How to measure 30 cm without a ruler?

Are you tired of looking around for a ruler but not finding any? Do you wish there was an easier way to measure 30 centimeters accurately without relying on a ruler? Well, look no further as we’ve got some clever and hilarious solutions up our sleeves. Read on to find out how you can measure your desired length without breaking sweat!

Use Your Body Parts

One of the most vivid ways is by using your body parts to measure it. It’s best if you have relatively big hands!

  • Spread both arms wide enough so that they form an “X”. The distance from one fingertip to another will be approximately 60 cm.

  • Now divide this in four parts (15cm each) with the help of either thumb or index finger.

You can now run up these fingers until their endpoints meet at exactly 30cm above your palm – Voila! You just measured with mere body parts like a boss.

We bet no one thought that wingspan could actually come in handy outside basketball court, huh?

Craft One Yourself

What’s better than having something tailor made for yourself? Nothing, right? Similarly, invest five precious minutes ticks from your clock and create makeshift rulers right at home:

Solution One: Paper Rules

Take hold of an A4 sheet or paper and Scissors:

Step #1 Cut its width accordingly into strips.

Step #2 Stacking these strips together properly using tape or adhesive. Check if tape marks are correctly marked at every end or boundaries .

Now go ahead and label them precisely starting from zero upwards before attaining thirty integers either side-wise . These homemade paper rules may save you money plus get used frequently remaining sustainable compared conventional ones .

Solution Two: Credit Card Measures

Everything has two faces, even credit cards! Let’s see how:

Step #1 Grab your wallet or Purse.

Step #2 Retrieve a plastic credit card from it. ( Check if the card is already expired worth saving!)

You can now use this card as an emergency measuring tool and take full pride in becoming revolutionary, killing two birds with one stone!

Take Advantage of Your Environment

Never underestimate environmental elements when you have too many obstacles to overcome:

Solution Three: Book Spine Lengths

No ruler but a pile books lying nearby? Bingo! You’re in good hands.

  • Arrange them tightly and stand their spine side upward with pages facing the ground.

  • Find something else to mark off either 10cm or 15cm distances, which are relatively easy ranges to judge..

  • Mark equivalent computed length on each book spine using any pen, initialing twenty vertical marks

After performing that task, The space between every fourth mark represents just about thirty centimeters eureka! Just apply it effectively taking into account different spines dimensions .

When all You Have is Tape

Yes tape manifests itself useful for several uses thankfully.Here’s how it helps us measure without problems :

Solution Four: Printable Paper Tape Measures

Living in digital era itself has significant benefits like having printable rulers at your disposal

  • Search over internet and find suitable template online.(There are numerous sites doing extremely well even free downloadable PDFs as well)”)

Once downloaded Print out these templates stick labels accurately according some geometry principles there obtaining markings corresponding exactly up-to precise endpoints displaying required distance created retaining origami-like appearance.”

Et voila ! You have what seems like real-life ruler where mentioned widths match true lengths.

Let Mathematics Do It Work

Mathematics won’t leave anyone behind : Even when they don’t own wearing lab-coats !

Just grab paper-board ,pencil and see its artistry yourself :

  • Draw a straight line .

  • Next make a 90 degrees straight angle .

  • Label it with number “10” since we can roughly visualize its range.

  • From that point onward, following the Pythagorean theorem’s formula , generate a line of fifteen centimetres by measuring squarerootof(100+225) or through online calculator similarly do for second time generating thirty cms length

Even Mathematical formulas eventually will get noticed for stuff other than mind blowing word problems.

Final Verdict

Now you’ve got incredibly bizarre ways to measure length without ruler which may stun others. Whether using your wingspan, fashioning paper rules at home, relying on surroundings or unleashing mathematical wit- these are immensely useful methods quenching thirsts whenever reaching out for rulers seems like countless mile run away!