How to make diarrhea go away fast?

Everybody poops, but nobody likes having an upset stomach. Diarrhea is one of those annoying bodily functions that can stop your day in its tracks. It’s uncomfortable, inconvenient and sometimes even embarrassing. Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives, so let’s not shy away from discussing diarrhea and how to get rid of it quickly.

The Science Behind Diarrhea

Before we dive into the remedies for this condition, let’s first look into why you might be experiencing long-term or substantial release of liquids and solids from your bowels:

Diarrhea is a symptom caused by bacterial infections or viruses that invade the digestive tract muscles; irritable bowel disease (IBD); food intolerances such as lactose intolerance; medications such as antibiotics; artificial sweeteners like sorbitol found in gumdrops & sugar-free candybars among other things -especially drinks- ;not taking enough water resulting inflammation after constipation episodes , among others.

To understand how diarrhea starts off misbehaving within the body system interestingly involves some biological lessons too lengthy for discussion now-the gist however covers 2 main reasons :

  • Motility – The normal course stool takes before expulsion out of the rectum includes being held temporarily by a ring shaped muscle sphincter known as anal canal while contracting waves transport digested foods mainly through intestines to large intestine/colon where water is absorbed up until waste matter reaches rectiytm.
    The rate at which this movement process happens could become unusually high creating less time for digestion leading to flatulence etc culminating eventually with violent general contractions giving birth to what we call Food poisoning-induced diarrhea transmissible through ingestion /contact
    Sometimes motility can get interrupted within itself due conditions ranging panic attacks ,exercise induced frustration or anxiety.

  • Absorption issues – Another plausible scientific explanation I would give about diarrhea is the effect lack of adequate water intake has on stool retention causing irritation or perforated lining along rectal walls.

There are a lot of folk remedies for treating or relieving the symptoms of diarrhea, some which might be effective depending on certain underlying factors. Some could have an instantaneous impact while others require you take some extra precautionary measures to get back into tip top shape . Below we’ll review how you should go about controlling your bowels whilst squelching liquid splatter and avoiding intestinal embarrassment:

Fluids – Hydrate!

The importance of taking fluids in combating dehydration cannot be overemphasized especially when dealing with the after-effects that come as a result of violent bowel movements caused by side effects stress levels, poor diet choices and viruses such as norovirus. Ingesting fluids during this period helps jumpstart recovery efforts because it serves two purposes: First It replenishes lost nutrients like sodium chloride potassium magnesium contained within digestive tract helping form solid stools ,secondly it ensures level electrolytes maintain homeostasis balance preventing recurrent episodes.

Your Go-To Beverages for Diarrhea Treatment

Some excellent options to consider include:
Clear chicken/veggie broths
Electrolyte solutions such as Pedialyte (kids formula) or coconut water

  • Steaming hot mint tea when sipped slowly thwarts food poisoning-induced diarrheas created by bacterial activity from contaminated chilled meals

Refreshing herbal teas can calm down intestines when consumed in moderation although carbonated drinks may cause gas buildup taking more time for digestive organ system processing entirely thereby lengthening treatment & healing period.


Now this point introduced a guide I found illuminating – called the BRAT (Bananas, Rice Apples and Toast) diet. What to eat or not eat during these upset stomach periods can be a bit tricky- Especially if you have no clear guide. Alas look no further because this comprehensive list gives details on which food group items mentioned above falls.


The potassium-rich fruit is also rich in vitamins C and B6; soluble fiber contained within bananas help in normal digestion resisting inflammation culminating excess production of gastric acids.


White rice specifically has ingredients that help solidify loose stools by removing fluid-contained within intestinal walls binding substances thereby forming dense sized bowels .
Brown/red rice grains , whole wheat breads cereals as well other high carb targets exactly opposite effects provoking high secretion fluids such increase chances ailments recurrence.


“An Apple a day keeps diarrhea at bay.” Granny Smith are good options due pectin attribute richness but watch out for too much intake healthy foods like fiber-rich fruits e.g Pineapple mango may worsen symptoms prolonging medication period

### Toast
Slices dried toast can serve as binder retaining easily digestible nutrients starches without churning . Softened rice flour “Khichdi ” and tapioca pudding fall under same category bridging digestive gaps closing them up slowly .

Keep Your Hands Clean

Feces being one of the most potent microbe-carriers driving transfer with ease making frequent washing hands while following proper sanitation protocols important after every incident using hot water soap mandatory especially before meal preparation visiting WashROOMS handling babies etcetera – albeit may sound mundane routines-. The easiest way body flinging foreign pathogens around full force is through skin contact more so when vast amount bacteria already lingers around rear passage area therefore keeping hand sanitizers closeby whilst buzzing about go a long way


That’s it! With these tips found effective either alone or combination-effect promised guarantees that these home remedies would be your go-to guide next time you’re fighting an upset stomach! Maintain sanitized lifestyles and stick to the above mentioned dietary principles for some relief from explosive bowels. Remember Water is key – It’s essential in hydrating the body after electrolytes lost within diarrhea bouts, making fluid consumption vital during treatment period .

Do not hesitate!! Take action and try out any of the Cures listed on this article today!