How to prepare magnesium sulphate?

Before we dive into the world of magnesium sulphate, let’s first understand what it really is. Magnesium sulphate, also known as epsom salt, is a chemical compound that contains magnesium, sulphur and oxygen. It has many uses ranging from cosmetics, agriculture to medicine.

If you’re looking for an interesting DIY project or need magnesium sulphate for medicinal purposes such as treating sore muscles or constipation issues then this article is just what you need!

What You’ll Need

To prepare magnesium sulphate at home,you will require some essential items:
Magnesium Hydroxide
Sulphuric Acid
– Distilled Water
– Glassware (Beaker)
– Stirring Rods
– Paper Towels
With all these components by your side get ready to explore the magical process of creating your own batch of magnesium sulphate!

Safety Comes First!

While preparing any chemical compound safety should be given utmost importance. Same goes while making magnesium sulfate:
1. Always wear gloves and goggles when handling chemicals.
2. Work in a well ventilated area away from fire and heat sources.
3. Keep children and pets out of reach during this process.

Steps to Follow:

Here are 6 easy steps that can help you make magnesium sulfate efficiently:

Step One: Obtaining Magnesium Hydroxide

Obtaining MAGNESIUM HYDROXIDE(Mg(OH)₂) most probably would not be available at local drugstores but it can be prepared using milk of magnesia readily found in stores instead or buying directly.Follow these simple steps:
– Take three teaspoons full of milk of magnesia.
– Place them into a clean beaker filled with distilled water.
– Mix vigorously until suspended completely(Add more water if required).

Step Two: Preparing Sulphuric Acid

Now that you have magnesium hydroxide, let’s prepare sulphuric acid. Follow these steps:
– Add water to a beaker.
– Slowly add sulphuric acid while stirring continuously(make sure your eyes are protected during this process)

Step Three: Combining Mg(OH)₂ with H₂SO₄

Now it’s time for the most exciting phase: mixing magnesium hydroxide and sulphuric acid. By doing so, we achieve the main aim of producing Magnesium Sulfate:
– Start by adding small amounts of diluted sulfuric acid into the milk of magnesia while gently swirling /stirring until all the solid particles dissolve.

NOTE : Ensure no granules or lumps are formed after combining

Step Four: Complete Evaporation Process

Once done with step three move towards heating up and evaporation process. Do not miss out on any step in order for perfect results:
– Transfer our new mixture from its initial container into an evaporating dish or watch glass.
– Heat using low heat gradually acing it up to high heat(check to ensure contents do not boil over).
The result should be crystals forming at the bottom.

Step Five: Filtering Our Crystallised Mixture(Drying Process)

As cool as those crystals look,it is necessary filter them out! Here’s how –
– Fold some paper towel multiple times before placing inside a funnel ensuring there is no leakages within.(substitute coffee filters if unavailable).
– Place funnel above another clean container so as to avoid spillage .
– Pour off liquid mixtuure through faunnel slowly making sure nothing lands outside filter.Wait till contents dries (Additional drying up can occur under sunlight).

Voila, you now have your own magnesium sulfate at home!!!


Making magnesium sulphate may seem tough, but with a steady hand and patience you will be amazed at how incredibly easy it is to make. Always remember to put safety first throughout the process.

With this simple do-it-yourself method, you can get all benefits of Epsom salt without running out of stock nor worry for expensive bills.

Give it a try yourself, and experience the amazing powers of magnesium sulphate today!

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