How to lose 50 kg in 6 months?

Are you tired of carrying around extra weight? Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin? Ready to make a change but not sure how? Worry no more, because we’ve got the ultimate guide to help you lose 50 kg in just 6 months! Yes, it’s possible and we’re gonna show you how.

First things first: Why do you want to lose weight?

Before we dive into the tips and tricks for losing those extra kilos, let’s define why exactly you’d like to do so. Is it for health reasons? A sense of achievement? Fitting back into an old pair of jeans from high school? Whatever the reason may be – write it down/paint a picture/record it as audio message/etc. Keep hold of that motivation throughout your journey!

Develop better eating habits

As they say ‘You are what you eat’. So if you’re looking at transforming yourself drastically by losing a significant amount of weight – this is where the tougher part begins! Here are few things which need your attention:

Counting calories

Weight loss is all about calorie intake versus expending that energy through exercise and daily activity levels. Use one (or multiple) apps to keep track on what goes in – Helps avoid unhealthy choices / Overeating & also assists with meal planning.

Drink water or herbal tea before meals

This simple trick will suppress your appetite resulting in consuming lesser food quantity overall.`”It’s like being full before even starting dessert!!”

Eating fiber rich foods

Fiber keeps us feeling fuller longer periods hence reducing overall food consumption aiding towards calorie management

Planning Meals ahead

One can reduce reaching out for fast-food/nonsense snacks created due hunger pangs when something healthy has already been prepped up

Smaller portion sizes

Switching over gradual reduction on portion sizes makes the body adapt to it resulting in lesser food consumption over time without feeling like missing out

Ditching sugary and processed foods

Fast foods, pastries, soft drinks etc all fall under these categories. Better substitutes likes home made mocktails with stevia do exist if one’s keen on having some sugar fix.

Incorporate regular exercise

‘Move more’ is half of weight loss secret! Exercise not only helps expend energy but also helps activate metabolism & assist towards better mental health while on this journey. Here are few tips:

Start small and increase gradually

It’s never to late for habbit formation & good habits last forever even when the goal has been achieved – Consistent slow progress is key!

Choose fun activities/hobbies that involve moving around

This can range from dancing to gardening or main form of sport you enjoy playing regularly. The goal here is by incorporating an activity as such that feels less stagnant & boring compared to following gym routines itself.

Mix up your workout routine

Monotony can be killer at times hence a variety into regime makes it challenging as well enables overall activation of different muscle groups

Weights training along with Cardiovascular exercises

Both are important – Strength training preserves existing lean muscle mass – which aids towards higher metabolic resting rate – On other hand cardiovascular exercises help burn excess fat tissue beyond cutting down ones’ heart rate

Consulting qualified Dietician / Nutritionists who could assess personal needs& provide customised strategies does make quantifiable difference in short span of time

Stress eating happens amongst all ages due plenty reasons including overcommitment/competitiveness/deadlines/etc – Its effects contribute slower matabolism hindering weigh loss processess thus methods unwinding during stressful period plays pivotal role.
Few practices which i personally make use of:


Meditation serves as a mindfulness excercise, which helps in keeping your mind off from stressors allowing better control towards overall individual’s well-being.

Sound Sleep

Lack of sleep triggers release of cortisol hormone , where it would increase over all weight gain. To tackle this sleeping 7-9 hours daily ensures bodily functions are regulated

It is important to note that the tricks and tips listed above may not only aid for Best practices but also ensure healthy consumption through out without necessarly compromising on mental well being – As they saying goes Slow & Steady wins the Race!

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