How to make hair grow slower after haircut?

Haircuts can be refreshing, but for many of us, the problem with a new look is that it means dealing with faster hair growth. This article offers some tips on how to slow down your hair’s rate of regrowth and maintain your style for longer.

Embrace Oily ScALP

It might sound counterintuitive, but keeping your scalp oily helps keep hair growth at bay. That’s because an oily scalp clogs up hair follicles which reduces the amount of oxygen required for rapid hair growth. So break out some Olive oil or coconut oil and give yourself a good old-timey head massage two-three times per week.

Choose The Right Shampoo

The fight against fast-growing locks starts in the shower—specifically picking up the right shampoo that will help to make things more difficult for our fast-growing foes. Tea tree oil shampoos are excellent options because they contain antiseptic ingredients that clean follicles and slow down regeneration.

If you’re not keen on tea tree oil-based shampoos — try those without sulfates as they won’t dry out strands – this slows cell division: slowing down growth

Invest In Conditioner (or ACV)

Regular conditioning sessions will lock moisture into your tresses giving them staying power by making them grow slower after each haircut- a bonus if you’re trying to switch styles less often!

Swap conditioner with Apple Cider Vinegar rinse: it has antimicrobial properties making reduce bacteria build-up on Scalp. Less bacteria = fewer infections = reduced inflammation equals SLOWER GROWTH!!

Create Heat Creations Conditions

Heat conditions create harsh environments where cells can’t thrive necessarily well meaning less regrowth each month! Try these tricks:
Dry vigorously using towel before stepping out from shower – gently rubbing against direction cuticle
limit high heat styling
Give hot water a rest and stick with cold while washing

Get A Regular Trim

I know you just had a haircut but once the style grows out it’s time for an interim trim. trimming on schedule – leaves hair not only looking stylish which reduce split ends, but also slows regrowth by constantly removing cells (hair) in growth stage.

Say “NO” To Caffeine And Spicy Foods

Caffeinated beverages and spicy foods are known to increase circulation – this can have unintended consequences as better-circulating blood brings more On-Demand growing space. take measures to limit consumption of foods high in caffeine or spice when trynna slow down those nasty cell divisions!

Practice Yoga: It Will Keep Your Hormones In Check

Doing yoga regularly will yield more than toned muscles ~ A hormonal balance! Levels of stress-causing hormones androgens are reduced during meditation– at least until after class finishes so fret less over that next snip session.

The Final Verdict

Hair takes forever to grow if we’re not careful with it; keeping up some maintenance goes no harm, slowing growth is possible without losing length or health! Conditioning, consistent treatment regimen (no heat!) rich scalp massages low-caffeine diets regular cuts – Help keep locks looking great through all seasons whilst minimizing post-haircut scheduling headaches!

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