How to make eyebrows look thicker without makeup?

Are your eyebrows too thin? Do you secretly wish for thicker, fuller brows like Cara Delevingne or Emilia Clarke? You’re not alone. Thin eyebrows can be frustrating, but the good news is that there are ways to make them look thicker without using makeup. Here are some tips and tricks:

Eat a Healthy Diet

Believe it or not, what you eat can affect the thickness of your eyebrows. A balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables can help promote hair growth.

Foods for Thick Brows

  • Spinach
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Salmon
  • Eggs

Eating these foods won’t turn you into Rapunzel, but they will provide your body with the nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth.

Massage Your Brows Regularly

Massaging your eyebrows regularly increases blood flow to the area which promotes hair growth.


  1. Use circular motions when massaging
  2. Spend 3 minutes every morning massaging both arches

Massage while doing this – repeating affirmations about thick brows such as “my brows are getting thicker every day”

Castor Oil Is Your Friend

Castor oil is known for its hair-growth-promoting properties and helps essential nutrients penetrate the skin barrier.


  1. Apply castor oil over each brow before bed using a spoolie brush.
  2. Add few drops of rosemary oil to it (rosemary oil stimulates new follicle production by providing adequate oxygenation)
  3. Leave on overnight; rinse in AM

Note: If you have sensitive skin use caution since castor may cause an allergic reaction.

Practice Good Skincare Habits

A high level of sweat buildup makes our pores clogged leading up to excessive sebum production – this leads interrupt free eyebrow (and facial) hair growth.


  • Gently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells that can clog pores
  • Avoid very hot showers_
  • Always keep your eyebrows clean_

Cleanse daily with a gentle cleanser

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water supports healthy hair growth.

Amount of Water:

Drink at least eight glasses (8 oz each) of water every day, and even more in hotter months or if you’re sweating frequently!

This will not only help grow thicker brows but also aids prevent dryness near brow area

Comb Your Brows Regularly

Yes, just like combing your hair helps it look fuller and thicker, combing your eyebrows does the same!

How to Do:

Groom brows regularly using microneedle derma rollers – with this process serum would penetrate more deeply into the follicles leading to better nutrient intakes!

Combing keeps your arches hairs directed upwards instead of lying flat against the skin which makes them look thinner.

Consider Taking Supplements

Sometimes our diets don’t provide us with all the nutrients we need for optimal health, so taking supplements could be beneficial.

Supplements rich in biotin lead up significantly longer eyelashes & voluminous thick full eyebrow appearance.

Good Sources Include:

  1. Nutritional yeast
  2. Eggs
  3. Avocados

But make sure you consult doctor prior since some may cause allergic reactions or other side-effects!

Clean Up Stray Hairs Immediately

Having too many stray hairs around give off an unpolished finishso trim them precising for thicker overall appearance.

Colonely furr away excess brow-hair strands using mini scissors (never shave) and brush upward immediately afterwardsto blend remaining hair seamlessly back into place.

Use Aloe Vera Gel At Nighttime

Aloe vera gel is super hydrating and nourishing to both skin and hair, and consuming it via consumption or topical application proves beneficial for sufficient health gains. Aloe Vera can foster healthy growth eyebrows.

How to Do:

Apply a thin layer of organic aloe vera gel over your brows before bed.

Make sure not only focusing on eyebrow follicle but also filling in the gap between the arches too

Tinting Your Brows

Thick eyebrows are often categorized by density & color – if they’re lighter than you’d want them to be (the Fair’s worst nightmare), tinting could bang their look tenfold!

Tips For Consideration:

  1. Use professional-grade dye with natural ingredients
  2. Choose a shade that is as close to your natural brow color as possible
  3. Apply sparingly; less-is-more rule goes here

Note: Results last 4-6 weeks

Embrace Natural Eyebrow Shape

While you might think an ultra-defined arch looks Sassyy, having thicker brows means embracing natural shape more which comes from styling unruly hairs proportionate way fitting face type.

natural eyebrow

Pro Tip:

use moustache wax/baume to set brow hair popping upwards

Don’t Over-Pluck!

A significant factor of thinning brows is excessively plucking them in the first place! To combat this, give yourself a break and let grow for weeks – this way pencil-thin arches will convert allowing room for managing.

Good Timeframe:

Grow-out duration lasts about six-eight weeks.

During This Time:

manage using microbrush frequently right after cleaning everyday but avoid touch until then!

Use Sunscreen

Yes, neglecting sun protection leads up to photoaged skin which includes loss of collagen & elasticity around eyebrow region leading up those unwanted gaps between your eyebrows.

How To Do:

Apply SPF 30+ sunscreen at minimum daily even if you think sunlight exposure wouldn’t be too long on that day.


Use broad-spectrum protection with UVA/UVB blockage

Groom Your Eyebrows Correctly

Using an old pair of tweezers can lead to problems such as poking holes into our epidermis leaving marks or necessary scarring which could take longer to heal than we expect.


  1. Invest in a good pair of tweezers
  2. Do not overpluck
  3. Take breaks during grooming

If you are struggling, consult with someone knowledgeable or seek assistance from professional

Be Patient

Remember that thick eyebrows are the result of long-term dedication and care – instant gratification is unrealistic which means slow and steady steps as per the above-specified routine!


In conclusion, making your eyebrows look thicker without using makeup is possible through lifestyle adjustments such as maintaining adequate nutrition & hydration intake, regular masaging-cleaning- combing routines augmented by natural products helpful in hair growth promotion like castor oil-aloe vera gel supplemented by medical advice if required due to some medical constraints for effective results! So follow these tips diligently to help foster that bushy face frame you have been wanting for so long!