How to prepare for cryotherapy?

Welcome, brave soul, to the frozen world of cryotherapy! This insanely cold therapy is not for the faint-hearted. But if you’re looking for a way to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and pain, improve recovery time after workouts or surgery, then look no further because cryotherapy might just be what the doctor ordered. However,, before facing the icy abyss that awaits you in that chamber of horror/cryosauna – there are a few things you need to know!

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy involves exposing yourself (or parts thereof) to extreme cold temperatures (-100°C – -140°C/-148°F – -220 °F) for several minutes. It can be done as whole-body treatment or focus only on specific areas like legs, back etc.

Some famous athletes swear by it while others think it’s pure madness – but either way once you’ve got past those first thirty seconds at minus one–hundred degrees Celsius; nothing else really matters!

Before You Go

Before diving into such an experience headfirst, there are some critical steps one should take 24-48 hours beforehand.

Avoid Stimulants

While consuming caffeine prior may seem beneficial, unfortunately quite contrary drinking coffee/ other stimulants will actually put stress onto your cardiovascular system making contra-indicative and cause vaso-spasms during a session.

Hydrate Well

Drinking water helps keep our blood volume stable so we aren’t putting additional strain on our hearts when confronted with such extreme temperatures which will also aid metabolism rates after said procedure has completed itself

Eat Food High In Proteins And Fibers

Consuming high-protein foods won’t add stress onto adrenal glands producing cortisol—a hormone released during low glycemic states that move calories from storage centers towards working muscles increasing fat burning rate post-procedure.

Discuss Any Health Concerns

In the case that you have any medical history of coronary heart disease, asthma or Raynaud’s phenomenon – it’s best to consult a doctor before undergoing cryotherapy treatment as sometimes exposing yourself to extreme cold temperatures could result in dangerous health issues. You would also want to check if you are pregnant, under medication prescriptions or had heavy drinking/partying prior session – this will only make your situation more challenging once inside the chamber.

What To Wear

Choosing appropriate clothing is essential when going for such therapy sessions due to risks that can come from exposure especially affecting extremities like toes, fingers etc. It’s important not just because of protection purposes but attitude and mentality!

Clothing Requirements

Here are some tips on what clothing items you should wear during the procedure:
– Socks – double layer recommended
– Mittens/gloves with wool liners (avoid touching skin against liquid nitrogen) or gloves specified rated below temperature of procedure
– Warming headband/face mask/Balaclava covering face/nose; ear muffs too if desired
– Loose shorts/trousers preferable rather than tight-fitting clothing
– Remove all jewelry-metal conducts less heat which shall cause frostbite easier

You’re now equipped with everything one needs towards acting like an arctic explorer!

During The Procedure

So, now we reach what many people fear most about cryotherapy treatment itself – those first thirty seconds at minus one–hundred degrees Celsius! Don’t worry though folks, as mentioned earlier on –once past this initial hurdle means only good things await us moving forward:

How long does it take?

The average time duration withstanding these temp extremes ranges from two-five minutes depending upon personal preference/specific goals required while minimal standard requirements usually stand around 30sec—1 minute intervals so don’t be surprised by either extreme ends of scale!

What Happens In The Chamber?

Here’s a brief rundown on what may happen within the chamber itself.
– Not much to see – just white walls, flashy lights and a box that will seem like your personal hell for this short period
– You stand in an area where nitrogen gas surrounds you & begins evaporating into its gaseous form as you shed heat it creates cold temperatures (around -100°C/-148°F).
– Air temperature seems relatively stable
– Shake those arms/legs continuously+ breathing through mouth helps keep mind focused away from feeling restless

We guarantee this is easier said than done but think of something enjoyable fastly! Countdowns work great too.

Post Treatment Care

The cryotherapy procedure doesn’t end when the buzzer sounds off or once time elapses.

Warming Back Up Slowly

Warming oneself back up is crucial; sudden, drastic shifts in temperature can lead to shock, fainting even heart attacks so listen well here folks!
– Move around gently/exercise/stretch until your body returns to normal temperature before re-entering colder environments/an intense workout routine
– Allow at least 10 minutes for yourself after coming out

-Give’em enough space though because running aimlessly could do more harm than good


In conclusion,, if cryotherapy has always piqued your interest then we’re happy with providing further guidance towards being successful during session.
Remember: prepare properly beforehand(hydration/nutrition/dressing clothing-wise); expect mega chilly climate conditions;(involving rhythmic exercise)+ warm-up slowly following completion: all while looking cool doing it right?

Cheers reader – now go forth upon becoming their arctic-ninja self:))

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