How to make your hair lighter in the winter?

Winter is here, and you know what that means – darker days, colder nights, and of course, faded hair. As much as we love the cozy sweaters and hot chocolate, our locks can take a beating during this season. But fear not my friends! With these simple tips you’ll be able to lighten up your hair even on the gloomiest winter days.

1. Get Some Lemon Juice

Lemon juice does wonders for lightening your hair naturally. Simply mix it with water (one part lemon juice and two parts water), pour it into a spray bottle, spritz your hair then go outside and let nature do its thing! The sunshine will activate the citric acid in lemon juice which will make your tresses look lighter than ever before.

2. Invest In Highlights

Highlights are an awesome way of adding some glow to your hair during winter months. If your highlights have grown out or become dull over time head over to see a stylist who uses natural-looking dyes which blend perfectly with your natural color.

3.Camomile Tea

For those won’t want using chemicals how about trying camomile tea? Mix a strong cup of chamomile tea when cooled pour it through cleansed hair, wrap head with plastic wrap overnight BUT don’t forget protecting linens too!

4.Hair Products That Can Help

Not everyone likes household remedies so luckily there are plenty of products available off-the-shelf including shampoos & conditioners that claim they can help lighten up locks effortlessly.

Shu Uemura’s Color Lustre Cool Blonde Shampoo
Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo
Natura Siberica Northern Cloudberry Conditioner
Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor
Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque

5. Turn The Heat Up!

My apologies, I don’t mean the heating in your house. If you blow-dry or flat iron your hair before stepping out into frosty air, then it’s about time you made a switch because heat styling can darken hair substantially if done on regular basis.

Consider using large rollers which will keep volume & bounce whilst avoiding direct exposure of heat to your strands.

6. Have A Cold Rinse

If you’re freezing already how could you even think about switching from hot shower to cold?! It’s worth adding that rinsing off with cool water is crucial when it comes lightening up hair during winter months as warm/hot water washes away vital oils needed for keeping our scalp hydrated and healthy while cooler temps preserve these natural beneficial oils.

7.Egg Whites

For those more adventurous try whip-up some egg whites with cold water until foamy spreading it liberally all through damp stands leave be for an hour rinse thoroughly afterwards BUT keeping in mind this method does not work well on oily or greasy locks!

More Tips On Winterizing Your Strands

Below are additional tips-how-to-keep-hair-looking-great-during-the-cold-season:

Deeply condition once per week

Winter weather = dryness which equalizes stripping hair (no pun intended) of good protective substances that occur naturally so making sure locks have enough maintenance with weekly deep conditioning treatments help prevent breakage due to brittleness; look for products containing marula oil and keratin constituents such as Kerastase Resistance Therapiste Mask.

Try a ponytail

Thumping wind means no matter what style you’ve gone for ultimately its going get messed up however opting for a sleek ponytail helps eliminate frizz created by wearing scargrves/hoods while minimizing dryness-caused damage often experienced due to thinner locks.

Limit hair washing to twice per week

Washing two times weekly versus the day by day helps reserve much needed natural oils which keeps scalp and strands hydrated, aiding in a fuller look overall.

Feed The Hair

A balanced diet that contains food rich in vitamins, proteins together with plenty of hydration equals a long way when it comes down too shiny healthy looking hair!

Aesthetic Coverings

Try wearing chunky woolly hats, stylish berets or warm fedoras instead of leaving your noggin bare & exposed who knows you might even be creating extra heat for those struggling through winter?

Concluding Thoughts

Winter is not always pleasant but there are plenty things you can do with respect to keeping those lovely locks luscious regardless the season. From using natural remedies like lemon juice and chamomile tea to investing in specialized products available off-the-shelf or under heading onto see an expert stylist. Implementing simple lifestyle alterations such as avoiding overuse of hot styling equipment; indulging in deep conditioning sessions alongside making sure you’re taking care of them from within will undoubtedly have heads turning this winter season!