How to make your nails grow in one hour?

We all know that feeling when you want to look your best, but quick fixes just aren’t cutting it. When you’re in a hurry and need to grow those nails out for an event or photo session – what do you do? Don’t despair, we’ve got some hilarious ways to make your claws intimidatingly long in one measly hour!

Step by step guide:

First Things First

Before getting into the nail growth process itself, there are some fundamentals that need taking care of.

Prepare Your Tools

Are You serious about growing longer nails? Then get ready with these tools:

  • Emery board
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Moisturizer
  • Pruners (for nutjob hangnails)
  • Synthetic brushes
  • Bombs! Of course not 😅

The above items should already be included in your arsenal anyway. If they’re not, then it’s time add them on top of the ‘must-haves’ list as these will come handy in this manicure process.

Keep Those Nails Clean & Dry

Your hands must be clean and dry (squeaky-clean) before heading any further; so no swiping quick French fries here and NO applying anything oily whatsoever! We know how majorly tempting this idea could be 🤤… let’s please try to restrain ourselves.

Tricks To Get Longer Nails In No Time!

Now coming back to ‘serious’ topics.

Brushing Up The Magic Power

You might have never expected it but brushing up stimulates blood circulation leading towards fingertip/ fingernail apart from tangle removal! Do start brushing readily before beginning anything else like opting for any other methods mentioned below. If doing properly results guaranteed otherwise 💩…

Protein Is Life For Your Nails Too

Isn’t our diet responsible for the majority of things happening to our bodies? So let’s not forget nails from this regime too. A protein-packed diet high in lean meats, eggs and cheese enhance your nail strength which ultimately leads towards a healthier appearance! Yes you heard us right ladies or gents have non-fake long shiny claws😆!

DIY Nail Soak: Hell Yeah

Nail soak could be the perfect hack but keep reading before jumping into that pool loaded with Epsom salt, honey lemon etc.


  • Warm Water
  • One Spoonful Olive Oil
  • Half-Spoon Baking Soda

Mix these ingredients together And soak those fingertips for about 10 minutes! This solution softens cuticles around them and give rise towards an amazing growth factor afterwards.

Assumptions Equals Consequences

Psst… We’ve some assumptions ( excuses) to avoid while following these methods to fasten up typical nail growth.

  1. We assume cutting down on booze sometimes is morally acceptable;
  2. We assume ditching cigarettes would bring you nothing but benefits;
  3. Early nights are necessary because blink we all know tomorrow oftentimes becomes never 😪;
  4. Following through till the end, means no half-hearted attempts at any process whatsoever if wanting fast results 💯.

Conclusion: Ready To Make Those Claws Intimidatingly Long?

Having naturally longer nails is a blessing altogether if having healthy-looking ones as well otherwise it might be frustrating for one self! Not only stamina builds up physically but self-esteem also hikes especially when showing off those babies steps ahead of others😉!
Hope above mentioned hacks turn out effective bringing about lasting change within a short span of time💅🏼!