How to lose 30 kg weight in 3 months?

Losing weight is a serious business and should be treated as such – or so people believe. But what if I told you that losing those extra pounds could also be fun? Sounds absurd, right? Well, trust me when I say this – it’s not all needles and negativity.

Step One: Embrace the Journey

Before diving into any tips and tricks to lose weight, we need to discuss the elephant in the room; no puns intended! The first step towards shedding away those unflattering layers of fat is embracing how far you’ve come instead of inspiring yourself with negative self-talk. Believe that you can do it!

Reiterating your Goals

Losing thirty kilograms (66 lbs) in three months might seem impossible; however, have faith because nothing matches someone who has set their mind on something they profoundly desire. So hold tight onto your goal(s) throughout the ride.

Cut Down Your Caloric Intake

For starters, cut off any surplus food from your meals for speedy results instead of just eating less than usual portions blindly. You must consider portion control by weighing out each meal on a scale to ensure proportionate serving sizes.


  • Reduce dairy intake as much as possible
  • Avoid junk foods like cake,biscuits,chocolates
  • Stick solely with water consumption
  • Swap oil-based-dressings for lemon juice
    • Trust us; it works wonders [^1].

Even though food cravings are at its peak during dieting journeys there several ways people trying to shed some kilos cope with sugar addiction without giving up sweets over time which includes:-

alt text

Snack Sugar Content(g)
A bar of chocolate 50
Dried Dates 20
Popcorn without sugar coating 3

Put In The Effort

Any fitness or weight loss journey requires vast amounts of dedication, hard work, and patience. And remember; there are no shortcuts to putting in the work.

Exercise Comes First

Try to engage in at least one hour of exercise per day such as :-

  • Going for a walk around your city
  • Practicing yoga or pilates with online sessions
    • Check out @Blogilates on Youtube
  • Or hitting the gym every other day

As long as you remain active, it’s easier to lose weight.

Sleep Matters

It’d be best if you got between six-eight hours of sleep each night since sleeping contributes significantly towards weight-loss. Irregular sleeping patterns can impact how our body metabolizes food leading people to make poor meal decisions that negatively affect their daily calorie intake routines. ^ [2]

Don’t forget about getting enough rest!

Knowing when Enough is Enough

While striving intensely towards any goals sometimes we tend only focus solely on results outcomes obsessing over those before after pictures looking at others’progress frankly speaking comparison has its downsides which might often result in an unhealthy mindset leaving us feeling so frustrated causing them just to give up altogether well folks don’t do what everyone else is doing just set individual targets adjust along the way continuously trying recognising progress done so far then trust me say bye-bye fat and helló health!