How to make amla oil at home with amla powder?

Amla oil has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries as a natural remedy for hair and skin care. However, buying this luxurious product can come with a hefty price tag. No worries, we have got you covered! In this article, we will show you how to make your own high-quality amla oil from the comfort of your home using just one ingredient – amla powder.

Get Your Hands on Some Quality Amla Powder

First things first; before making an oopsie daisy out of yourself by making low-quality oil, the most important step is to ensure that you get high-quality amla powder. You would not want to go through all that trouble only to end up ruining your precious locks because of some mediocre-grade powder.
– Head over to any herbal store or health food store nearby.
+ Alternatively, if there are no such stores near your place (uh uh), then online shopping is always available thanks to modern-day technology!
+ Ensure that the label says 100% pure and organic without any additional chemicals.

Other Ingredients Needed

Apart from the crucial ingredient i.e., amal powder which acts as base material (without it there’s no point in making this concoction ), minimal extra ingredients/ materials required include –
+ 1 cup carrier oil e.g., coconut/almond/sesame/etcetera-you pick what suits thee.
Glass jar with lid – (prevents sunlight exposure of mixture).
– Saucepan/bowl –(for heating contents).

//Note: Ratio depends upon consistency desired//

Now huddle around folks while yours’n truly explains how magical home-made amala oils made! And yes I said ‘oils’ since there are various ways one can proceed towards producing mr.incredible results. Not to mention that the following steps are all gonna make that lazing quarantine afternoon much more fun, trust me!

Method 1 – Using Simple Age-Old Extraction Procedure

If you’re up for tradition and want to put your rustic skills in play, take a bowl and mix amla powder with the carrier oil of your choice – add more powdered-gooseberry lest it becomes too thin (consistency) after heating.

After getting done with above –
+ Place this mixture in a saucepan or container.
Add around 2 cups of water.
– Put on low heat.
+ Heat until boil is reached then reduce flame setting; let simmer till excess moisture evaporates entirely leaving behind pungent aroma of easily identifiable amla scent!
Filter out burnt bits & chaff using cloth if any.(In short milk filtered soapless oil)
//Note: Let cool before bottling//

Method 2 – Overnight Infusion

As nighttime hums its symphony under moonlit skies get started on making amala oil without breaking sweat!
Start by mixing one-three spoonsfull- as per need/deftness/particular taste n’ smell preferences)- of perfect-tier Amla Powder along with ‘X’ amount Exquisite Carrier Oil Drop by drop letting same dribble delicately forming velvety constitution (tips fedora while sipping tea). Give thorough whisk.
Stir this mixture regularly overnight; revel in euphoria sure enough next day starts brighter than previous
and what’s better than just having ~perfect~ hair? That time neither glory hole nor someone asking for phone number will matter (just keep stirring).

Method 3 – Heating Extracts:

Now we come down to everyone’s favourite part ???? i.e., showing off our culinary skills by at least pretending like them professionals through heating extracts!
Firstly combine about four ounces of your chosen carrier oil and two ounces of amla powder along with a handful of curry leaves in a widemouthed jar or flask making sure that former is heated up real nice beforehand-.

Then proceed by setting this particular mixture on top flame/bain-marie. Heat till perfection transforms the utter medley into toasty goodness achieving prime shade/colour characteristic of good quality finished-product!
//Note: Don’t let it boil over//

All these methods result in pure unadulterated golden-amla-oil at home! The end product could be used for many things like hair-growth, extenuating dryness etcetera! You should totally give it go especially if you can’t justify paying highpriced brands for hocus-pocus concoctions (which have same damn ingredients anyway)! Hoping this made sense & do share pics we want them pictures guarantee there ain’t no better feeling than validation/hyper engagement online from random people concerning humankind’s combined efforts just to not pay extra money????

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