How to make friends when you are socially awkward?

Are you tired of being alone all the time? Do you want to make friends but find it difficult due to social awkwardness? Well, fret not! Making friends might seem daunting at first, but with a little bit of effort and persistence, you’ll soon have a gang of people who appreciate your company.

Understanding Social Awkwardness

First things first – let’s understand what social awkwardness is. It’s basically feeling uncomfortable or nervous in social situations where making connections with others is important.

The Root Cause

Social awkwardness can arise from various reasons like:

  • Insecurities
  • Fear of rejection
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Being introverted by nature
  • Past negative experiences

Signs That You Might Be Socially Awkward

Let’s look into some signs that suggest that someone might be socially awkward.

  1. Lack of eye contact
  2. Difficulty starting and maintaining conversations
  3. Feeling uncomfortable in group settings
  4. Tendency to avoid confrontation even if they are right about something
  5. Struggling for words or overthinking before speaking

If these symptoms sound familiar, don’t worry; we’ve got your back!

Overcoming Social Awkwardness

Now that we understand what causes our shyness let’s discuss how we can overcome it.

Acknowledge Your Feelings:

The best way to deal with anxiety related problems is acceptance rather than suppression or hiding them beneath an artificial veneer of confidence (fake it till you make it, did I hear?). The fact that one feels shy around new people and unknown scenarios should be recognized rather as a healthy response compared to outright overconfidence when presented with unfamiliar spaces where danger lurks behind every corner.

Practice Small Talk:

Small talk sure can feel tedious at times especially for someone who doesn’t see the point in it (guilty party right here!)⁠—but let’s face it friend, small talk is important and critical if you want to make any friends. For all one knows that simple conversation could end up leading to a meaningful friendship or better yet prove advantageous for career prospects.

The key takeaway: It’s essential to keep topics light-hearted vs anything too serious given we’re meeting someone new so steering clear of taboo subjects like politics and religion might be wise!

Find Common Ground:

We understand some people have interests or passions they’re genuinely dedicated towards (I mean, who doesn’t have at least 1?). If one has something they truly are passionate about maybe IT gaming, art music cooking etc., use this as an opportunity to connect with others who share similar hobbies since just imagine how easy it would feel talking about something one already loves doing plus finding someone else who shares that same love? Blissful I say!

What To DO And What To AVOID

A list of what should be done & avoided when trying making new friends.

Things To Do

  • Be Yourself – As Oscar Wilde put it best “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
  • Join Clubs Or Group Activities – from book clubs to martial arts classes
  • Try Online Dating Apps
  • Volunteer At Events
  • Attend Local Meetups

Things To Avoid

  • Oversharing
    When starting a friendship off on the wrong foot–sharing information which is way too intimate can make things awkward fast.

    For example oversharing graphic details may lead your date good ol’ Dave uncomfortable especially during dinner/on first coffee meet-up 🧐.

 Always remember share judiciously until you’ve been able build trust over time."
  1. Creating Negative Vibes Beforehand
    Creating negative vibes by self-criticizing and focusing on past failures can cast a dark shadow that could be hard to shake off. instead of overthinking, trying to get rid of those bad vibes and channelling good ones could lead you towards success.


So there we have it ladies & gents! A few tips for all who’d like some help with making friends despite being apprehensive around new people/ uncomfortable in unknown settings🎉 We hope these points help guide one towards their desired outcome– which is finding the social circle everyone deserves💫