing those blister blues!

Keep Cool

When you sustain a burn injury, one of your first priorities should be to cool down the affected area as soon as possible (like really quick!). This will help reduce swelling and inflammation which in turn can lessen subsequent blistering. Run cool water over the afflicted site for approximately 10-20 minutes until any sign of redness has subsided. Don’t use ice directly on a burn because this can actually cause further damage.

Be Gentle

After cooling down the burnt area, gently pat dry with a clean towel or gauze taking care to avoid rubbing excess moisture into sensitive skin tissue (ouch!) . By reducing friction between skin layers at the injury site during drying up process , it is expected that creating unnecessary irritation due to pressure ultimately results in tearing away thin film of epidermal cells leading to creation of blisters -That should be avoided like-nobody’s business.

Go Natural

Did you know certain plant extracts possess natural antiseptic powers? Applying pure lavender oil on just-burnt area (diluted slightly so there’s no reaction) provides instant relief from pain while simultaneously inhibiting bacterial growth at wound stage thereby acts against future blister formation?(Yes!), Similarly Aloe Vera Gel would work wonders if applied evenly providing continuous layerful soothing sensation-multiple times per day-till fully absorbed .

Prodigious proteins

Healthy foods make healthy tissues! Consuming high-protein foods will help your body repair damaged cells and promote healing. Some great sources of protein include lean meats, eggs, nuts, Greek yogurt or cheese (yes please all time fav). While so-called healthy junk-food options for blister prevention may satisfy cravings [temporarily], unfortunately these do not contain the nutrition required to help your body properly mend at a cellular level (yea..I mean it!)

Keep Dressing Neat – And clean

Use sterile bandages while dressing wounds is worth trying out…not only you’ll feel like Zorro wearing a mask but also prevents air from reaching surface preventing further exposure to dust particles (Fancy!) . Avoid using adhesive tape which can irritate skin against underlying layers causing blisters as possible effect sooner or later . As an alternative try stretching non-adhesive gauze pads over the burn applying some antiseptic solution before covering infected area nicely fit enough blocking any ingress possibilities(applying in such way that it matches nice with other end should work well).


As burns heal they tend to become quite dry and scaly in appearance; this ‘is’ part of natural skin tissue repair process. Keeping moisture locked into burned areas will speed up healing phase(s) and reduce risk of developing subsequent after burn blisters near affected site (Yay!). Applying coconut oil on area helps retain requisite humidity-just apply generously throughout day until complete.

Loosen Up

Tight-fitting clothing at completed burnt areas should be avoided as much as possible during recuperation period-same goes with trousers if we talk about leg-burns!(ouch)(Trust me on this one)! The slightest rubbing-can lead-develop more prominent longer lasting blisters down road leaving you uncomfortable.(ahh-miserable feeling)


Preventing blisters post-burn isn’t rocket science: keep cool, use undyed non-soapy water, apply natural antiseptics like lavender or Aloe Vera Gel , nourish with proteins and hydrate skin deeply through coconut oil therapy all the while ensuring appropriate dressing upto ‘healing’ stage are maintained. By utilizing these techniques you can help avoid painful blisters that would otherwise prolong the discomfort caused by an already unpleasant experience (ouchie!). So take care of yourself folks…and keep your cool when things heat up!

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