How to not smile in serious situations?

Let’s face it, sometimes we find ourselves in serious situations where smiling is entirely inappropriate. Whether you just received bad news from your boss, are attending a funeral or witnessing a car accident – keeping a straight face can be challenging.

But don’t worry; we got you covered with some expert advice on how to not smile in serious situations. Read on to discover various tips and tricks that will help you maintain the perfect poker face under any circumstance!

Mastering the Art of Resting Btch Face

Resting bitch face (RBF) might have initially been deemed an unfavourable trait but it has also become recognised as an opportunistic facial expression for reducing unintentional smiling. To master this art:

  1. Lower your eyelids slightly.
  2. Tighten the corners of your mouth downwards and pull them back towards/next-to-one-another
  3. Put all thoughts aside and purely concentrate on maintaining this facial structure.

With time, RBF becomes more comfortable for most people natural-looking while concealing any desired emotions.

Pro-tip: Practice RFB while actively gripping a ball-like shape previously hidden until after self-mastery has taken place enabling muscle memory and replication despite weird looks from potential observers.

Learn The Difference Between Laugh Lines And Frown Lines

Before diving into different techniques on how to stop yourself from grinning like LeBron James at his fifth NBA championship game win even when bomb-room comedy is delivered, we need first to discuss something called “laugh lines” versus “frown lines.”

Laugh lines around one’s eyes and mouth occur due to happy events such as loving moments shared between couples; however, frown lines generally form through overworking oneself or receiving upsetting news affecting overall mood states drawing attention quickly enough not appropriate in most scenarios requiring neutrality regardless of context highlighting its’ importance going forward

Keeping these two distinctions separate would help avoid any unintentional emotional leakage, which could be disastrous in a variety of circumstances.

Focus your Gaze

Whether you are at the funeral for someone dear or attending those long-dreaded business meetings where seniors have high expectations, making sure that no one can catch you off-guard with empathetic expression is crucial. One of the ways to ensure this considered as an art form known as “distant gazing”.

Here’s how:

  1. Find something irrelevant to focus on.
  2. Keep your eyes fixed there and don’t blink excessively.
  3. Discard any thoughts unrelated to what’s ahead.

Pro-tip: Most consider looking over people”s heads behind them in front-facing loops combining with peripheral vision from small shifts creating broken eye contact effect maintaining distance while allowing otherwise casual interactions without breaking concentration on primary task mentioned earlier.

Practicing Beforehand Carefully Organizing Your Facial Muscles

Controlling facial expressions requires practice beforehand adequately resting elongating relevant muscles needed for low overt expressiveness throughout said situations’ duration required; leading up until disinterest shown towards surrounding due continued intense focusing – its all about masterful mental discipline focused on stopping unwanted processes unable complete mastery gained by continual repetition although discouraged unless confident will not result in unintended outbursts hurting others emotionally unknowingly further spread stress continuously worsening issues occurring around us.

Reframe Your Thoughts Till Expression Neutralised

It would surprise many regarding how much progress re-framing thought patterns leading more comfortable times mentality switched appropriately rather than consistently focusing on negative events creating unnecessary stress letting moments compound quite easily inducing discomfort or embarrassment which shouldn’t occur during serious events such as ones stated here seriously asking visitors do it correctly waiting contnued attention from author needing additional guidance along way

Step-by-step approach:

  1. Identify the context associated with unwanted emotion
  2. Rephrase new empowering statement keeping discussions neutral shifting positive outlook producing pleasant emotions leading effortlessly neutrally view.
  3. Continue utilising cognitive recognitions leading to emotional changes reflected nonverbally.

Pro-tip: Slightly touching thumbs while placing index fingers with hands intertwined aids in attaining a calming effect ideal when used as an early reminder to remain focused throughout interaction to prevent indifference shown unwillingly happening because of the inability retaining focus

Harnessing Meditation Techniques

Meditation isn’t just for hipsters practising yoga but can serve anyone looking for additional techniques handling potentially uncomfortable situations compelling individuals inevitably far from emotion produced during these unfortunate classes can aid quickly adapting neutral demeanour at any time necessary potential triggers minimised understanding techniques meditation allowing developing state inducing inner peacefulness soon learnt here alternatively Googling becomes accessible teaching tool perfect over self-enforcing against personal goals making sure need correcting immediately noted within”middle ground” needed being reached realistically obtained adhered

Pro-Tip: Use apps like ‘Headspace’ or ‘Calm’helpful providing relevant guided meditations a routine practice, working favourably with most lifestyles practicing meditation hard maintaining initially requiring persistency eventually creating lasting habit useful persisiting further thereafter without substantial effort thus found connected mindful behavior which could encourage further benefits.

Pretend You’re A Secret Agent

Turning your mind into a plot similar akin those in fiction bring other wonderful social benefits alongside desired outcomes serious cases extending personal growth and enjoyment at various points whilst ensuring facial expressions kept calm interchanges due potentially violent confrontations Many who have issues regarding reactions stifled facing new favourable impression future entanglements becoming known prestigious move done right impossible convey seriousness enough hide it even under anxiety extreme nervousness involving disguises charisma utilizing tools acting classes quite helpful empowering then positively applied outside professional settings witnessing ability portraying persona believable outside major psychological disorders hinderance progression leaving everything else called moderations want more opinions on expert advice? Ask writer below via word count maximum allowed .