How to make homemade soap no lye?

Are you tired of using store-bought soaps that leave your skin feeling dry and itchy? Do you want to make soap at home, but can’t handle the dangerous lye involved in the process? Well, buckle up, buttercup, because we’re here with some top-notch tips for making homemade soap without any pesky lye. Get ready for a comedy of suds!

First Things First: What is Lye Anyway?

Before we dive into our recipe for no-lye soap, let’s take a minute to talk about just what lye is. Lye (or sodium hydroxide) is used in traditional soap-making as an essential ingredient; without it, the fats and oils used in making soap will never turn solid.

That being said, let’s be real: handling pure lye can be pretty dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. It can cause burns on your skin or eyes and even give off toxic fumes when mixed with certain liquids such as vinegar or chlorine bleach. Yikes.

Not everyone feels comfortable working with this potent chemical, which means finding an alternative way to create homemade soaps may be more enticing – especially those who cannot deal with harsh chemicals due to allergies or sensitivities.

Making No-Lye Soap Can Be ‘Fatty’ Fun!

So now that we’ve scared ourselves silly talking about how bad lye can be…how do we go about making actual-soap sans-the death-defying substance?

Start With The Right Oils

The key is to choose oils that are naturally rich and easily transformed into a solid form.Your three basic ingredients are:

  • Coconut oil – makes bars hard
  • Olive oil – gives bars elasticity/suds
  • Almond oil – moisturizes

You will also need water & optional fragrance oils.

Pick Your Fragrance

When it comes to adding scents, essential oils or other natural fragrances like honey or lavender are typically used in the no-ly soap-making process. The scent options really come down to personal preference – but a popular option is sweet almond oil with oatmeal for an all-natural aroma that’ll have you hooked!

Melt & Pour | A Two Step Process

To make your no-lye melt and pour soap, first you need fatty bases (soaps). Since we aren’t able to use lye to create our own base, we’ll be making some key home-made ingredient substitutions using sodium lauryl sulfate instead. Here’s how:

  1. Gather up 2lbs of melt-and-pour goat milk soap bars.

Try buying soaps with glycerine from reputable suppliers.

  1. Next put them into chunks and microwave sustainably without boiling point heat at thirty second intervals until they’ve runny enough to stir comfortably – this should take about two minutes per bowl on average depending on power settings) {This step can take upto 10 min}.

    You may add few bits of water/milk/cream/oils during phone calls too.

  2. Once at desired consistency toss in preferred herbs,instructions/go through any odorous additives & mix well

Rose petals/baking soda do come handy here

  1. Using some basic shapes such as silicone moulds like spheres,diamonds ,hearts etc(that are easy release)

  2. Pour melted soapy liquid slowly enough not fill cracks then set aside over night.

Execution Time: DIY-No Lye Soap Recipe

Now let’s get crackin’ on that recipe! This simple formula allows for four bars made by employing the aforementioned method above:

Coconut Oil – 16oz
Palm Oil – 9oz
Olive Oil – 9oz
Sweet Almond Oil – 4 oz
Water/ milk- One tbsp
Essential oil or fragrance of your choice- .5-.75 oz


  1. Mix together the coconut, palm, and olive oils in a glass bowl.

  2. Microwave for thirty seconds to soften up slightly (the time depends on your microwave’s temperature).

  3. Add essential oil into the melted oil blend

Lavender/Rose is good options

  1. Slowly drizzle water/milk as per preference till you achieve desired consistency.

That’s It! You’ve Got Your Own Sudding Handmade Soap!

Voilà! There it is: your very own no-lye handmade soap made with natural ingredients without any complications.

Now, while making this kind of soap is indeed what we call ‘fatty fun’, so make sure that you don’t sell yourself short here and use only high-quality supplies when creating it – doing so ensures that you’ll have long-lasting bars perfectly curated by none other than YOURSELF!.

So go ahead & give this amusing recipe a try today — these suds can help combat winter dryness, moisturize our skin like there’s nobody’s business whilst treating ourselves a spa treatment anytime all from home-y love!

P.S.: Please ensure its freshness coz {anything overstays welcomes germs}.

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