How to make new friends when your shy?

It’s tough being a shy person in social situations. While some people thrive on conversations and making new friends, others find themselves intimidated by the prospect of meeting new people. But don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Being shy doesn’t mean that you have to stay holed up in your house all day long watching cat videos on YouTube (although there’s nothing wrong with that). If you want to learn how to make new friends when you’re shy, here are some tips that might help:

1. Embrace Your Inner Weirdo

Listen, everyone is weird in their own way so what use is pretending? So let it out! Be who you are even (and especially) if it feels strange or unusual. That way your potential mateys and BFFs can see the real authentic version of yourself!

2. Go Online

Let me tell ya’, this internet thing is looking solid; everything but a replacement for human interaction exists online or at least has an online community where interests meet virtually. Join Facebook groups or subreddits around topics or hobbies that peak-your-interests.

- Have an obsession with sloths? The internet has got just the forum!

- Wondering what aliens would eat if they came down for dinner? Ask away on Twitter.

Overall, going online means having greater access into surrounding oneself through further deep-dive searches such as twitter handles , Insta profiles etc . It allows us introverts sometimes slow time processing meaning we think before answering questions.tuss

Sometimes this requires things like finding one’s Katana next week Wednesday evening local club
Figuratively speaking .
Just be careful not get lost easily while surfing .
Do aliens really eat though?

And there’s still LinkedIn for professional purposes

3. Say Hello

Seems boring, right? Wrong. We didn’t promise life changing tips here but the easiest step towards making new friends is by starting up a convo with someone in your vicinity. This does not have to come off as creepy or be loud– maybe something as little as just cracking an empatheticsmile at them (see tip #5)

- Talk about small things like pet peeves, hobbies and interests you share together.

- Notice their John Lennon t-shirt? Start talking about that Beatle song which should start playing on their mind.

You never know what could happen after a simple hello!

No need to schedule greasing back flips for this one
Just let it slide if you think Yoko was part of McCartney’s conspiracy plans

4. Try New Hobbies or Activities

Try joining clubs or groups doing activities/sports that interest you . I am sure half the things they make movies around these days are heavily based on sports and events socializing scenarios! examples being:

- Book clubs: pick books from varying genres each month plus give insight into different perspectives.

- Cooking classes:

    Cooking classes provide cooking experiences already geared towards bonding over food , added advantage

- Team running/Jogging

    makes keeping track of progress easier else its hard dealing with procrastination even when goal-setting

## 5.Smile

Smiling does not cost anything,yet still offers a means of putting people at ease. Who knows what connection can spark by just showing some joy?

###### unless dental problems are present

6.Learn The Art Of Small Talk

Dialogue ensures more laughs and interaction potential than self-imposed silence waiting for outsiders to present themselves So learn how to engage in light discussions and keep it going. . .

- Ask open ended questions.

- Find common ground to discuss which links well with tip \#3
Also , I know we talked about not watching cat videos earlier but if there are any new ones posted breaking the internet, you bet your bottom dollar they deserve a small mention !

7. Introduce Yourself To As Many People As Possible

Even though striking up conversations can be nerve-wracking, just head straight for meeting as many new people possible helps build confidence which makes future conversations easier.

  - Volunteer at events or signups who requires conversation

    (1) Even better lead that team building exercise [well maybe not all of them]

   (2) Join clubs\

     Example :Most local gaming stores usually organize weekly game   nights based on varying themes esp video games etc

Typing this into Google should already give some returns:

          "Weekly meetups [your area]"

When signing-up make sure,you show up ! Do not be complacent inviting similar difficulties only highlighted within the same conditions whence one started!

Some activities offer limited interaction possibilities take meditation classes EXAMPLE
Some volunteering programs could require more manual labour than cushy seat-stuff\n
There’s still fatigue to worry about hence ‘maybe’ is bolded here.
While balancing practicality levels of course
We call these quick-fixes
# Basic process remains constant when trying something different except change with location

8. Attend Social Events

Many social engagements offer opportunity to socialize ad casually create relationships outbof rubbing shoulders

 - Local festivals: Meeting people from around town along streets bustling with activity hosts art exhibitions where interested parties gather anbd interact

- Community gatherings E.g: Super Bowl Viewing Parties, Rent parties etc

      I'd go on further but if none of these sound compelling consider staying back and watching the nature channel with your pus.
A type of social gathering where hosts make it their obligation to cover up part or an entirety of rent by asking party-goers for donations. Popularly known in more urban communities.
# In this case- Preferred Pus-gender specific winks

9. Open Up More Often

Letting people know how you feel will encourage interpersonal communication which is capable of flourishing into friendships.

- Express emotions honestly

    - Discuss personal truths

    - Try making yourself vulnerable even though daunting at first

If there are issues talks about resolving them instead of bottling up anxiety all alone!
_ Look out for those who cannot express themselves always so implore kindness!
 'Take time Listen' rings bells doesn't it?\

including disagreements ; future real relationships blossom from maturity observed when treating unconstrained vulnerabilities shared
###############\ Have a heart

10. Be Patient

Making new friends can take time . Many occasions have been met whereby certain relationships would be initiated on a false basis leading onto disappointments later down the road…..but nothing beats authenticity

Do not attempt attacking extroversion as quick resolve, rather get comfortable enough within oneself which could lead to appealing confident charisma (!) that others pick up on.and join forces with[or wallets]:

     ---give one room to let connection develop------

               patience is key


                                               Don't stress too much just enjoy adding another level comfort###

Listen Ever!///
#######\ Do Not Forget To Share In The Experience
Make like a child soaking in New experiences

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