How to make a narcissist leave you?

Want to get rid of that narcissistic person in your life? Here are some hilarious tips to help you out!

Narcissists can be fun at first, with their charming personalities and excessive compliments. But over time, they can become overwhelmingly self-centered and negative influences on our lives. If you’ve finally had enough, here’s how you make a narcissist leave.

Recognizing the Signs of Narcissism

Before we get started with methods to eliminate a narcissist from your life, it’s important to know what exactly constitutes as “narcissism”. Here are some signs:

  1. They have an inflated sense of importance.
  2. They constantly boast about their achievements.
  3. They lack empathy for others.
  4. They act entitled and expect special treatment.
  5. They belittle or criticize others often.
  6. Their relationships tend to be one-way streets.

If these traits sound familiar, then congratulations – you’ve got yourself a bonafide narc on your hands!

Ignore Them

One way to deal with a narcissist is simply by ignoring them altogether! Nothing hurts their delicate ego more than being ignored.

  • Don’t respond when they message/call/try to engage in conversation/etc…
  • If they try talking directly towards you don’t answer at all until they go away

A silent approach sends them into chaos because it devalues them without giving any feedback.)

It might take some effort not responding initially but as time goes on it’ll begin bothering them too much for continue pressing so eventually they’ll stop trying

Play Hard-to-Get (the EXTREME version)

In case the ignoring-factor doesn’t seem effective enough –which usually happens–, give extreme hard-to-get techniques ago!

Make up excuses:

For example:
Tell him/her that mom’s birthday party will require dozens of cooking hours of you and leaves no free time for days
Say it’s yoga class at 7 a.m every morning now, so breakfast meetings are not an option.

Or be honest:
Tell them and play the bad crazy ex-girlfriend voice. Give this radical approach a go if nothing else has worked before.

The Reverse Psychology Approach

Narcissists love to feel exclusive and most importantly superior. So the reverse psychology approach might work as well in that case by making him/her feel unimportant.

How-to-dos! :
– Act disinterested when narcissist talks about dominating achievements etc…
– Dominantly talk about your own interests; i.e: make yourself seem like self-absorbed person

Belittling them sometimes also helps but we don’t promote bad behaviours do we?

Put Your Guardian Angel Messenger between You & Narcy-poo!

In other words, create some distance – with auto-replies!

Set up your phone/ email address for automatic replies wherever possible. Most smartphones have options to send automated responses these days (‘away from office’ mode) , which will politely inform your unwanted admirer of both your absence –and distractibility-, while stating when you will get back.

This method won’t push them away right there and then but provides groundwork for obsession fading out gradually over time!

Be Kind (sorta)

Let me explain.

If they offer something nice or even compliment on something without anything expected in return, show gratitude…But keep it minimal:

For example:
“Nah my new sport shoes aren’t as fancy as yours”

It calms their ego down -temporarily though-. As avoiding any direct contact is not always possible being polite still accessible!

By repeating some hint of appreciation every once in awhile narc begins noticing how little reaction his attempts bring forth hence getting gradually discouraged.

Remember though : too many compliments mean screwing up big time!

‘What?’-Introduction Requires Explanation, Sorry

Adoration of Narcissists correlates with their imaginary high status in the world. To prevent reducing your worthiness to mere dirt they need to know that you are not completely surrendered by their charm and glory.

The most effective way (also might be an insolent one — use responsibly!) is responding back” What? “, after every simple statement this person makes!

It sounds absurd, but ridiculous criticism gives them feedback about lack of people deifying them left 😉

By combining all these approaches above the target aims to make narcissist bored with attempts on contact making him/her feel unimportant, unworthy; eventually resulting in disinterest and departure!

Wise men once said:’out of sight-out of mind’ so does it apply here too!

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