How to pop sunburn blisters?

Summer is here and you are excited to get some sunshine on your skin. But alas, you got too much of it and now you have a sunburn – not just any sunburn, but one with those pesky blisters! Fear not my fellow human beings! In this guide, we will take a humorous approach to pop those bad boys.

What Are Sunburn Blisters?

Before we jump into the “how,” let’s dive into what exactly these blisters are. Think of them as your skin’s way of telling you that you’ve gone too far with the sun exposure. When our skin gets too hot and dry from the UV rays, moisture accumulates under it causing swelling in the affected areas. Hence blister formation!

Should You Pop Them?

The first question that comes to mind when dealing with any kind of blister is whether or not they should be popped at all? The answer is yes – but carefully! If left unpopped and untreated, these little sacs can grow bigger up through many nerve endings present in them leading eventually towards trauma; hence don’t leave them untreated for long intervals instead deal with them appropriately.

Tools Needed

If popping your blisters seems like something out of an ancient ritual picked up by archaeologists while uncovering tombs deep inside South American jungles (overdramatic?), then think again! All that’s required – sterile equipment such as clean tweezers or needles (preferably sterilized). Avoid using anything else except these precise utensils if possible otherwise severe infection/blood poisoning may occur.


Now onto preparing yourself mentally because no matter how painless and easy everyone makes it seem on YouTube videos about popping different types of bodily bubbles – It always hurts more than expected especially when things go wrong oh so quickly…DON’T PANIC!. First off, wash your sunburned skin gently with soap and pat dry. Then, using an alcohol wipe or alcohol-based disinfectant (with a cotton ball), swab the area around the blister.

Popping Time

We’ve arrived at the main event – popping the blister. Using your tweezers/needle, gently pierce the edge of the blister at its base so that clear fluid escapes out of it slowly without rupturing any part of it inappropriately to avoid severe injury. Allow all contents within each bubble to drain before cover them up using a protective band-aid (clear-blue are painful). Do not disturb or remove this protective layer for few hours after application.


Now that you have popped all those blisters let’s discuss post-popping needs. Once again, gently rinse affected parts covered by sunscreen thoroughly under cool water with mild soap and keep clean throughout day whilst wearing loose-fitted clothes exposing parts affected usually caused harmful rays from burning sun such as super hot Texas areas.

Additionally: Avoid direct sunlight exposure until healed properly otherwise they may get infected causing sepsis like situations later on down line during much longer process than originally anticipated leading eventually suffering even more excruciating irritation because sometimes things rapidly spiral downwards pretty fast—just don’t forget what we mentioned initially about being careful! Reserve some time out every day which iced upon cooled moistened towel then rested along vicinity where scars currently occupy assuages nuisance allowing wounds ample time required for rejuvenating!

When To Call A Doctor?

Sometimes things can get messy when self-treating especially if there seem too many pimples, extensive swelling/redness beneath blisters surface which becomes unbearable irritating side-effects associated intense pain signaling potential scarring affecting overall wellbeing leading toward undesired ramifications consequently calling emergency doctors relevant need based medical procedure should be considered necessary measures knowing appropriate timing since one wrong decision could lead towards terrible consequence.