How to overcome phone call anxiety?

Are you someone who recoils in terror at the sound of your phone ringing? Do you break out into a sweat at the mere thought of having to make an important call? Well, look no further! In this article, we’ll be discussing some tips and tricks on how to overcome phone call anxiety so that you can finally take control of those pesky conversations.

Get Comfortable

First things first, let’s get comfortable. We all know that being nervous in any situation isn’t conducive to success. So why not try making yourself as comfy as possible before taking that dreaded call?

  • Wear pajamas or loose clothing while taking calls from home
  • Have your favorite snack or drink nearby
  • Use headphones if it makes speaking easier for you

Pro-Tip: If utilizing headphones is still too stressful and claustrophobic for you, try holding your nose while speaking. This will trigger a calming response in our body and help us relax during conversations.

Remember Who You’re Talking To

Once we’re physically comfortable, it’s time to remember who we’re talking to – another human being. It may seem obvious but remembering that the person on the other end of the line is just like us can make all the difference.

  • Imagine them sitting across from us (in PJs with snacks)
  • Remind ourselves there are no stakes, we’re not leading a country nor tryingto argue something in court.
  • Listen actively without judgement/motives

Listening attentively without judging their responses helps build rapport between two people; which goes back-as far as-before telephones were invented. By creating empathy instead-of-clashing one’s thoughts ,these kind gestures turn regular scary talks with strangers…less threatening over time!

Pro-tip: Keep reminding yourself “they put their pants on one leg at a time just like me.” Also extra points if pants is replaced with the local equivalent of leg-wear(Pajamas, zubaz , loincloth etc).

Be Prepared

Now that we’re in a comfortable mindset and remembering to keep things human, it’s time to get prepared. Preparing for our calls can make all the difference.

  • Write down what you want to say
  • Practice before making the call – this will help alleviate any anxiety
  • Have your notes nearby as a reference tool

Rehearsing conversations like (an overpaid actor) alone could really give yourself an edge during these talks. The art of conversation also involves being graceful when called upon…Know thy self!

Pro-Tip: Copying and pasting common questions into Google Docs or Microsoft Word makes future phoning easy-breezy.No rambling-yours truly has used google docs instead of phone trees several times…it’s efficient-and utilizes technology efficiently rather than frustrates us!

Show Yourself Some Love

In order to overcome phone call anxiety or stage freight—plan healthy activities right after speaking.Allocating quality me time ahead helps recompense any fumbles/mistakes made during tense discussions.Letting ourselves love who we see in the mirror encourages more fruitful dialogues with others around us.It says 🙂 not D: .

  • Do something enjoyable after completing tough calls
    • yoga/Pilates,
    • bath(epsom salt),
    • going on a walk(preferably somewhere scenic/happy(like at least okay scenery+ your favs playlist.)
      (No one wants woods+ sad boy music)

We’re better able to be productive individuals so plan recreationally/seriously/however-we-wantly!! Research done by Harvard University states that being grateful on a constant basis helps the body’s immune system and sleep more efficiently too. So let’s show some love to ourselves.

Pro-Tip: Affectionate self-talk goes waaay back(preliteracy perhaps?)…examples include “you can do this!” .

Reward Ourselves

If one is aware that harsh feelings trigger anxiety, reward positive moments during/after tough phoning!Rewarding often means ‘going easy’ for us as well.Here are some examples:

  • Eat your favorite snack
  • Take time doing favored hobbies or activities
  • Listen to music that energizes and makes happy 🙂
    • Three words: Release dopamine!

Endorphins aren’t just made after sweaty work out sessions.They spurt into action when we exceed ourself in difficult situations… don’t short change yourself.Artificially created scenarios of ‘good behavior’ prompts society (and subsequently) ourselves—into keeping calm once established patterns ensure easier conversations.
Continuous feeling of achievement helps maintain solid mindset transforming communication from scary monsters under-the-bed to blazin allies brimming with potential!

Pro-Tip: Social Media recommendation lists could take hours searching/filling.Whereas any playlist/service providing known names like Queen or David Bowie could really keep-self loving ears busy.Applilcations mentioned above(like spotify) come equipped with enough algorithmic precision so they offer exactly what listeners would want next instead-of testing deep music knowledge.So trust them,it’ll never hurt you.Though never say never, someone has maybe a passion for quirky sea shell collecting anthems(Very niche,fackadooooooo).

From showing yourself love since toddlers-in-diapers;its been ingrained how important ‘treats’ (rewards induce pleasure hormones thanks to the wizardry neurotransmitters release ).A fruitful conversation over phone shall remain atop listicles everywhere by following each mentioned snippet of wisdom!

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