How to make your tan look darker?

With summer around the corner, we all want that bronzed goddess look. While lounging under the sun or in a tanning bed can give us some color, it’s not always enough. Fear no more! This article will provide you with tips and tricks to take your tan from average to amazing.

Exfoliate before Tanning

Before jumping into any lotion or spray tans, exfoliating is essential for helping your body absorb the product evenly. Dead skin cells create an uneven surface on our skin and prevent absorption of lotions or sprays. Try using a sugar scrub or loofah when showering at least 24 hours before applying self-tanner.

Choose The Right Self-Tanner

When purchasing a self-tanner, choose one that complements your natural skin tone rather than drastically altering it. It’s important to try out sample colors if possible and read reviews online about how effective they are on different skin tones.

Reading ingredient labels may be helpful too as certain chemicals like dihydroxyacetone may cause allergic reactions in some people.Areas

Avoid Using Spray Tans Outside

While spray tans may seem convenient since you don’t have to rub them in yourself – there’s still one major problem they present – Windy weather could ruin just applied sprays within seconds! So unless you’re heading off somewhere indoors (like right now), keep away from spray ons!

Apply Lotion Before Applying Self-Tan

Applying lotion generally prepares us psychologically for fresh applications of powder – so does this rule apply when extenuated to sunscreen?
Interestingly enough applying moisturizer after showering has proven reputedly successful because warm water opens pores allowing deeper penetration of hydration by ointment.
So again remember guys once outta’ de showa’, getcha sponge; slap-on some coco butter lotion!

Apply Self-Tanner in Sections

When applying self-tanners, it’s best to divide your body into sections for a more even application. Concentrate on one section at a time like your legs and apply product evenly without leaving any spots or streaks.

Don’t Forget The Hard-to-Reach Places

Back, ears and behind the knees are often overlooked but these areas also need love too! Ask someone you trust to help you reach those hard-to-get areas, or try using an aerosol spray can for easier application.

Cover Tattoo with Petroleum Jelly

If your tattoos aren’t naturally darker than your skin tone already – place some Vaseline around their edges before swiping exterior tanning lotion over it.

Failing this tip – grab yourself some body art-enhancing lotions found in beauty aisles of high street stores. While other fake tan lotions may distort the vibrancy of detailed designs; special tattoo-formulated lotions add definition while suntans!

Wear Gloves While Applying Self-tanner

No one wants orange palms that give away they’ve been faking their tan all summer long (Cringeworthy!). Wearing gloves prevents staining on not only our hands but fingernails as well.

Try slipping rubber gloves under working gloves when fixing up car engines sometimes…they never rub off due to consistent friction nor do they dig into cuticles during repetitive hand movements lol yay no stains!

Blend Self-Tan On Feet And Hands With Lotion/Spray bottle mixtures

Feet have thicker layers of dead skin cells which absorb more pigment making them appear darker after tanning so whilst scouting through garden centres most wouldn’t be foolish enough come summer taking footwear off right? Check out my masterful solution below…
Mix equal parts self-tanner & lotion , spritz mixture onto feet/legs then use small moisturising mittens rubbing upward motions thoroughly known colloquially as ‘big circle’ method.

Moisturize After Applying Self-Tanner

Not only does moisturizing after self-tanning extend the life of our tan, but it also prevents unsightly flaking and patchy fading – which can make wearers conscious to exposing their non-perfect results ew. It’s highly recommended to use a water-based moisturizer in order not to break down any tanningpigments that might be present.

Avoid Pool Chlorine As Much As Possible

Pool water usually contains chlorine, high pH levels or both that could strip off fake tan pigments from our skin leaving us with lacklustre post-swim appearance. If you must swim in pools w/admins saying tough luck; they won’t lower acidicity because someone wants darker hair dye then at least wait 24 hours & rinse using specialised shower gel once outta’ de pool!

Just A Little Bit Of Highlighter Goes A Long Way

Get your summer glow on by adding a small amount of highlighter near your cheekbones for extra radiance? So why not apply bronzer before even heading outdoors by mixing it into hydrating lipstick/glosses in shades such as cinnamon/red.

Makeup artist-approved products are available too, whitening/illuminating powders add shimmer when simply mixed using smaller eyeshadow brushes onto upper-centre bridge nostrils tip so they catch sunlight showing off chiselled look!

Use Tan-Enhancing Products To Keep The Color Longer

There are plenty of products out there aimed at enhancing our fake tans and keeping them looking perfect for weeks on end (touch-ups required). Shimmery shower gels/body washes/lipsticks accentuate colour whilst giving users fresh-smelling hydrated skin guaranteed restoration!

Innovative innovations include tan-enhancing serums infused with DHA formulations such as vitamin E and paraben-free options too; massage onto bare or smoothed (w/vitamin-spiked moisturizers) skin extending the duration of bronzed glory!

Also, don’t forget to avoid alcohol-based products like toners as they’ll strip moisture and color pigments, leaving you dry af shivers.

Invest In Some Cute Outfit Accentuating Your Tan

Why not show off our golden skin in fashionable summer attire which compliments our gorgeous shade complimenting well! Try garments showcasing the back/neckline/collarbones/chest – where melanin is likely most concentrated giving a warm tropical feel’n?!

Khaki green linen trousers with strappy tie crop-tops blouse draped across shoulders give aire of elegance. Steel trikini swimsuit against deep chocolate cutouts w/tanned legs; solidifies sun-kissed physique!

Top Your Fingers Nails With Similar But Darker Shades

Nail brand Essie has The Perfect Summer Trio collection made to complement all three types of sun-kissed shade stages. For us already exposed dames why not try using darker shades ; that would help radiate out tans even better?

Do bold yet complementary by wearing flashy bright-orange nail polishes going hand in glove with olive complexions; hot pink w/fair complexions are sure-fire way confidence boosters!Glitter isn’t just for kiddies either sprinkle over lilac varnish adds sparkle…perfect for bottle-illuminating atmospheres at rooftop bars!!

In conclusion…

By following these tips and tricks to enhance your self-tanner, you can sit back (or stand upright!) while enjoying a sexy tan without burning hazards due excessive sun exposure – cos unless I’m mistaken nobody wants old-lady face sighs sadly whilst searching’ closet for oversized hat & spectacles). Remember guys…work hard now so you can look fly come summer vacations babe!(No really.. it’s worth it trust me!). Happy Tanning!

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