How to nail polish perfectly?

We’ve all been there – we think we’ve nailed the perfect manicure, only to end up with smudged polish and chipped edges. But fear not, my friends! With this hilarious guide on how to nail polish perfectly, you’ll be a pro in no time. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced DIYer, these tips and tricks will have your nails looking fabulous in no time.

A Brief History of Nail Polish

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty details of perfecting your at-home mani-pedi game, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane!

Nail polish has been around for centuries (yes, really). Ancient Egyptians used henna to dye their nails and fingers, while in China during the Ming dynasty stick lac was used as early nail varnish. Fast forward to modern times when nail polish became popularized in Europe during the roaring 20s when fashion trends were very much influenced by jazz music halls.

Since then nail technology haha…just kidding – since then many developments have occurred within the industry which means that today options are endless!

Prepping Your Nails

The key to achieving flawless nails is prepping them beforehand. Trust us; This step can make or break your manicure game:

Cleanse ace scrubber out…

Prepare your canvas by removing any old varnish residue from previous weeks.
– Ensure that all traces of last week’s color are removed entirely thoroughly using acetone remover
– Never “ever” apply new colour on top of old ones as it never ends well.

Then give those digits some love with some tender care :

Cuticle cutie pie

Your best bet is filing gently along each side until they meet , don’t go towards bottom part just yet:
– Trim away any hangnails if needed but be careful not to cut your skin
– Using a good quality cuticle oil, apply it all around the edge of each nail and leave for roughly 2 minutes
– You’re then ready to push back your cuticles with an orange stick/cuticle remover.

Tricks of the Trade

Are you looking for new ways to master this nail polish application process? Consider trying these tips that everyone swears by:

Double-Up Application

Double dipping in other things is just gross! but double layering coat? Classic Trick!
By using two thin coats instead of one thick one, this allows your nails’ varnish layers time to dry thoroughly.
Better yet…using clear polish as basecoat keeps color from seeping in between cracks which means long-lasting perfection!

Helen Dardik’s owl illustration draws attention "Dipp’d” Nails At its Best

And don’t forget the topcoat :

Ahh this brings us joy almost like pizza delivery does. Once you’ve applied two layers of colour and left them sufficiently to bake now add some shine…

Finish off by applying a clear topcoat! This will give those pointers not just great outward appearance but also added protection against daily wear and tear. Voila! The picture-perfect look you have been waiting for.

DIY Dryers

We know how tempting it can be – once you’ve finished painting your toenails or fingernail we often have the urge to start doing something else. But Wait ! Save yourself from smudging those acrylic finger-tip holders faster than road-runner runs away:
– Just hold hands out (Imagine superhero pose!) when done: blowing on them may help quickening drying process with feel cool tactic 
– Run nails through ice-cold water , wait ten seconds about halfway through cooking .
For a quicker result go ahead & purchase mini Nail driers are relatively cheap, small and portable – just like we like our nail polish, haha!

Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Ready to brush up on some common manicure mistakes that may be sabotaging your polish game? Here are some of the most common ones:

Boil or Burn?

So “Boiler Alert!” – we know you’re busy multitasking while waiting for water boil while also attending 20 zoom meetings at once…but avoid dipping hands in boiling hot water after painting nails:
This will cause bubbles and potentially smudging of ruining all those hours spent perfecting.
It’s also best to avoid cooking altogether (Joking.. maybe) then put aside ample time solely focused on self care!

Over-Shaking Your Polish

You probably learned in science class that shaking a bottle creates kinetic energy which means it impacts everything. Sadly this isn’t as amazing when applied to your favorite varnish!
Doing so can introduce air bubbles into the formula, causing an uneven application. Instead of shaking vigorously do it gently instead: Hold with both hands warming gloss between them before softly scaling back-forth-dance-shake 😉

Applying Thick Layers

Like packing suitcases, When applying thick layers you run for a disaster :
Not only does this encourage flooding cuticle area , but oversaturating nail with loads could mean minimum drying time which serves us unwarranted bedazzling looks.
Instead, apply thin even layers allowing each coat enough dry out-time.

The Wrap Up

Nailing that polished look is easier than ever when equipped with these tips and tricks.
Take charge by preparing properly beforehand getting those fingers/digits/nails cleaned oiled up and stabilized‍!
Then follow industry insiders advice about not overloading chemicals onto nails ensuring smooth skin around tip.

Testing different techniques from using clear topcoat or double-layered color combinations adds personal flair whilst avoiding easily preventable mishaps like boiling water, thick applications and after all necessary steps avoiding running off to complete a million jobs before drying is completed!
With your newfound knowledge of how to nail polish perfectly, you’ll be turning heads with your picture-perfect manicure in no time. Consider these tips as secrets gems but don’t forget sharing them with close friends who are considered throughout this journey!

Happy painting 😊🎉✨

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