How to naturally reduce testosterone in females?

Are you a female with too much testosterone? This can lead to acne, excess hair growth, and even infertility. But don’t worry – there are natural ways to lower your levels without resorting to medications or hormone therapy. Let’s explore some of the most effective methods:

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep raises stress hormones in the body that trigger the production of testosterone. So get seven to nine hours of restful sleep every night for at least two weeks.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise such as weightlifting or intense aerobic workouts boost testosterone levels in women if done consistently over a long period. Stick instead with moderate exercise like walking, yoga or swimming.

Stop eating dairy products

Studies show that milk and other dairy foods contain elevated levels of estrogens which can increase your risk for cancer and negatively impact your hormonal balance leading eventually into high testosterone level.

Avoid Sugar-Rich Foods

diets high in sugars, refined carbs are linked repeatedly with higher insulin resistance (insulin helps regulate glucose) and therefore increasing blood sugar level resulting from increased glucose intakes lead directly towards higher sebum productions producing oily skins responsible indirectly for acne caused by hormones imbalance so reducing sugary food could help us naturally reduce our redskins effects often correlates within this problems we been encountering hereby discussing about abnormal raising of T-level caused by these poor dietary practices either due lack knowledge regarding healthy feeding habits hemming overall human consumption unhealthy junk food daily basis .

  • Stay away from candy bars
  • Soda beverages,
  • sports drinks
  • Baked goods

and try replacing them fwith low-sugar snacks like nuts & seeds , fruits , Dark chocolate,Cottage cheese with cinnamon.

Use Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

Inflammation is an immune system response fuelled by cytokines molecules damaging collagen fibbers promoting Hyaluronic acid fragmentation making skin look damaged triggering facial hair growth. There are many over-the-counter anti-inflammatory supplements that can help to minimize inflammation such as:
– Fish oil
– Ginseng
– Zinc-carnosine

Foods rich in Phytoestrogens and flavonoids:-

Phytoestrogens work as plant-based estrogens because they chemically interact similarly with male hormone,Tetosterone, preventing it from building up inside our bodies just like estrogen does.phytochemicals play an important role for a human body by helping modulate the hormonal activities taking place within us which contributes highly towards hormonal balance needed for better healthier well-being.

Some phytooestrogen-rich foods include:

1.Soya beans & products( Soy milk Tofu)
2.Chickpeas(hummus) /Beans/Lentils

In addition to foods with phyooestrongenic effect, incorporating more Astaxanthin and Resveratrol packed food items into our meals will also be helpful in terms of controlling free radicals buildup since being powerful antioxidants.

Maintain Healthy Body Weight

Even small decreases in your weight when your BMI is already at normal levels may improve insulin sensitivity therefore reducing high blood sugar effects due excessive energy intake , ultimately suppressing testosterone level eventually through proper management active lifestyle environmental settings reducing daily stress level could be potential solutions leading positively forwarding gender wellness all-around whilst combating these problems naturally without paying expensive treatments sessions pharmaceutical industries promote needlessly

It’s essential to get plenty of nutrients while you’re working on lowering testosterone. Along these lines:

Eat Right:-

There isn’t any specific diet that might help hugely achieve this individual topic though following good healthy feeding habits along some nutritional guidelines guidance from certified medical practitioner,nutritionist who knows exactly what should define optimal dietary requirements according personal preferences goals then we’ll have no problem satisfying those basic necessities crucial overall physiology crucial systems included hereby implying maintaining good mineral Vitamin supply beneficially effective both balancing T levels enriching our bodies metabolic rate clean increasing bodily function efficiency level never neglect nutrients intake during dietary assistance hereafter:

  • Eat adequate protein-rich foods along with healthy fats and complex carbs
  • Don’t forget to take in macro minerals such as Calcium,Magnesium,Zinc,Iron, Sulfur salt.
  • Micro mineral like Chromium,Copper,Selenium.


Reducing testosterone levels naturally might be possible without the need for expensive medication or hormone therapy – but it takes a lot of effort. By following these tips on diet, exercise, supplements , lifestyle changes that ultimately help majorly fluctuating hormonal context of reproductive age group while transforming physically motivating mentally towards reaching gender wellness goals more easily regardless challenges faced both genders everyday life experiences on daily basis.

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