How to make ginger and turmeric drink?

Are you tired of plain water and sugary drinks? Say hello to the perfect herbal concoction! Ginger and turmeric drink is a delicious, refreshing blend that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Not only does it have amazing flavor, but it also has some incredible health benefits with anti-inflammatory properties.


Before we get started on this tasty beverage, let’s walk through what ingredients are required:

  • Fresh ginger
  • Fresh turmeric root (Pretty sure you’ve never seen it )
  • Water
  • Raw honey or maple syrup
  • Lemon juice

Preparing the ingredients

This might come across as disappointing when what you’re looking for is an instant recipe but trust me-it’ll be worth every ounce of effort!

Finding The Roots

Thanks to international trade policies among countries; finding fresh roots (particularly turmeric) can be quite challenging for some people in certain countries. Grocery stores tend not to stock them regularly as they may go bad soon if not purchased.

Pro tip: Visit your local farmers’ market or check out online delivery options from designated stores/host shops selling farm produce.

Cleaning And Peeling

Once these packages inevitably reach your possession, rinse thoroughly under cold running water before scraping off all of its skin using a knife or spoon –be gentle; ensure all dirt chunks are scrubbed off.

It’s easy because both don’t need timing preparation like boiling eggs -just make sure there’s no soil left on Lol.

Making The Extracts

Finally! It’s time to bail out workers in their cubicles or hung-over folks at home by learning how to prepare homemade brews capable of carrying up weighty responsibilities such rejuvenating one’s body energy level!!

Asides being nutritious and healthy than other beverages; this non-alcoholic drink quickens digestion processes which speeds up food metabolism thereby making one stay fit always.

The following are step-by-step processes of making Ginger and Turmeric drink that’s enough for two servings.

  • Slice the ginger into thin pieces (a tablespoonful should do) and peel turmeric root
  • Next, grate the turmeric into shreds with a box grater or food processor. Ensure it’s as smooth as possible.
  • Boil water than pour over these ingredients to let steep like tea for about 10 minutes.
  • Strain out solids using cheesecloth and the juice concentrated product is ready.
    Pro Tip: The longer you allow it to steep, the stronger taste you get

Making The Drink

Now comes the fun part!

Tea Time

Ingredients include:

1 cup of filtered water
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 teaspoons raw honey syrup
1 teaspoon grated ginger
3/4 th teaspoon grated fresh turmeric

Take a small saucepan and mix all ingredients until well combined. Bring to boil under low heat while continuously stirring contents; cover slightly with lid then leave for some seconds until hot but not steam-induced bubbling hot–you wouldn’t want your hands over boiled here.

Pour prepared tea into cups replacing previous plain ol’ drinks henceforth. This blend can be consumed cold also by chilling in fridge after preparation.

Benefits Of Consuming Ginger And Turmeric Drink

Apart from adding love back into your stomach after/or during an unhealthy meals excesses; below are just a few health benefits gotten from consuming this refreshing drink:Also note this aren’t proofs!! consult medical practitioner when experiencing health issues! `

Effervescent Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation has been observed to cause different severe infections apart from its pivotal role in cancer production experts say.. However, gingerol –the active compounds found in gingers have potent anti-inflammatory property that makes them effective against chronic inflammations -that one which doesn’t go away.

Using Turmeric and Gingers together allows both to produce maximum anti-inflammatory effects; study shows that a combination of the two is seven-times more effective in dealing with chronic inflammations than just having one!

Helps Naturally Lower Blood Pressure

Individuals who have consistent blood pressure threats can benefit from regular intake of turmeric and ginger drink. Compounds present in Ginger helps dilate veins thereby allowing unrestricted flows and lowered pressure on blood path- also suggesting its incorporation into meals for those battling vascular conditions.

Antibacterial &Antiviral Properties

The very reason why it’s perfect for preventing catching flu especially during the winters, boosting immune system function – this delicious brew contains antiseptic properties which gives it up-to-date positioning as immunity booster against bacterial attacks 50 shades stronger than your cough syrup guaranteeing no side effect.


I hope this recipe made you excited about trying out new herbal healthy alternatives while considering long term benefits! Stay healthy folksƐnjoy every sip knowing you are not only loving yourself but treating yourself rightfully like royalty – after all, you call Yourself King/Queen!
Please ensure to get yours today.

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