How to mix indian healing clay mask?

Are you tired of spending a lot of bucks on skincare products that don’t work? Do you want to achieve flawless skin without harming the environment or your wallet? Look no further; try out the Indian healing clay mask!

Indian healing clay is sourced from ancient volcanic ash and has been used for centuries in skincare. This powerful ingredient can unclog pores, reduce acne scars, and detoxify your skin. With its abundance of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium – this miracle powder ensures a pore-less canvas.

Here are some basic steps you need to follow when preparing an Indian healing clay mask:

Get Your Supplies

To make a homemade face mask with Indian healing clay, gather up these essential supplies:

  • A bowl
  • Spoon
  • Apple cider vinegar (ACV) or water
  • 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil
  • Measuring cups/spoons
  • Towel
  • Hair tie (if required)

Measure The Ingredients

Before making the mask mixture take accurate measurements of each ingredient needed for creating that perfect blend.

The ideal proportion is one-part Indian Healing Clay to two-parts liquid (ACV/Water). For instance: If you’re using 2 tbsp. clay, then use either 4 tbsp. ACV/water (3 tbsp. may be too much liquid).

When you’re ready, add measured ingredients into your mixing bowl in accordance with recommended proportions mentioned above.”

Combine The Ingredients

In front of you lies a bowl full of both ingredients — mix them thoroughly until all excess lumps disappear by stirring it naturally with spoon or fingers depending on your taste/preference. Once there are no clumps left behind – let sit f’or five minutes before proceeding ahead.

Optional Addition Of Essential Oils

Feeling like spicing up things, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the mixture. It not only enhances the aroma but provides additional benefits that come with these oils – lavender, tea tree or chamomile, take your pick.

For instance: If you’ve chosen lavender, which has anti-inflammatory properties cut short on ACV/water by a 1/4th and substitute it with pure water ensuring balance – Four parts Indian Healing Clay, three parts water, and one part ACV.

Test The Mixture

We all have different skin types; therefore, we suggest doing this basal adjustment before smearing it on your face. Take careful notes of what works for you and how much quantity gives desirable results.

Apply mixtures to less visible areas (e.g., arms/back of hands) for testing purposes. Leave them on till completely dry – approximately half an hour would be A fine range depending upon thickness applied

Application Time

Once accomplished satisfactory testing raise the bar higher by applying mixed ingredients in generous yet consistent amounts all over face avoiding sensitive eye area though if required cucumbers can give yout relief simultaneously bring down puffiness around eyes.Hair should be tied back into ponytail or hairband preventing stumbling objects onto old keyboard.

Relax And Wait

Relaxation is key here since mask needs time to get absorbed within pores thereby extracting unwanted toxins/dirt ultimately regulating pH levels while providing nourishment to underlying skin tissues & cells.The recommended wait period falls between fifteen-twenty minutes.

Drying Time-Show Must Stop!

It’s important not to let donning stay extended past twenty minutes regardless of whether they’re largely still wet/flaky in some areas because prolonging/peeling too much puts pressure: increasing chances tears further slough off layers replacement becomes arduous task(a good moisturizer will help ease end process)

Now you know how easy it is putting natural healing elements absorption into one’making it an excellent addition to your self-care routine, providing numerous benefits along the way. So what are you waiting for? Get started and unlock a new era of glowing skin with Indian healing clay!

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