How to loosen up in a relationship?

Relationships can be hard. They take work, dedication, willingness to communicate, and courage. But most importantly of all, relationships require that you learn how to loosen up!

If you feel like your relationship has been tense or stagnant lately, this article is for you! In this guide we’re going to break down exactly what it takes to loosen up in a relationship so that you can both enjoy yourselves more fully.

1. Realize That You’re Two Separate People

This might come as something of a shocker but…you are not your partner’s appendage (not unless they’ve had some really wild surgery). This means that there will absolutely be times when the two of you don’t see eye-to-eye or even want different things.

You do not need permission from your significant other:

  • To have actual hobbies beyond “Netflix & Chill”
  • To socialize with people other than them
  • To wear clothing that they may not like

Understanding each others’ needs will help build trust which goes a long way towards combatting any sort of clenchable anxiety one might experience while trying too hard in their current romantic situation.

2. Relax Your Grip on Control

Controlling tendencies tend only add extra pressure where none is needed including suffocating another person’s agency within the realms of said relation-filing-cabinets-and-sex-partner as well inhibiting healthy communication frequently regarding certain sequences of life events usually involving food distribution patterns.

Remembering those detachable parts from step one should inherently help alleviate such compulsions but heed caution: transformational personal projects are about ownership over yourself alone – free expression outside oneself still exists.

We guarantee at least one thing falls apart when someone tries holding onto every little aspect continuously concerning their lover whether embodied through texts/calls/updates faxed directly into brain waves.

3. Find Your Inner Child

Take a lesson from children and embrace the concept of being “in the moment”. Kids don’t have to worry about things like rent or bills. Instead, they focus on having fun and enjoying everything in life around them.

Spend some time each day doing something enjoyable that you might not normally do as an adult. Maybe it’s playing with action figures or coloring books, riding your bike without thinking ahead (because how did any of us ever get through middle school?), swinging at a playground or skipping in circles shouting “I’m so happy!”

The point is to find joy wherever you can and let go of mental barriers imaging interactions forever doomed if one doesn’t text back within half an hour while seeing you down by the docks for date night.

4. Prioritize Self-Care

We all know what stress does to our bodies—muscles tense up, heart rate increases—so taking care of ourselves mentally/physically should be near top priority list especially in connection with another person who may impact us heavily, positively (!) but also otherwise creating tensions galore e.g:

  • Go for regular walks
  • Take relaxing baths / showers
  • Spend quiet moments reading / journaling
  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat healthy(ish) foods often!

Basically prioritizing ‘you’ makes space for well-being even during conflict times which means relationship self-care =/= selfishness given everyone benefits neutrally when two people enter into a partnership where both participants are stable-or-functional ie willing to invest themselves without resentment towed along afterwards kicking footballs haphazardly skyward because now small fractures crawl throughout emotions otherwise blind-spotted completely …canon-tedies always included necks wrenched telekinetically cough.

Our word count says we still need more characters though…so let’s add those numbers with a table!

Regular walks
Relaxing baths / showers
Quiet moments reading / journaling
Getting enough sleep
Eating healthy(ish) foods often!


5. Have Your Own Thing

Given new relationship energy & couples finding themselves “in love blushes” it’s natural to spend tons of time together while forgetting how crucial personal activity is said quality duration.

Having your own interests/hobbies as we may have mentioned before not only give each person chance breath (potential of suffocation dropped significantly!) but they ensure both parties stay individuated with a sense of self.

By having your own life outside the confines shared between partner means you gain perspective on how incredibly essential teamwork communication really is oh and also you’ll never run out things to chat about; imagine coming back from horseback riding trips telling stories over chocolatey drinks by fireplace, knowing laughter ringing through home like welcome bell inviting warmth any second now…Haaahhh relaxation goals.

6. Talk It Out

Talking through whatever’s causing discomfort is one guaranteed way to ease those tensions – verbalizing our insecurities can mean some serious healing taking place even though within intimate interrelated dynamics risks reward type situations depend heavily lens-applied moreover worst case scenarios dim whenever an open line dialogue exists capable reaching different outcomes than if talking wasn’t happening at all.
Mediation can help balance scales regardless greater change or not while giving people space understand what’s beyond their current perception bounds n helping enact desired changes …tenacious style depending individual plus side: maybe works for sorting actual socks too yay!

Recap – Let Loose To Keep Close

It can be hard letting go of tight control mechanisms especially when missing a key piece towards setting foundation around push-pull needs in human relationships ie less uncertainty/better understanding where other lies within multi-faceted bonds (be they romantic, friendly or familial).

But when we loosen our grip and learn to enjoy life’s moments together it can add a freshness to even the most longstanding of connections. Remembering self-care matters promotes stability of base between two individuals willingly walking towards common goals/nourishing memories waiting quietly round corners tempting smiles into place whether accompanied or alone.

There you have it! Six ways to help loosen up in your relationship that will hopefully work for you.

AFTER all there’s no better time for solo rebranding slash occasional couple massages 😉 just finding what makes us tick offering more color than previously imagined-no clashing polka dots allowed more laughter ensues.