How to lower your fever?

Are you feeling hot, sweaty, and downright miserable? Is your temperature skyrocketing like a rocket ship headed straight for the sun? Fear not, my friend! With these easy tips and tricks, you’ll be able to lower your fever faster than you can say “achoo!” So grab a tissue and let’s get started.

First Things First: What is a Fever?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of how to lower your body temperature, let’s take a moment to talk about what exactly a fever is. Essentially,a fever is defined as an increase in body temperature above its normal range (which for most adults falls between 97-99 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s usually a sign that something isn’t quite right in your body – perhaps you’ve been infected by bacteria or viruses, suffered trauma or undergone surgery.

But fear not! Fevers are actually helpful mechanisms that signal our immune system to fight off invaders, which means they’re part of the natural healing process rather than just an unwelcome symptom.

However, if your fever gets too high or persists for too long (we’re talking over 101°F for more than three days), it’s time to call up Dr. McDreamy or pay visit urgent care pronto!

So without further ado, here are some practical steps that anyone suffering from elevated temperatures should follow:

Step One: Hydration Station

The first thing on every listicle regarding lowering fevers always talks about drinking fluids…BUT this one will surprise ya! Not only do fluids help rehydrate us when we flush out all those toxins through sweat but did you know certain beverages can serve as superfoods?

Here are some drinks whose cool cred will bring down that number on the thermometer graph.

  1. Lemonade with honey: This home remedy sounds like arm-flailing desperation but it’s also a calming classic. Not only does the acidic citrus from the lemon give it an anti-inflammatory profile, but honey is lauded for its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties!

  2. Bone Broth Soup: It’s like chicken soup for your soul…and immune system! This savory staple owes a lot of its restorative cred to glucosamine and other healing amino acids that rebuild gut lining, promoting digestion while encouraging immunity in other areas.

  3. Mint tea with ginger root: In addition to being recognizable yet refreshing duo garnish green smoothies everywhere, these herbs are both awesome as teas when you’re fighting off fevers! Ginger has been used traditionally for nasal congestion issues while mint has documented antiviral qualities.

  4. Popsicles with electrolyte powders: Yes you read right- adding Snoballs crystals inside the popsicle oozing down our chins will hydrate us PLUS replenish those much-needed nutrients we’ve been excreting out!

Step Two: Cold Compresses

Next up on our list of fever-fighting tips is one that’s as old school as Old Spice cologne: cold compresses! Whether you’re using a cool washcloth or some fancy shmancy gel packs (but why bother?), applying something chilly against your skin can help bring down body temperature fast.

If possible, start by taking measure at home first by purchasing instant-read digital thermometers instead of relying just on touchy-feely assessments that leave too much room for error under high-pressure situations (like feeling unwell).

How do I apply those cooling methods more specifically? Here’s how:

  1. Damp cloth soaks – First wet a paper towel/cloth soak in cold water then wring it dry before placing over forehead/neck/chest/back
  2. Cool Baths – Fill tub halfway with lukewarm water (+/-5 degree difference) and then rest arms/legs on inside while lying back for 10-15 minutes per time.
  3. Gel Packs – Slide fancy shmancy ice together with alcohol/water packets into mini-pool and lay there until gel forms, take a nice book with you and cool off while getting lost in papercraft!

The best part? Harking back to childhood recalling that old trusty tradition of trying to disappear under blankets at the slightest fever sign- now picture instead wrapping yourself liberally around swaths of comforters or other cozy bedding. You want something soft, soothing and snug that won’t tug or pull on any sensitive areas.

Step Three: Rest is Key

This one might come as no surprise but we’re still going to spell it out! Getting sufficient amounts of sleep each night is critical when healing from anything, including fevers.

That said grabbing an extra nap throughout the day might sound good too— after all who doesn’t like a free pass excepting R&R? However some people feel sleeping longer than necessary during normal business hours leaves them feeling groggy rather than refreshed which makes matters worse – so be sure to find balance by sticking with regular routines if possible!

In addition make sure you’re giving your tired physique everything it needs nutritionally: fresh fruits and vegetables (aim for “high water” varieties such as oranges limes bananas apples different types depending what diets or farmers markets available), lean meats/fish/poultry, healthy monounsaturated fats like avocados or nuts/seeds , plus nutrient-dense whole grains fill up plates each mealtime without adding unnecessary heaviness.

As long as all layers are comfortable enough wearing PJs can actually add charm…to a web presentation filled with quips about staying healthy despite otherwise unpleasant circumstances! So cue pajama bottoms, Netflix binges galore alongside soothing music playlists wailing out power ballads oh how much of a sick day treat!

Although having high fever can be extremely frustrating and make even the simplest task feel like such an uphill battle, it’s important to remember that:

  • Fevers are our body’s way of fighting off infections
  • Drinking fluids (some surprising!) is key for lowering fever
  • Cold compresses help bring down temperatures fast
  • Rest is critical to ensuring quick recovery

With these tips in mind, you’ll be back on your feet (or couch) and feeling better in no time! Remember— just because being sick isn’t fun doesn’t mean we can’t laugh about those imperfections with proper self-care regimens. So keep sipping those refreshing mint teas while watching funny YouTube videos at home until brighter days come yearningly around again!

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