How to loosen impacted feces?

Are you feeling weighed down and constipated? Do you feel like there’s a brick inside you that just won’t budge? You might be dealing with impacted feces. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. In this article, we’ll share some easy ways to loosen things up and get your system back on track.

Why Does Impacted Feces Happen?

Before we get into how to fix the problem, let’s talk about why it happens in the first place. There are lots of factors that can lead to constipation and impacted feces including:

  • Not drinking enough water
  • A low fiber diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Holding in bowel movements too long (yes, we know sometimes public restrooms can be scary)
  • Certain medications or medical conditions

If any of these sound familiar than chances are good that you’re dealing with a case of backed-up bowels.

What Are The Risks Of Ignoring It?

Now before you start joking around with your friends about who has had bigger backups, let’s understand what kind of risks come with ignoring severe cases|> such as losing weight all at once, impaction infections which would require surgery or therapies which sounds expensive, rupture/damage within intestinal tract etc.

How To Tell If You Have Impacted Feces

Not sure if “it” is actually worse than carrying around extra fluff from toilet paper stuck in folds? Here are some signs that may indicate an issue:

  1. Bloated feeling especially after eating excess amount food /liquids.
  2. Difficulty passing stool accompanied by stress/pain/straining efforts.
  3. Small hard pellet-like poop instead solid ones showing irregularity in stool formation pattern on daily basis.
  4. Excessive flatulence without proper launch plan causing embarrassment wherever taken along (nothing like a good old farting party…attended only by you).

Easy Ways to Loosen Impacted Feces

Now for the main event: how to loosen things up and get your system moving again. These are some easy remedies which will hopefully resolve issues without making panic calls:

Drink Plenty of Water and Fluids

It’s essential that all humans drink plenty of liquid, at least we’re not talking about sulfurous acid here, so hurray! Just guzzle liquids down especially water but tea or juice can be used too as they aid in passing fecal matter through intestines easier than dry tissues.

Increase Fiber In Your Diet

Eating fiber-rich fruits/veggies/cereals etc acts as a pipe cleaner for our gut (after all being blocked isn’t really fun) and helps bulk-up stools making their removal from intestines smoother.

Exercise More Often

By Sitting on your behind majority of the day you make things worse (oops)… How many times did Mom tell us this huh? Moving around whenever possible is more beneficial to help waste exit out +it’s a great reason skip going green at chem class.

Natural Remedies To The Rescue!

If above methods don’t work or using them doesn’t fit into schedule then consider trying naturally available mixtures such as consuming coffee(has laxative properties), eating flax seeds(grind before use) ,drinking Aloe Vera eaten fresh(preferably mixed with something else since it tastes horrid alone).

Over-The-Counter Medications May Help, OR…May Make Things Worse(so Beware!)

Some people rush towards OTC pills when nothing works but remember that even medications have side effects &contraindications, Plus certain groups cannot use these easily such as heart patients due worsening situation. So always watch-out
before jumping blindly onto medicated bandwagon.

Commonly Used OTC Medications

  • Laxatives such as Polyethylene Glycol, Magnesium Citrate or even natural laxative plant supplement like Psyllium fibers.
  • Stool softeners with docusate sodium (do not choose if you think you might be allergic to it)
  • Enemas come handy for rapid relief but one has to do careful read before purchasing otherwise wrong type may cause injury
    (check ingredients of well-known enema brands +don’t hesitate asking questions anytime)

If taking OTC pills can’t save the day(or night) then preferably consult a licensed professional.

Tips for Prevention

To keep things flowing smoothly ongoing daily gut health is important after all aren’t we tired too of carrying around all that ‘crap’ in our systems? These tips will reduce chances of catatonia:

  1. Drink enough fluids throughout the day.
  2. Make sure exercise is incorporated into routine
  3. Eating fiber-rich foods everyday (exceptions made on cheat days yay!)
  4. Respond as soon as possible when nature calls,( no holding back needed adult diapers are marketable nowadays).
  5. Maintain regular check-ups and what’s common knowledge gets reiterated here – seeing your doctor regularly ensures healthy(really!)guts!

Bonus Joke Time

Just kidding…the poop doesn’t need any more attention than it’s already getting! 😉

Alright (really), now that you have some knowledge on how to loosen impacted feces there’s no reason to stay plugged up(as opposed to staying hip). Don’t hesitate using these tricks whenever needed!

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