How to know you re out of shape?

As human beings, one of the things that make us unique is our ability to move, sweat and exercise. However, as we go through different stages of life such as working for long hours or just being sedentary creatures who prefer resting over exercising, it might be tricky to keep up an active lifestyle.

Getting out of shape can happen suddenly or gradually without us even realizing what’s going on. But worry not! I’m here to help you identify if you are indeed out of shape and give some tips on how to get back into shape.

Signs that indicate you might be out of shape

Difficulty walking

Walking should come naturally for most people since it’s part of our daily routine. If walking becomes a difficult task and every step feels like climbing Mount Everest, then maybe it’s time for some physical activity.

Slow reflexes

There are several factors behind slow reflexes – age being one factor; however, other aspects could contribute as well. If your reaction times have become sluggish lately then this may be a sign that your physical fitness has deteriorated.

Winded after basic activities

Breathing is essential when exercising because oxygen fuels cells and helps muscles recover after a workout. Being winded after simple tasks such as random errands or struggling while climbing up stairs could signal poor health status.

The need for frequent rests during workouts

It’s important to listen closely when our bodies tell us we need a break but needing constant stops during exercise sessions due intense fatigue suggests suboptimal endurance levels & poor cardiovascular health!

Unexplained weight gain/muscle loss

Excessive weight gain often highlights the presence unhealthy habits in ones lifestyle which further affirms low fitness levels.. It shares similarity with muscle loss where lack physical activity results muscles decreasing overtime – not good at all!

Causes Of Being Out Of Shape (Many Are Really Unavoidable)

Sedentary lifestyle

When leading a sedentary lifestyle, we engage in limited physical activity which causes the body to become lazy and out of shape in no time! Constantly sitting for hours without moving is a sure fire way to carelessly slip into poor health.

Poor diet choices & habits

What you consume greatly impacts your fitness levels too. Constant consumption of junk food/soda or not meeting caloric requirements could lead to weight gain & further leads ones decline in overall health.

Sleep schedule mismanagement

An essential aspect disregarded by many is sleep: proper volumes ranging from 8-10 hours can limit the occurrence of obesity-related cases by providing adequate restoration periods/reducing impact on our metabolism whilst refocusing towards healthy eating/exercising practices daily

Steps to get back into shape

  1. Engage yourself with regular physical exercise – it’s crucial!
  2. Maintain a balanced diet that suffices your nutritional needs.
  3. Understand triggers that make you frequent unhealthy foods/beverages– dispense all such ‘food items’ gradually
    4 .Cutting down on alcohol/smoking – these substances are known to inhibit one’s quality of life/serve as deal breakers responsible for steady declines in overall life span.
  4. Understand limitations/facilitate growth where necessary – when starting out don’t set unrealistic goals at once; consider slowly working towards those goals & celebrating small victories helps ensure progress..


Identifying if you are out-of-shape can be difficult at times, mainly because some signs might barely come across as impairments in-the-moment, but it’s never too late to start incorporating healthier habits into day-to-day routines.. Some avoidable factors such as inadequate nutrition/daily exercise/stressors just like unavoidable factors including genetics, aging can play distinctive roles causing us relatively get-out-of-life oriented experiences.. Nonetheless ensuring adequate monitoring of ones health alongside disciplining oneself to constantly improve one’s lifestyle choices can make all the difference!

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