How to make a prowler?

Are you tired of your mundane life and seeking adventure? Have you always fancied the idea of prowling like a wild cat? Well, look no further. Here is an ultimate guide on how to make yourself a prowler that’ll sweep everyone off their feet!


You might have heard people referring to ‘prowlers’, animalistic beings who possess supernatural abilities often associated with the stealth and cunningly movements of felines. These are not human beings, but an embodiment in progress.

What distinguishes them from other creatures is their agility, speed, and silent movement. However, making one requires skill and attention to detail; thus this article will show you how to make one.

Materials Needed for Making A Prowler

Before setting off with the procedure, there are essential items that need gathering which include:

  • Rubber (for creating pawprints)
  • Latex gloves
  • Body paint
  • Mascara or eyeliner pencil
  • Stealth suit/structure

This equipment can be sourced online at your nearest pet store where probable supplies such as rubber sheets among others can be obtained.

Packs containing these tools should range between $50-$100 depending on quality.

Here’s how we get started in crafting ourselves into fierce sleek animals:

Step One: Lay down two flat-surfaced papers side by side.

The paper surface should be adhesive enough for pairing together without delaminating once they come into contact with one another.

Step Two: Pour latex onto either parchment tray or mixing bowl

While using a lab coat if available pour drops of additional color hues desired optically over its surface area afterward commence subtracting away its excess latexture sample via removing residual air pockets within it.

Step Three: Mix The Latex Sample.

Mix both the referred-to color and original latex substance with careful precision to get an even texture in case of additional characters as stripe patters etc.

Step Four: Apply Latex Paste Onto Desired Body Part

Using your hand or a painting brush softly apply onto your desired body part thoroughly catering for any crevices present. Be steady and precise without twitching during application.

Now wait for it to dry; this will take approximately 5-30 minutes dependently across temperature density dependent areas.

Repeat steps three to four until you are uniformly covered in the complete costume before delicately taking them off.

Three Things You’ll Want To Pay Close Attention To:

1). Wash Your Hands Properly after using gloves due to its toxic nature.

2). Do Not Affix Any Trailing Fabric Like Materials On The Prowler Due To The Risk Given By Prey Grabbing A hold Of It With Ease.

3). Prevent People From Staring Or Taking Pictures While In Costume not only does it demean yourself, but they could also choose to post on social media platforms.

Designing The Perfect Cat Eyes

A prowler cat’s eyes are hard to miss from afar; their yellowish day-glow pupils enhanced by black & white irregular shapes surrounding the area provides one with ultimate clarity compared too regular humans. Here is how we create that:

Step One: Pour White Mascara Onto An Eyeliner Brush Alternative

Ensure mascara acquires proper placement avoiding spoiling clothing threads or backgrounds prone in getting messy when spilling occurs resulting from clumsiness.

Step Two: Create Dashes Forming Ellipses At& Near Inner Corner

Ensure being responsible enough putting an effort where reasonable enough wearing a cloak whilst splattering marscara around eye region daring might lead towards sore eye conditions…

Waiting for each layer buildup entirely compleating itself assisting outer shape designs having symmetry tying everything together crossing fingers having one heck of a prowler eye look.

More Tips You Can Employ Aiding The Process

  1. Hold Your Breaths While Applying Mascara: Allowing for stable hand applications too take place gracefully without the need to redo.

  2. Cover Less Area Than Required And Slowly Build Up The Shape: Avoid spoiling finished parts by accidentally touching them with a fresh coat from the brush tips.

  3. Use Different Bright Colors To Enhance Look Provision

Ensure beyond everything else, maintaining simplicity on your designs which will ensure it looks realistic in capturing an almost exact cat eye appearance.

Create Your Prowl!

It isn’t just about looking there but acting like that magnificent animal creature once you’ve got all dressed up beautifully:

Tense Muscle Toward Waist Region
Make Sharp moves In Direction Desired
Act Like An Animal
Keep Balance Right

Remember that prowlers are instinctive creatures who rely solely upon their senses when hunting & concealment purposes out among other species.

Therefore using soft movements and sounds mimicking this fascinating beast could be useful making sure you get distinguished while out in public even within ordinary day-to-day activities!

Being a wildcat may not be entirely possible but crafting oneself into one is definitely achievable!

The guide above shows essential facets pivotal in constructing oneself as this feared two-footed character people often fantasize about seeing or bumping shoulders with at some time during their lifetime.

So why wait any longer? Acquire these requirements today and start delving deep into the world of creating mesmerizing feline beings!

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