How to make sandals fit narrow feet?

Summer is the season of fun, sun and sandals. However, for those with narrow feet, finding a pair that fits comfortably can be a real nightmare. Fear not! This guide is here to help you navigate this footwear challenge with ease (and some laughs along the way).

Get Measured Accurately

When it comes to buying shoes, there’s no such thing as too much accuracy (except maybe in the realm of tax returns). So before you hit up online stores or venture out into brick-and-mortar ones wearing your treasured BFFs – Barely Fitting Flip-flops, make sure you’ve had your feet accurately measured by a professional cobbler.

Mind Your Width Measurements

Your shoe size isn’t just about length; width also plays a crucial role in determining the right fit. Here are some tips on navigating different width measurements:

  • If your feet are extra-narrow (AA), seek out brands that cater specifically to narrow widths.
  • Shoes marked as having “medium” or “standard” widths (B) will usually work well enough for those with slightly narrow feet.
  • In case of wider-feet BTK ( Before Toe-Knuckles), look for sandals marketed towards women who wear half sizes like 6½ or even quarter-sizes like 6¾ .
  • Finally – regardless of what anyone says – always carry around one foot-width same-sized piece of balsa wood wherever you go( Just kidding! It’ll probably add more confusion than clarity).

Style Matters

A common mistake people make when shopping for sandals is prioritizing style over comfort and utility. But let me clear things up: As sad/depressing/frustrating as it might sound/feel/look , getting sandal styles that are designed for narrower feet isn’t optional if you want to avoid getting blisters or doing your best impression of a baby giraffe when walking.

Know Your Arch Type

Another key aspect in finding the right sandal style is understanding what type of arch you have. This information will help you select designs that support and fit your feet more effectively:

  • For those with high arches, look for sandals that offer cushioned support.
  • Flat-foot people see if there’s solid arch support available in flat sandals because let’s face it, not everything can be Kylie Jenner’s life.
  • If you fall somewhere in between (neutral foot – which we won’t discriminate here), then most styles should work well enough (unless they don’t).

Experiment with Insoles

Before giving up on a pair of too-wide-for-you sandals altogether, consider trying out an insert/insole to fill the gap. There are specialty brands/designs that cater specifically towards people with narrow feet – like NARROGANT PADS® (just made them up so please for the love of whatever-deity-or-non-deity-you-believe-in-must-be respected , do NOT go around asking salespeople at shoe stores about this) – but any kind of foam based inserts could probably do the trick (actually check if it has NIKE™ written anywhere).

Go Laced Up

Nothing quite compares to being held firmly and tightly by someone who has just put on deodorant/lotion…and that is exactly how narrow feet feel when slipped into laced-up sandals. The adjustable lacing makes for a secure fit as opposed to slip-on versions.

Look Beyond Sandals

While it may seem counter-intuitive when looking specifically for sandals,but footwear like women’s sneakers can from various angles make both fashion sense and functional sense while catering nicely particularly to smaller/narrower sizes .

## Opt-Out Patterns/Textures That Stretch Out Quickly
Some shoe patterns/textures will expand/stretch more quickly than others. This means they’re less likely to provide a secure fit for narrow feet. If you’ve got particularly slender (almost like ‘I-Can’t-Show-Them-Because-They’e-Stick-Figured’) toes and are prone to your sandals stretching out over time, the smart choice for you would be one of the synthetic materials such as Neoprene, Spandex , Rubber or even EVA (or whichever is easier on your tongue).

## Check Out Men’s Styles
Now here’s what statistically legitimate studies have shown – whose exact details I’m not sharing since this guide being…well..hilarious, that men’s sizes are usually narrower than women’s sizes. Which makes them an excellent source if you’re struggling with narrow feet but still want stylishly designed shoes.

Treat Your Feet Kindly

Regardless of their width,size colour-tone(and other irrelevant & stupid discriminatory factors), our feet deserve some pampering after all they do carry us around all day long!. So make sure you clean in-between those Toesies-of-Joy®, massage them often(insist only on silky magenta nails)and yes pedicures! because noone has walked past great toenails without a second look(think: Prince Charming)


In conclusion remember that shopping experience can range from fun to intimidating depending on the day and your mood,so why not lighten it up by printing off a copy of this article and taking it along with you (yes people will probably give weird stares) . It’ll bring a few sweet laughs here-and-there throughout what can otherwise feel like an obstacle course ;P . Regardless of how ridiculous any piece of advice might sound/look we hope that something within these tips helped someone/anyone/most-definitely-everyone ! Happy Shopping!( Go Find Yourself Some Haute-Narrow Sandals ! )

“You go, gir(l)l !”

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