How to make glycolic acid cream?

Do you want a cream that will make your skin look like it’s had Botox? A cream that will help you avoid laser treatment and injections? Then glycolic acid cream is the best option for you. In this article, we’ll tell you everything about how to make glycolic acid cream.

What Is Glycolic Acid?

Before diving into making glycolic acid cream at home, let’s get some basics covered.

Glyolclic Acid originates from sugar cane juice and has numerous benefits as an exfoliating agent. It can penetrate deep into pores and remove dead skin cells effectively when applied topically by reducing inflammation of acne-prone skin. The natural ingredient is also responsible for stimulating elastin and collagen production in the body in order to reduce fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, mouth or neck (and who doesn’t want that).

Gathering Supplies

So what exactly will be required while attempting to create your own homemade glycolice cream ?

Here are all items must have:

  1. 3 ounces of pure Glycolic Acid powder (available online)
  2. Distilled Water -500ml
  3. Glycerin – 250 ml
  4. Wheat Germ oil – quarter tablespoon
  5. Stearate Alcohol- One teaspoon full

Ensure that every product supports at least six months’ shelf-life which means they should still be usable after this period without going bad.
because nobody wants expired products near their facial area).

Recipe For Making Homemade Glycolic Acid Cream

Now that we’re done with gathering supplies, let’s go through each step involved in making homemade glyoclic creams so no spa beauty expert could intimidate with science talk we’ve got it!

Step #1: The Mixing Process

To mix every solution properly follows these steps:

  1. Measure 12 grams of distilled water, using a digital measuring cup.
  2. Measure the glycerin thoroughly and add it to the measured distilled water, stir
  3. Add in quarter tablespoon wheat germ oil stoutly mixing with other contents
  4. Sprinkle stearate alcohol one teaspoon or .5 gram initially
  5. In another beaker pour 8 gm Glycolic Acid Powder (around 35% concentration)
  6. Now slowly mix both combinations well for a consistent solution

Step #2: Blending Solution Using Electric Mixer

It is essential that every component used must be blended together until appropriately mixed.

Use an electronic mixer set on medium speed to rotate all components accurately around three minutes until properly emulsified.

Note: Make sure you do not want either blends too much because over-mixing may cause breakdowns and diminishes results!

Step #3: Pour The Emulsion Into Air Tight Bottle/Jar

Some glass jars/bottles have gold lids which are thicker than your regular plastic containers, therefore ensuring that air won’t penetrate through them- these ‘airtight bottles’ should work effectively for preservation purposes!

Transfer your DIY-contained formula without spilling any content into smooth surfaced glass jar by carefully screwing lid forcefully tight so we here prevent harmful bacteria from getting inside (keep them out!)

A Few Lifestyle Tips Along With Your Homemade Cream

1) It’s advisable to wear clothing covering armslegs face while making as dust particle contamination can affect ingredient purity ultimately diminishing effects unknowningly.

2) Always make sure it’s not placed under direct sunlight nor high temperatures happening while storing at home once prepared, hence creating storages area in cool places like cupboard would likely lengthen their shelf-storage life better.

Now it’s time to apply what you just made-treat yourself!
As soon as comfortably possible evenly rub some part(s) onto freshly washed skin. Initially, blushing and slight pain while feeling tingly will become evident but it’s only for a short span so don’t worry (This is where trust comes in, like being on an aeroplane).

In Finalizing:
While everything needs time to materialize into the perfect DIY formula that our skins love and deserve, take comfort in knowing that making glycolic acid cream at home doesn’t have to break your budget. The recipe shared here isn’t too complex, simple execution with attention should help you achieve satisfactory results.

Enjoy watching everyone around you trying to guess what exactly changed their perception of your astonishingly fresh looking skin as no one has this covered now except us! (wink wink)

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