How to make rice scrub for face?

There’s something about the idea of rubbing food on your face that just feels utterly ridiculous, but hey, if it works, why not? And when it comes to rice scrubs, there’s plenty of evidence that they can do wonders for your skin. So buckle up and get ready to whip up some facial magic with this hilarious guide to making a rice scrub at home!

Why Rice Scrubs are Worth Trying

Before we dive into the recipe itself (and trust us, you won’t want to miss this), let’s take a quick detour and talk about why rice scrubs are such a great option.

  1. Luminous Skin (Seriously): The delicate particles in ground rice grains work their way deep into your pores and exfoliate dead skin cells away leaving behind healthy glowing skin!

  2. It Fights Aging (Even Better than Botox): Antioxidants present in Vitamin-E rich brown rise leads cherry picking prematurity fights wrinkles which may equal or exceed botox sometimes! Yup, you heard that right!

  3. Inexpensive & Accessible (Cheaper than Chips): Compared with other fancy ingredients used by beauty junkies nowadays or treatments offered by estheticians etc., Rice is like finding treasure in trash – so accessible yet quite undervalued!

Okay now brace yourselves; we’re going down the rabbit hole of DIY skincare with everyone’s favorite staple grain – RICEeeeeeeeee!!

Step-by-Step Recipe For Making Rice Scrub

Here Comes The Star. Ensure you have all these precise ingredients so pulling off the perfect rice scrub comes without hustling.

Ingredients Details
Brown Or White Uncooked Rice Grains 1 cup
Warm Filtrated Water/Liquid Base Of Your Choice (Honey, Yogurt or Milk) Enough to immerse 1 cup Rice
Essential Oils Optional but encouraged

Now that we have all the fun stuff lined up lets bend into it!

Step 1: Grinding

Attention! The first thing you want to do is ground your rice until its slightly chunky. Essentially there shouldn’t be any whole rice grains after bursting out some moves on a grinder! However, Do feel free to retain some grainy texture for maximum effect.

Step 2: Soaking

Once everything has been properly grounded. Add warm water/liquid base of honey/Milk or yogurt etc in the bowl holding the powdered rice and give it a nice stir so as to make sure every particle gets wet & happy.

Leave this mixture for say..10-20 minutes. This will let moisturizer-like substance cumulate over time which can amp the exfoliating experience much better than just scrubbing dry like a bland sack of potatoes.

Step 3: Create Your Scrub

It’s finally time to showcase that inner Emeril inside.

After soaking, mix essential oils with your desired choice (it’s optional though), and then gently massage the paste not yourself obviously 😛 onto your face avoiding around eyes area with elastic fingers (and nails trimmed down please)
For stimulating skin cells more efficiently – polish using circular motion hoping to murder those dead cells concealing celestial glow away from us!!

Pro tip – To get those freaked-out blackheads off try massaging nose bridge bit harder using cotton cloth by covering finger tips through fabric.
Lastly rinse off thoroughly preferably lukewarm water maybe followed by ice-cold splash for reassurance!


So there you have it folks—a hilarious guide on how things are done smarter in skincare!! Now don’t waste any more precious time thinking about whether or not making your own face scrub is worth bothering with, Go ahead and try out these easy steps to whip up your own batch of rice scrub! By using a little elbow grease every now and then you too can achieve amazing office to shiny star glowing transformation. You’re Welcome!

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