How to lose 18 kg in 2 months?

Are you tired of squeezing into your jeans every morning? Do you miss wearing cute crop tops and tight dresses? Well, worry no more because I’m here with the ultimate guide on how to lose 18 kg in just two months!

Losing weight can be a daunting task for many, but it doesn’t have to be boring. In this article, I’ll provide you with some funny yet practical tips that will help shed those extra pounds.

Plan Your Meals Ahead

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! This statement is too cliché, excuse me while I take a nap (just kidding!). Planning your meals ahead is one of the essential steps towards successful weight loss. You should know what to eat and when by preparing a meal schedule at least a week before starting your journey.

You can also practice intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast or dinner alternatively. However, ensure not overeating during non-fasting periods; otherwise, it defeats the purpose.

Shop Wisely and Be Mindful of Calories

Next time you’re grocery shopping make sure only to buy necessary items such as meat products that are rich in protein like chicken breast,turkey,chicken thighs etc.. Avoid impulse buying junk food and snacks because they won’t do any good except increasing calorie intake which is counterproductive.

Make smart choices when purchasing beverages! Sugar-free drinks like coconut water ,tea,milk substitutes such soya milk really helps . High sugar content spiked fizzy drinks leads straight down calorie road …avoid .

A great tip would be using apps like myFitnessPal or even taking pictures of meals consumed daily which serve as constant reminders .

Eat More Veggies And Less Carbs

Replace carbs fuled foods e.g pizza 🍕,burgers🍔- fast food & fried stuff with vegetables 🥒🥕🫑 Take broccoli 🥦, asparagus etc,. They are super rich in fiber plus they help promote smooth digestion. Veggies like beetroot is great too , it tastes amazing shredded over salads

Get Active

It’s a crying shame that all you do daily is sit and lie down! To lose weight effectively, getting up and moving around would be fantastic for optimal benefits e.g Walking 10k steps daily & jogging for at least 30minutes will surely speed up the process.

Do something adventurous or fun with friends outdoors that involve physical activity to avoid being bored. If you take pleasure in bouncing on trampolines then book an indoor trampoline park session now!

Stay Hydrated

Drink more H2O – its inevitable ! Drinking water not only keeps us hydrated but also boosts absorption of supplements,vitamins.Helps keep clear skin among other things .

Let’s put together some common quick ways of succeeding faster :

-increase protein intake- Eating white meat products such as chicken breast,Turkey etc…alternatively eggs, beans(legume),and whole grains like brown rice .
-Reduce calorie intake from drinks/sodas/fizzy beverages
-Replace unhealthy foods with vegetables (leafy green& crunchy)

If your forgetful
Investing into a high quality refillable bottle helps to create incentives to stay hydrated every few hours.

Stop indulging in alcohol consumption if possible because it contains calories – this may hinder progress towards achieving fitness goals drastically .

Sleep Well and Avoid Stress

In case you didn’t know, lack of sleep tends to increase appetite cravings especially sweets,resulting in increased sugar levels which lead pretty much straight back into carb centric meal plans leading to lots fats …Yuck!

Stress eating compounds things further so practice less stressful activities such as meditation which will aid in better sleep, mindfulness and relaxation.

Seek An Accountability Partner

Find a like-minded friend or family member to share your weight-loss journey with! It’s great having someone who encourages progress and highlights the positivity even when you feel down. Make it fun by creating challenges together while sharing tips along the way!

Undergo Body-Specific Treatment

Sometimes our bodies encounter medical problems that cause weight gain. If you tried different techniques without much success ,seek out professional help at a specialist’s clinic for an opinion on underlying causes that could be affecting your metabolism .

There are many safe,effective strategies practiced today ,such as Laser Lipo Therapy,Vaser Liposuction,Botox methods which target specific areas.

Patience Is Key

Rome was not built in a day so neither is achieving fitness goals; patience is critical through the process.

Lastly remember wellness isn’t only about being attractive most importantly its key towards avoiding diseases associated obesity e.g diabetes type two . Stick with these guidelines,introduce healthy habits,reap long-lasting results and make this entire transformation something to laugh about later … believe me “it gets better!”

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