How to numb big toe for ingrown toenail?

Ingrown toenails are a real pain-in-the-toes, quite literally. They can cause discomfort, and in some cases, they may even become infected. One of the best ways to alleviate the pain is to numb your big toe before treating it. Here’s everything you need to know about how to numb big toe for an ingrown toenail.

Why do you need to numb your big toe?

Before we get into how to numb your big toe, let’s talk about why numbing is essential when dealing with ingrown toenails.

An ingrown toenail occurs when the side of your nail grows into the skin around it instead of over it. This condition can be very painful as the skin gets irritated when pressure is applied.

To treat an ingrown toenail properly, especially if you’re going DIY-ing (pun intended), you’ll want a pain-free process that will prevent any additional injury or risk infection while handling nails and tools near open wounds.

That’s where numbing comes in; It provides temporary relief from physical ailments allowing procedures like cutting excess nails more straightforward without feeling every snip along with nerve endings’ distress signal.

## Preparing for Numbing

What does preparing mean?
Essentially preparing means setting yourself up correctly so that not only will the given remedy work most effectively but also appropriately clean wound areas lessening chances of infections

Step 1 Wash Your Feet

Start by washing both feet thoroughly with soap and water^. Doing this Before Treatments Serves two purposes:

  • Removes bacteria on feet which brings out moisture hindering healing processes
  • Keeps sensitive areas sterilized reducing potential risks from bacterial contact during treatments

Step 2 Pat Dry Them

After washing them out take care drying them sufficiently making sure you don’t miss any spots specifically around toes so that no water gets trapped between them^. Doing This is important as Moisture weakens the skin and the nails causing ingrown toenails.

Step 3 Wear Gloves

While preparing numbing agents wear gloves to protect yourself from coming in contact with any open wounds’ blood, secretions or pus that may cause infections. Protecting oneself reduces risks of further complications to give you relaxing experience while numbing.

Home Remedies for Numbing Big Toe

The best way to numb your big toe depends on personal preference and availability around hand without purchasing speciality items. Below are methods that not only can be obtained but easily available:

Using Ice Packs

Ice packs work just like when putting ice onto sprains, injuries etc. They help reduce pain by desensitizing signals given off from point of injury before fading away.

Applying it within a cloth or tissue paper ensures that coldness does not directly come in contact with skin leading to damage &/ reduced sensation.

To decrease Pain using Ice pack follow these steps:
– Soak your feet in warm saltwater solution increasing circulation drawing out heat
– Wait until dry then take an ice pack wrapped in a towel
– Place directly where ingrown toenail lies.

Make sure not overextend icing beyond recommended duration generally sticking around fifteen minutes at most refreshing every now and then so pain doesn’t flare up again too quickly after stopping treatment.

Tea Tree Oil Application

Tea tree oil is derived from Melaleuca Alternifolia; many believe its properties possess antibacterial properties soothing mild pains. It has shown effectiveness against inflamed toes brought about by nail related issues
. Here’s what you should do when working with tea tree oil:

1) Wash affected foot area thoroughly making sure dried completely afterward

2) Mix Small Amount of tea tree drops (approximately five drops per ounce/distilled water measuring cup)

3) Apply cotton wool soaked in mixture onto Ingrown area directly

4) Let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes before washing away seamlessly with warm water or gentle soap.

Using Over-Counter Medications

If ice, hot compresses or tea tree oil are not adequate or do not work for you. Then, numbing may require specialized medications that can only be obtained through over-the-counter (OTC) processes.

To name a few:

  • Anbesol is generally used topically by putting the gel emanating from lidocaine spray upon sensitive zones
    2() Dr. Scholl’s cushions and pain/stress relief gels pads contain benzocaine which help numb targeted areas

Before using any OTC medication take care to follow said instructions make themselves aware of possible side effects ensuring compatibility what means for one person doesn’t guarantee same success in others.

Final Thoughts

Relieving ingrown toenail pains particularly when numbing big toe beforehand providing significant importance keeping users relaxed and calm during treatments spanning ices packs to specialized drugs such as light liposome acceptors, will always promote body healing faster movement towards feeling better.

At-home remedies provide quick solutions at our fingertips while professional procedures often mean less risk of infection but cost more on both time levels too high price points. Choose wisely whichever method works best suited needs currently experiencing.