How to prepone periods by 10 days?

Periods, also known as menstrual cycles, are an integral part of women’s lives. Even though they can be painful and exhausting at times, they indicate the health and well-being of one’s reproductive system. However, there may arise a situation when you need to prepone (or advance) your periods by ten days. This could be due to various reasons such as medical procedures or events like vacations that coincide with your usual cyclic schedule.

Worry not! We have got you covered with some simple home remedies that would help in achieving your goal!


The human menstrual cycle is a very complex process which involves multiple hormones working together in harmony. The entire cycle lasts for about 28 days on average but can vary widely from person to person depending upon factors like age, diet and lifestyle etc.

Preponing periods artificially may seem difficult since it essentially amounts to hastening certain biochemical processes within the body that are beyond our control, however with few changes in lifestyle choices and consumption habits we can induce an early onset of menstruation at ease.

Diet Changes: A Healthier Pathway

Your food intake plays a crucial role in regulating any bodily function – whether naturally occurring or induced artificially; thus maintaining a healthy diet accompanied by hydration is essential.
You must pay close attention to –

1.Enough Intake Of Iron
2.Consume Papaya
3.Tweak Your Spices Consumption

Enough Intake Of Iron

A lack of iron-rich foods contributes significantly towards delayed menses so consuming fruits rich ni iron promotes faster menstruation onset.

“Eating spinach soup containing one tablespoon jaggery till day before period starts would increase blood volume thereby leading causing fast track periods.”

As quoted above vegetable soups constituents laced minerals have time tested influence on uterus contraction relief thanks for its considerable estrogen hormone value aid lead to the onset of periods.

Consume Papaya

Who would have thought eating a fruit could change your cycle? The enzymes in papaya, such as androgen, are said to stimulate contractions. However, it’s best to consume them when they’re ripe.

“Having papayas few days prior period promotes prostaglandins synthesis leading uterine contractions and thus advancing menses time.”

Along with papayas you can add pineapples which contains bromelain that helps soften cervix tissues thereby inducing menstruation.

Tweak Your Spices Consumption

Spices like ginger contain high levels of compounds called Gingerols -that stimulates menstrual flow while cumin-counter balances Progesterone hormone.

Including these spices in your everyday diet may avoid complications related to administration of chemical for early menstruation.

Alternative Lifestyle Choices: Exercise And Stress

Apart from dietary habits another key play is lifestyle routine including regular exercise regime coupled with stress reduction techniques improvises on hormonal balance which encourages prepone period by several days. It’s important to note though that extreme exercise or sports activity during periods should be avoided at any cost.

1.Regular Exercise Regime
2.Reduce Stress Levels Negates Premenstrual Syndrome

Regular Exercise Regime

Intensive physical activities causes muscle breakdown hence builds up require natural repair mechanism. Post exercising body attempts repairing wear and tear hence shedding uterus lining expeditiously resulting early commencement of next cycle dates .

“Exercise increases blood circulation promoting pelvic blood induction facilitating onset”

Words quoted brilliantly signifies fitness role commensurates regulation womb constriction followed progesteron release eventually embarking bleeding from start impeding usual procedure advancement by week or so.

Reduce Stress Levels Negates Premenstrual Syndrome

In India,Turmeric powder widely consumed worldwide fascinatingly among plethora benefits one is its ability to reduce symptomps attributed stressful premenstrual syndrome(patency required). Incomes relaxing yoga, tai chi and meditation helps in maintaining a calm state of mind thereby reduction of cortisol levels.

“Stress Relief techniques assist hormone regulation fixes and as such promote menstruation within days.”

Modifications on lifestyle choices, consumption habits assists in quickening uterus contraction frequency with subsequent blood shed. It’s essential that if you are acutely suffering from underlying medical condition reach professional physician for immediate attention or consultants.

The Conclusion

Preponing periods can be challenging but with the above remedies – changes to diet & lifestyle habits like regular exercise regime coupled with stress relieving practices including spices intake unlocks new realm ensuring early onset by week helping escape usual irksome menstrual issues. Give it one shot following these tips ensures routine prevention healthcare practices whilst promoting natural bodily processes authentically .

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