How to minimize pms?

Periods. Every month, half of the world’s population experiences the joys of bloating, cramps, mood swings and many other sym-ptoms that come with menstruation. Nowadays there are various medications out there that aid in soothing premenstrual syndrome (PMS), but let’s be honest… who needs medication when you can follow few natural remedies or practices? Here’s our list of 16 tips for reducing your PMS woes, without any harmful side effects.

Get Moving

As if getting out of bed wasn’t enough exercise already! Engaging yourself physical activity during periods can play an important role on lessening those pesky symptoms thanks to endorphins being produced by the human body during exercise.

Dance into the flow

Leaping around like a clumsy gazelle may not sound appealing when you’re feeling down but honestly trust me anytime is dancing time! Not only will it cheer up your mood but help get some movement going.

Say Yes to Yoga

Yoga always opts for calming vibes which aide much against menstrual discomfort – practice some stretches or take up yoga regularly!

Put Simply…Hydrate Yo-self!

Remembering to drink water daily can seem quite mundane it isn’t just boring routine though at times we tend dilute our bodily fluids with caffeine based beverages , why not replenish hydration levels this week?

Ok so Aside from Plain old Boring Water

Lotsa options here camomile tea is known for its relaxation benefits while honey lemon tea could help soothe a sore throat/cough at bay.

Stock up on Nutritious Foods

Comfort foods are great solace however unhealthy foods laden with sugar and salt actually fuel further discomforts & amplify stress levels–Incorporate these nutritional powerhouses instead:

Magnesium Rich Foods:

 Almonds,pumpkin seeds, avocado are all fantastic sources – according to studies magnesium helps keep PMS symptoms mild.

Complex carbs:

 Yup, unsalted rice cakes might be the answer for the slumps during periods but consuming whole meal versions of pasta or bread would long term lessen sugar cravings and inflammation.

Get Enough Rest

Sleeping for sixteen straight hours like you’re still in college isn’t going to banish those cramps but ensure that you do hitthe pillow earlier than usual beforehand because fatigue can exacerbate every feeling of discomfort.

Supplements Could Help?

Should none of the above opts work maybe add supplements to list? Experts recommend selecting ones rich with B vitamins as well as black cohosh.Root around natural medication shops (as judged safe by your doctor!) and who knows what helpful remedies may come up!


It’s always good measure to get yourself checked out from a medical professional regarding iron levels. Women need more than men due to our physiology hence adding make sure its ample in any supplement consumption

Positive Vibes Only

A positive attitude can make a world of difference! Listening to some calming tunes, trying aromatherapy or just positively affirming towards self – this simple tip could actually set off cumulative helpful effects overall especially if tuned into regularly even outside premenstrual days.

Limit Salt Intake

Munching on chips when bogged down is great therapy it’s best not develop reliance over them before and afterwards. Processed foods laden with salt contributes towards bloating which does nothing in favour of physical relief – flavour meals alternatively using herbs & spices instead salts/cheap sauces.

Pacify Cravings Healthily

That intense desire for chocolate pringles is insane-but don’t despair no restriction necessary here moderation is key particularly when pacifying sudden cravings.Push past that temptation consume at least some sort nutritious snack chock full protein benefits different types nuts … very tasty replacements also available such as Fun sized dark chocolate bars.

Don’t push yourself overly

Whilst it might seem easy to continually gratify various commitments through your menstrual cycle who are we kidding ? Trying put out is often hit and miss during these days at least dedicate some time once or twice a week for self-pampering , indulge in Facials,a hot bath, meditate even splurge on nice rom-com movies…after all treating oneself nicely nurtures overall composure!

Keep Track with Apps

There are numerous phone apps intended for logging PMS symptoms –Get ahead of the game by putting together recorded physical/intellectual trends before every period.That way you can devise specific activity that suits perfectly those premenstrual days.

Try Pain Relief Herbs

Not everyone keen sticking pill forms atleast initially-so instead invest in dried chamomile,Turmeric or valerian root(tea/formally sold versions) which have additional relieving qualities. The entourage effect does come into play here increasing effectiveness overtime if consumed regularly.

Oil It Up

Famous essential oils from lavender, jasmine & ylang-ylang do well on softening feminine moods while thyme essential oil’s believed lull cramps away ideal given few rubs near abdominal area but be sure to dab diluted version only otherwise its just another bottle intent collecting dust..

Acknowledge Symptoms Thoroughly

Simply writing own personal list on paper acknowledging each symptom prior especially when expecting could work wonders beneficial understanding what processes were going throughout which should lesser anxiety & stress levels.

Medics Advice Sought If Need Be..

Should PMS indicators mimicching pregnancy resemblance sufficient tests advisable after all theres nothing wrong seeking medical interventions especially knowing more about one’s reproductive health journey!

No longer shall our humour shudder regarding menstruation-even while there happen periods in pandemics.These tips may not banish unpleasant period manifestations altogether although the least we can do is attempt slowly reduce its essences to simpler levels. In the end, when it comes to minimizing PMS symptoms, remember you have always got this!

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