How to prepare to drink a lot of alcohol?

Are you gearing up for a night of heavy drinking? Perhaps it’s a bachelor or bachelorette party, or maybe just another mundane Saturday evening. Well, either way, if your goal is to consume more alcohol than humanly possible without ending up in the hospital or jail – you’ve come to the right place!

Below are some tips and tricks that will help you prepare yourself for an epic booze-fest.

Do Some Cardio

Believe it or not, cardio exercise is one of the best ways to prepare your body for excessive alcohol consumption. This doesn’t mean running a marathon; even light jogging/walking can do wonders by increasing metabolism and circulation which boosts tolerance.

Consider doing at least 15-20 minutes of cardio on your drinking day. It’ll also help burn calories from those inevitable drunken munchies later on.

Stay Hydrated

Alcohol dehydrates our bodies incredibly fast without us even realizing it. Dehydration reduces blood volume and leads to hangovers/headaches (we all hate those). So drink lots of water before and after consuming alcohol. Let this be your mantra: “H2O now avoids OH no later!”

Load Up On Carbs

Consuming carbs helps keep our stomachs full longer while slowing down digestion. This delay results in slower absorption rate which offers more time for when we eventually start consuming alcoholic beverages reducing its desolating effects.

So chow down on some pasta, burgers, bread etc., but avoid food high in fats as they result in faster intoxication causing many unnecessary problems like distorted perception leading dangerous decisions like jumping off trees (bad idea!).

Take A Power Nap

A little pre-party snooze could work miracles by helping reduce exhaustion/tiredness post-drinking thoroughly digesting food consumed previously resulting increased energy levels during party hours.
Forty-five minutes to an hour should do, don’t oversleep as this could also affect your metabolism-crazy dreams are a possibility too.

Stop Eating

Feeling full stops us from consuming alcohol which is the opposite of our goal here. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach but at the same time avoid eating right before going out to consume drinks – space it out.

We need some food in our bellies for slow absorption rates but nothing excessive. Eating during will help regulate our consumption patterns hunger cues.

Plan Ahead

Always have a backup plan or ride (or two) lined up so that you can make it home safely post-drinking, not many folks relish returning home drunk and alone walking or driving themselves risking DUIs/crashes/etc.

Also, find out what causes you impulsive behaviors. Do shots make me throw caution to the wind? If so maybe avoid them or limit consumption? Ask yourself these questions beforehand allow deliberate decision-making.

Prepare Your Body

It’s important we understand how much alcohol one can consume without passing out, blacking-out or causing permanent damage. These factors vary based on age/weight/gender/body type etc., with this knowledge we prepare ourselves by ensuring sufficient food intake hydrating well taking any necessary medications required when ill/injured minimizing chances of extreme reactions while drinking several rounds.

Talk to your doctor if unsure about medication effects while considering mixing drinks.

Stomach health plays a vital role- talk to gastroenterologists know-how about ulcers/hepatitis prevention/treatment plans if needed
(These pointers may seem like no-brainers however trusting humans always surprise others)

Table: Foods That Prevent Hangovers

Food How It Helps
Coconut Water Replenishes body fluids
Ginger Relieves nausea
Avocado Increases serotonin levels
Rhubarb Juice Prevents damage to liver and lungs
Watermelon Cleanses the kidneys

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Choose clothes that are comfortable and breathable in addition to being able to handle a bit of accidental spillage. Appearance is important but so avoiding any discomfort/distractions.

(I urge you not throw away your tweed jacket or leather pants made this mistake once – was quite uncomfortable all night.)

Table: Drinks With The Least Calories

Drink Calorie Count (oz)
Vodka Soda ~65
Champagne ~85
Rum Diet Coke ~76
Mojito ~165-207

Pace Yourself

Drink at your own pace. Don’t let other people challenge you; everyone has different tolerance levels – we should respect them-even though it’s hilarious when my friend ends up under a table from one too many shots.

It’s essential also, track/record-limit intake. Only wish yourself an enjoyable evening with memories for years.

Now let’s raise a glass and cheers-invaluable preparation advice! But don’t forget WATER TOO! Having fun AND staying responsible isn’t impossible-friendly reminder from me (and your liver)

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