How to make your period come on?

When it comes to our menstrual cycle, there are times where we may need to induce our periods. Whether you have a big event coming up, or just simply don’t want the stress of not knowing when your period will arrive – fear not! There are simple and safe ways to take matters into your own hands.

Understanding Your Cycle

Before we dive into methods for inducing menstruation, let’s first go over some basics about the female reproductive system. We’ll keep it brief because let’s face it – who really wants an anatomy lesson right now?

The Menstrual Cycle 101

Your menstrual cycle is controlled by hormones that make your uterus grow a lining which thickens in case a fertilized egg implants itself in said uterus during ovulation (when one of your ovaries releases an egg). When no fertilization occurs (sperm meeting with an egg), this uterine lining along with blood flows out of the cervix and vagina resulting in what us females affectionately call “our period”. Our cycles can last anywhere from 21-35 days on average.

Methods for Inducing Menstruation

Now that you understand how menstruation works on a basic level, here are several tried-tested methods for inducing it:


We’ve all heard good things come from exercise but did you know intense exercise could do more than help fight obesity and depression? Luckily for those seeking faster arrival of their periods physical activity is known as one way to possibly jumpstart menstrual flow due increased circulation around pelvic region. Though evidence related to actual causation is minimal exercising doesn’t hurt so why not give yourself added reasons sweat at local gym or park!

Parsley Tea

A natural product such as parsley tea has been suggested by many health websites as another method if timed correctly. Parsely tea stimulates contractions within body that lead dilation within cervix its best to drink tea multiple times day couple days before expected period. Remember this should not be consumed in excess and should always check with your doctor before incorporating into daily routine.


Papain is an enzyme found in raw papaya that may help bring on periods when eaten raw, no cooking ladies! This might be due to stimulation of estrogen production from carotene-rich fruit — unfortunately more scientific studies regarding the reliability of this method are necessary because it does sound pretty intriguing.

Vitamin C

Taking ascorbic acid or vitamin C at doses exceeding 500mg can trigger menstruation so have a look over-the-counter section grocery store. You’re looking for supplements ranging between 500mg – 5,0000 mg but again make sure you speak with medical professional prior implementing new regiment remember too much any one supplement has potential side effects.

Progesterone Medicine

Progesterone medicine, more commonly known by it’s brand names “Provera” and “Aygestin”, is typically used as birth control sometimes administered few weeks after intercourse prevent pregnancy implantation menstrual-like bleeding which surprisingly works inducing uterine contraction resulting period-like flow!

Although off-label use for period induction isn’t technically approved were prescribed occasion those suffering irregular cycles premenopausal symptoms these contain inactive hormone mimics natural progesterone functions stimulating uterine lining starting release process hormone triggers..


Though there are some dubious methods out there promising to induce periods thru strange rituals such as “color therapy” or “chromatherapy,” sticking with what proven scientifically cited here likely fewer risks involved compared shelling dollars possible untested products/providers (we see you Goop!!)
It’s important remind everyone that menstrual cycles aren’t always regular and frequently late isnt cause concern unless experiencing additional symptoms These suggestions act remedies not cures underlying hormonal issues presence severe pain/tenderness alongside LATE period please seek advice physician as a priority.

So there you have it ladies, several safe and natural ways to coax out that stubborn period. Just remember, always consult with your healthcare provider before trying any new methods or supplements. Happy menstruating!