How to live with a selfish person?

We all have that one infuriatingly selfish friend or family member in our lives who seems to care only about themselves. They never take others into consideration and are always putting their needs above everyone else’s. But what if you can’t just cut them out of your life? What if you’re stuck living with a self-centered monster who drains the energy out of you each day? Fear not, my friend! Here are some tips on how to survive sharing space with an egotistical weasel.

Understand the root cause

First things first – it is essential to understand why someone is selfish. It could be due to their upbringing, where they were taught that self-preservation was far more important than anything else in life. Or maybe their experiences thus far has made them believe that being narcissistic is the key to survival in this competitive world. Whatever may be the reason behind such behaviour, try understanding them and see things from their perspective.

Talk it out without hurting feelings

It might seem like an impossible task, but communicating your feelings candidly and respectfully helps reduce tensions significantly(but don’t get too excited yet). Sit down and tell them explicitly how their actions affect you(hopefully they’ll actually listen). Put everything on the table so that there isn’t any room for hurtful misunderstandings later on(they’ll still find a way somehow).

  • Do’s:
  • Use “I” statements instead of accusatory “you”.
  • Let go off tempers during conversations.
  • Acknowledge when they do something good.
  • Don’ts:
  • call names
  • raise voices
  • accuse falsely

Lead by example

When dealing with someone who puts themselves ahead of everyone else all time (like no exceptions)it takes a lot— patience,senseless acts of kindness,and resist throwing things at them. Show them how you would like to be treated, either by carrying out acts of kindness towards them or others around them. And also make sure they notice, otherwise it’s pointless.

Set Ground Rules

While leading by example works in most cases (hopefully), it might not always bring about the change you need.So establish boundaries and ground rules right from the start so that bothersome selfish acts don’t happen again(regardless if they actually follow through). Make a list of things that aren’t acceptable behavior(let’s hope their tiny squirrel brain can keep up).

1. Respect Privacy

Just because both of us live together doesn’t mean privacy goes for a toss! So respecting each other’s personal space is key – no more snooping on texts and diary entries, please.

2. Share Resources

It could range from sharing bills equally to dividing house chores; whatever it may be ensure everything is divided fairly(from washing dishes properly without streaks to turning off lights when not needed).

  • Do’s:
  • Fix up a monthly saving plan for expenses.
  • Have clear roles distribution when it comes to household work
  • Don’ts:
    • Allow one person with sole decision making power

Pick Your Battles

Living with someone who constantly puts themselves first can wear down even the toughest out there (True story!).So while setting ground rules keeps The Crazy under check,next step involves picking your battles carefully(such as not engaging in passive-aggressive conversations) where gender-neutral pronouns are used repeatedly just enough until they get annoyed .

Keep Things Light-hearted

All seriousness aside[smh..people these days!] try taking some time off everyday busy schedule and break into light banter(teasing helps too)[they might hate you but next day guaranteed there will still be coffee]or do something stupid,crazy,maybe borderline funny.(just choose wisely)


Living with a selfish person can be challenging. They may drive you nuts at times, but making efforts to understand them while setting boundaries helps (copy-pasting memes in middle of conversation sometimes does the trick) . All you need is patience and a tough heart(tongue will also do). Communicate clearly and often when required(they’ll still try overrule ya tho!).Remember that it’s their actions (or lack thereof) that say more about themselves than what they say or think about us.[what else can there be said!]